The To-Do List And The Crazy

Early this morning I sat down and made a couple of to-do lists. I like to write out my to-do lists, preferably with some form of Sharpie product, and lately, as a result of sort of an obnoxious lack of sleep, a to-do list is not an option. It’s a necessity. Otherwise I just sort of wander around aimlessly and think about all the naps I’d like to take.

Today I made a list of the afternoon’s errands, and then I made a list of a few things I need to pick up from the grocery store, and then I made a list of some links I wanted to share. You might think that it would be far more efficient to actually open up a post, type the links and then save them, but that makes way too much sense and assumes that I typically like to do things in a way that would be considered “efficient” or “streamlined.”

So I made my linky to-do list, but after tackling a couple of items I put it aside to talk to a friend about the latest round of developments in Alabama politics and college football. By the time we finished our conversation, I’d sort of forgotten about my to-do list (SHOCKING!) and moved on to other, more important matters. You know, things like reading about Prince William’s engagement and wondering if I’m completely satisfied with my cornbread recipe.

An hour or so later I picked up the to-do list since I was ready to GET CRACKIN’, and as I glanced over it I realized that I had no idea what the fifth item was. It was an abbreviation, and I could read the letters, but I couldn’t remember what they meant. Had absolutely no idea why they were significant or how I was planning to use them in a post. NO IDEA.

The letters were “M-B” – and I am not kidding when I tell you that I tried to come up with any possible configuration.

Mary Beth?

Message board?

Milton Bradley?


Eventually I took my frustrations to Twitter – mainly to see if someone might say something that would jog my memory – and the responses were hilarious:

Melted butter?

Magnificent bananas?

More bell? (WELL PLAYED, I might add.)

Marsha Brady?

Marlon Brando?

Since I had real-live work to do, I had to postpone trying to solve the M-B mystery, and finally – ALMOST THREE HOURS LATER – the answer popped in my head: MYERS-BRIGGS.


Sweet mercy I exhaust myself.

The reason I wanted to link to the short version of the M-B is because I LOVED reading about your different personality types in the comments of the last post. I don’t take stuff like the M-B too seriously, but I do think it’s fascinating. And I have to say that knowing D’s personality type (he’s ISTJ, so we’re opposites except for the fact that we’re both borderline on the I/E scale) has helped me to understand why we react to stuff differently. He is cut and dried, black and white, right and wrong.

I, on the other hand, am basically a wet noodle who moonlights as a peacemaker.

So you can see why we’re married.


(If I’d married another INFP, we’d just sit around the house all day and try to avoid conflict.)

(I believe that’s called enabling.)

Anyway, if you’re at all interested in an abbreviated (but, in my experience, fairly accurate) version of the Myers-Briggs, you can find it right here. Won’t take you more than ten minutes. You can find a general analysis of your personality type right here.

And if you feel so led, come back here and share your results. Won’t that be kicky?

After all, seeing as how I nearly went crazy during the process of trying to decipher my to-do list item about the Myers-Briggs, I don’t think it’s too much for me to ask you to post your personality type in the comments. If you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

But then again, I’m an INFP, so I definitely wouldn’t want to be too pushy.

You just do whatever makes you the most comfortable.

I’d be positively mortified if I felt like you were mad at me.

It’s COMPLETELY your decision.

The end.

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  1. I too am a fan of the sharpie. And to-do lists. Can’t go wrong with either.

  2. I too am a fan of the sharpie. And to-do lists. Can’t go wrong with either.

  3. I’m ESFP. Not 100% sure what that exactly means, so if it’s horrible, lie to me and tell me it’s awesome.

  4. oh my stars, you had me laughing out loud when you described yourself as “basically a wet noodle who moonlights as a peacemaker”…hah! i did my thesis in undergrad on the Myers-Briggs personality types and how it affected relationships. i wish i’d had your take on things – definitely would have made it more entertaining.

    …and i’m still laughing.

  5. ISTJ…married to a free-wheeling, never-met-a-stranger extrovert. As you say, it’s all about the balance.

  6. I am an ENTJ. I read the short description of my personality type and then laughed out loud. Wow, talk about hitting the nail on the head. Although, my desk is always a disaster area, I know where everything on it is. I think being a middle school English teacher puts my type to good use. Now how do I find a man that will match me? Hm…

  7. I’m an INFP as well. Text book. Husband? ESTJ. Oh yeah. We got ya covered.

  8. I’m also an INFP though more borderline P/J. My friends and I love discussing personality types, and I just loved your post, I can definitely relate!

  9. ESFJ. Which is interesting, because I used to be an ISFJ. Guess I’ve changed in my old age. :-)

  10. I am an ESFJ. I would have to agree with the description. Its amazing how fitting some of it is.

  11. I am, and have been since high school, an INFJ. My husband is now one too, although he was different before. (Not wildly different, but a little.) Is that what 14 years of marriage brings?

  12. ENFP. You make me smile.

  13. ISFP and the description is quite accurate! Should have my boyfriend take this.

  14. I am an INTJ. Not to sure what it all means but I clicked a link for a description and it said less than two percent of the population is INTJ, which, according to a link I clicked, means I am a MasterMind. I’m looking for a new job so I’m thinking I should probably add that to my resume! Ha!

    Also, the ryoal engagement news was most definitely of high importance today!

  15. I usually love my Sharpies, but on Sunday evening I discovered that my eight year old had used one to draw a picture. With lots of heavy dark lines. On the DINING ROOM TABLE. Which meant I had a carbon copy of his picture etched on my table.

    My reaction wasn’t pretty. (But happily, toothpaste saved the day. “That was a close one!” he said.)

    Oh, and apparently I’m an ENFJ, heaving on the “judging”. Which happily doesn’t mean what I first thought it did, because initially I didn’t think that sounded like me at all, but in the end, it really did.

    Very interesting.

  16. I’m becoming TLRJ w/my necessity for naps especially on dark, dreary, cold, wet Autumn afternoons but, b4 2:30PM when Muffin Man arrives home. Do you know Sharpies are now in MAROON? The MB jazz wears me out, you know I don’t want any labels and/or specific letters of the alphabet tagged on me!
    Love U ;x

  17. ISTJ – I had no doubt about it.

  18. ENFP. With an extra helping of P.

    And this explains so much.

    And, yes. Each family member has been asked [translate: Woo’d and Strongly Encouraged] to take the test and submit individual results to me before Thanksgiving dinner.

  19. Hi, my name is Lisa, and I am an ISTJ. Been one my whole life. Since infancy! Cranky, judgmental baby!

    I studied the Myers-Briggs in college (Hello, Psych Major) — and when I tried to trick it into making me Something Else, it didn’t work. That’s how strong of an ISTJ I am.

  20. ISFJ. Now I know. And so do you.

  21. ESFJ – funny thing is, 5 years ago I was ENFJ. Hmmm, what happened? :-)

  22. This time, I’m an ENFJ. I switch, pretty consistently, between ENFJ and ENTJ. My extroversion score? Uh…well, let’s just say if someone could be EEEE, that’d be me. :)

  23. J. Johnson says:

    ISFJ – the “I” part was never in doubt for me!

  24. I’m an ISFJ. Goodness, that was fun reading! Nothing I didn’t already know, but it was fascinating seeing my personality written out there on the world-wide interweb, like there are others just like me! (Bless their hearts!)

  25. I am ENFJ-Teacher.

    I’m not working now but I’ll give you three guesses what my occupation was when I worked? : )

  26. Laughing at the M-B comments, but I decided to step and interact with the M-B test. Guess what? I’m an ENTJ. Now, if you could all please line up and follow that would be great. After all, Boo asked us to do this and we all should do it. Now. Please. And laugh. Now. Please.

  27. I’m an ENFJ. Which is appropriate since I teach. Actually, I was just in Starkville interviewing for a job at Mississippi State! It was great, and I really hope they hire me.

  28. I also love lists and if they are with a Sharpie -even better!

  29. I’m an ENTP married to a relational INFP. More fights over the T/F differences than the E/I. I’m looking forward to seeing how our kids turn out.

  30. I’m an ENFJ – and I actually don’t recall ever doing this before! We’ve done a couple of personality-type things at church (seems like one classified you as a beaver, a lion, and some kind of dog?). So…interesting.

  31. INTJ married to an ENFP

  32. Carrie in NYC says:

    ESFJ, which sounds pretty accurate. I like tradition and order. A bit surprised that it says that I need positive reinforcement to feel good about myself. Not sure if that’s true. I’m an only child and am happiest when I do what I want to do and don’t really care what anyone else thinks. :)

  33. ISFJ. How strangely accurate the description was!

  34. ISTJ here! I don’t know but I’m surprised you’re an introvert!

  35. ESFJ- caregiver. Very interesting. I wish I could get my husband to take this! You always make me smile!

  36. ESFJ..which is totally predictable..I can’t wait to see what my fiance is I am sure it will start with an I :) i also live in birmingham and love your blog!!

  37. Took this freshman year of college – ’87 and I was ENFP. A husband, two children, and 23 years later… I am ESFP. Wow. BIG change!

    My husband is ESTJ. Yep – balance, baby.

  38. ESFJ for me. I’ve heard of the Myers-Briggs test before, though I’ve never actually taken it, so this was interesting to me. Especially when the detailed description of ESFJ is “The CAREGIVER”. That’s totally, exactly… me!

  39. ESTJ baby. Same as I was 15 years, 2 careers, 1 husband and 2 kids ago when I first took the M-B.

  40. I’m an INFJ…apparently, this is a rare type. But it pretty much described me perfectly! I think I’ll blog about it, with my INFJ-typical writing skills. ;)

  41. Love personality tests! They are so fascinating! IFSJ was my result and based on the description – not very surprising!

  42. INTJ – apparently I’m a scientist and a supreme strategist with evolved intuition. I suppose that’s accurate since I obviously figured out a way to make it through HS, college, and this far in life without taking one single chemistry class.

  43. Amy from Austin, TX says:

    I’m an ENTJ (borderline ESTJ) and my husband is an ISTJ. Like I tell my husband – as long as he does WHAT I tell him, LIKE I tell him, we’ll get along just fine!! LOL! (And I love lists! – though even with the lists, I do daydream about taking naps – LOTS. Maybe I should have that seen about…) LOVE the M-B! And the B(oo)M(ama)!

  44. I’m ISFJ, Hubby is ENTJ – wow, judge much?!

    Honestly, it’s crazy how accurate the description was for both of us…scary!

  45. I was an ENTJ in college and still an ENTJ now, 20 years later. Careers so far – attorney and HR Manager. Unemployed now and thinking of becoming a professional organizer next. Think I like control and order??? He He.

  46. I love lists! I currently have three lists sitting on my desk at the moment.

    The test tells me I’m ENTJ…

    very expressed extravert
    moderately expressed intuitive personality
    distinctively expressed thinking personality
    very expressed judging personality it strange that I found all the ENTJs who commented and read what they wrote to see how alike we are? :-)

  47. INFJ….

    Although I used to be more extroverted than I am now…guess I am becoming more introverted as I age. The description was pretty spot on.

  48. I am an ISFJ, also known as a doormat. :OP

  49. I think you and I would be fabulous friends IRL. You just described in this post many, many of my days. Right down to where I put abbreviations on MY OWN LIST and forget what they mean.
    ENFJ, with a heavy emphasis on the constant worry and concern about everyone and everything. :)

  50. ENFP on the MB.
    i on the DiSC – have you taken it?
    Have no idea what the husband is – now I’m curious!

  51. 1 – I love a good to-do list. See everything scratched off at the end of the day helps me sleep at night. Don’t judge me.

    2 – I am ISFJ. The only thing I would argue is the part where is says I’m quiet. They have obviously never been in the same room with me, especially not if anything involving MSU is the subject.

  52. Freshman year in college I took this and was an ESTJ (which I probably could have guessed just by reading the descriptions). Took it again senior year, and I couldn’t wait for the results. Four years of college, what a transformative event, I was such a different person! I was still an ESTJ, with the same exact scores across all four dimensions. So much for transforming.

    25 years later I am now an ESFJ – that’s growth, right??

  53. I’m a die-hard INFJ and have been as long as I’ve taken these test-type things. :-) The “I” part always rates off the charts. What can I say? I’ve always been a hardcore introvert.

  54. Inspector (ISTJ) – I wasn’t appreciative of the 1% thinking score!!!!

  55. INTJ baby! with an emphasis on the I and T. As a matter of fact, I scored 100% on the T, which I think basically means I’m a cold, unfeeling harpy. (No sympathy for you!)

    Although this part here? This next part? Like they’ve been following me around for YEARS!

    “Decisions come easily to them; in fact, they can hardly rest until they have things settled and decided. But before they decide anything, they must do the research. “

  56. INTJ – Mastermind? I got a 1% on Thinking – what does that mean?

  57. ESFP here…which I’m told means I’m an Artisan/Performer.

    Basically I like being the center of attention. Which will not surprise my mama in the least.

  58. I took a long version of the Meyers-Briggs back in college and was an ESFJ. I took the abbreviated version you linked to and I’m still the same- ESFJ.

  59. I am an ISFP. What does that mean I am?

  60. I’m an ISFP, and the description you linked in your post pretty much nailed me. However! In the past when I’ve taken these tests, I’ve landed more in the INFP range. And you know what (I could seriously discuss this stuff ALL DAY LONG because it’s FASCINATING, couldn’t you)? Now that I sit and ponder it, I can see that have a much tougher time making decisions (even small ones) as I’ve strayed further and further from “going with my gut.” Maybe somewhere along the line I’ve moved away from my natural self in order to appease my very pragmatic, logical husband?

  61. I’m an ESFJ….that was my first time taking that test and I think that it’s spot on. Thank you for providing the link!

  62. ISTJ – Apparently I am superdependable and though social – kinda dull … hmmm some of the assessment was a little spooky – too close to home :)

    I remember taking the MB in college and being really insulted in the result although I don’t remember now what it was then.

  63. Today, the test shows I’m an ENFJ. When I took the M-B in high school, I was an ENFP – have to go read and see what the changes were.

    This was fun!!

  64. Thanks for the links. I took the test and am an ISFJ. The description sums me up as a nurturer, and the detailed description really sums up my personality well. I’ve asked my husband to take it. I suspect we probably have two of the four in common.

  65. ISFJ — fascinating to read — they described me to a T. Especially on the link description by D. Keirsey (Portrait of the Guardian Protector). WOW. Every word was like they were looking at me naked! And to know that ISFJ’s are only 10% of the population? I feel special.

    Equally as fascinating was reading who some celebrity ISFJ’s are:
    Robert E. Lee
    Jimmy Carter
    Frederic Chopin
    Louisa May Alcott
    Jane Fonda
    St. Teresa
    Johnny Carson

    Thanks Sophie for the fun today! I’m gonna have my man take this when he gets home tonight.

  66. ISFJ, seems to fit me pretty well.

  67. Apparently I’m a INFJ which seems pretty accurate.

  68. I am an ISTJ, have been since the first time I took the M-B in grad school. I’ve retaken it every so often since then and it’s stayed the same. I happened to pick the perfect type of work for my type – I’m a college registrar – give me data, deadlines, and schedules any day of the week.

  69. I am with D – ISTJ

    I love learning about personalities etc. It has been helpful too living with so many different people.

  70. Here’s a break down of what the different letters mean

    First Letter -how you process info
    I – introvert: you need quiet to think about stuff
    E -extrovert – you need to talk it out or write it out to know what you think about something

    Second Letter: How you receive info
    N -iNtuitive – you see big picture, you get the “feel” of a room (ex. you don’t read directions you just figure it out)
    S – Sensate – you notice details (you read all the directions before proceeding)

    Third Letter – How you react to info
    T- Thinking- you look for rational and logical information to make a decision
    F -Feeling you put more emphasis on feelings and relationships when making a decision

    Fourth Letter – How you make decision

    J- Judging – you make decision quickly or as quickly as you can once you have all the info you need. You don’t like to leave things open.

    P- perceiving – always want to make sure you have considered all the angles before making a decision. Love to have open-ended plans.

  71. Are you sure your list didn’t say MM as in Milton McGregor? A perfect storm of Alabama politics and college football ;-)

    I feel the need to confess to you an incident that occurred while we were at the Bama/State game on Saturday. I have twin daughters age 11 who are obsessed with Alabama Football. At the end of the game when we did not sing the Rammer Jammer, we all felt a little let down and one girl turned to me and said “What a jip, I am singing it anyway” and did. loudly. I felt awful when I read the next day that it was suspended because of Nick Bell. I am so sorry for the one lone display of oh- so -proud unsportsmanlike conduct.

  72. Evey time I do one of these, the resulting description doesn’t really fit who I am. The best personality description I have is that I am a Dreamer (from the book Strong-Willed Child or Dreamer). I read the book to learn more about one of my daughters, and I ended up learning a lot about myself!

  73. what does it say about me that I simply cannot take this test?? I stew over the questions to find the “right” answer, and I can go either way on so many of them. I just find it so hard to give a definitive answer to some of the questions. although some of them are easy. I’m clueless.

  74. I did this test back in college and have known for a long time I am an ESF with a borderline J/P component. When I was younger I landed in the P, now I’m a J. I read the description of the personality type it absolutely cracked me up because as I read it I thought they may as well have titled it “Get to know Christine”. My J and P have always been borderline so I’ve been moving between Performer and Provider for the last 20 years. When I read the Performer description, I can see how it still applies to me, but not nearly as it did in my earlier, pre-Mommy years. So interesting!

  75. Hilarious post. I’m an ISFJ or INFJ depending on the moment I take the questions. So apparently very borderline N/S. And my husband, well, if I could even get him to take the test…but that would be way too much in the box for him. We are raising conflicted kids. :)

  76. ISTP—Now I find out, not only do I share a birthday with Charles Bronson, I also share a personality type with him!!! ARRGH!

  77. Yes i make list but it really loose me when I loose the list.

    Coffee is on.

  78. I thought it was going to stand for Melanie – Birmingham and you were going to try and convince her to come for Thanksgiving or something but Meyers Briggs works too. I think I’m ENFJ. I’ll go check to be sure.

  79. i have taken the m-b so many times and it is ALWAYS THE SAME.


    E/I NF P/J

    i mean, seriously? what do i make of myself? i don’t even know how to pick that apart. *right* on the *border* of the endcaps. always the same in the middle. always. please. could i please be more complicated? because that would really be AWESOME.

    in other news, i love to do lists! and sharpies!

    and boomama!


  80. On M-B, I’m an ENFP. I prefer to use the Color Code by Taylor Hartman, see more at It assigns you a color, and I’m straight up yellow! I’m a teacher and do this one with my students, and they love it.

  81. I took the M-B at my first job about 23 years ago, and I was interested in seeing how it’s changed, because I feel like a very different person. But no, I came out an ESFJ again. I guess I am dyed-in-the-wool.

    I am also a huge fan of the list. I think I even have a list of my lists. If I do any tasks before I write the list, I make sure I put them on the list just so I can cross them off right away :)

  82. Sandra Brower says:

    I am an INFJ and the love of my life is an ISTJ. He focuses me, otherwise I think I would bounce around like a pin ball. This assessment is actually pretty accurate for us. Thanks. It was fun doing this. Now I have to refocus on what I was online to do in the first place, which was…? LOL

  83. My 2nd comment on this post! I just remembered, once at a ladies small group meeting we took a personality test based on how our lipstick wore down. I kid you not. And it was about 75% accurate as I recall! Go figure :-)

  84. I’m an INFP also. Hit the nail on the head.

  85. ISFP, with almost barely the P – could be J. Proabably depends on my morning!

  86. I am ISFJ. I wasn’t sure what to make of these results (never taken this test before) but when I read the notes about it and visited the links it is pretty much spot-on. Even the career choices pretty much summed me up. I am a pastor’s wife now and this claims that religious work is well-suited for me. I guess God knew that when He made me, huh?

  87. INFP, too! Consistently so for the last 20 years… no where near the middle, either. I knew I liked you for a reason! Unfortunately, many INFPs are also quite ADD… hope you missed out on that (I did not!).

  88. I’m an INFJ and the description was incredibly accurate. Considering that the description said this type is rare (only 1% of the population), I find it ironic that I’m the 4th INFJ to have commented. Maybe they should add to the description “INFJ’s like to read BooMama’s blog and comment about their own personality type”. I’m curious to see how many more of us show up here. And as fellow INFJ commenter Sarah mentioned, I too am considering blogging about this. I guess it’s just an INFJ kinda thing to do.

    Since I know that you are all terribly interested in me I’ll let you know that I am also a ChlorMel (Choleric-Melancholy) Temperament Type and scored equally as Administrative and Prophetic on Spiritual Gifts testing. Oh yes, I’m a laugh a minute ;)

    My husband is an ESFJ. Much of the description was accurate, but not as spot-on as mine, in my opinion.

    I am a 66 in Judging and my husband is a 1.

    I think that just about covers it.

  89. I haven’t taken this in a while, so I decided to take it again– just to see.

    It appears I’m still ISFJ.

  90. RUSTY! It’s me, Henry! I’m ENFP…very similar to you, except for the whole LOOK AT ME! Thanks for sharing the links. This was very enlightening information for the teen angst I’m dealing with in my home these days…from my profile:

    “Having an ENFP parent can be a fun-filled experience, but may be stressful at times for children with strong Sensing or Judging tendancies. Such children may see the ENFP parent as inconsistent and difficult to understand, as the children are pulled along in the whirlwind life of the ENFP.”

    Gonna have my teens take the quiz so I can get some new ideas…won’t THAT be fun!!! YAY! ADVENTURE!!!

  91. ISFJ – ‘splains a lot. I know DH is an I because we are both introverts – amazing that we ever got together!

  92. I am in INTJ. Knew the I, but I’m still not sure about the rest of it. The description kind of fits me.

  93. ENFP on the M-B! Wow. To a tee.

  94. ISTJ all the way!

    Should I concern myself that, although I’m pleased with the perfect score, that I got a 100% on the Thinking part?

  95. I have to say I don’t totally agree or disagree with my MB results…

    Quiet, kind, and conscientious. Can be depended on to follow through. Usually puts the needs of others above their own needs. Stable and practical, they value security and traditions. Well-developed sense of space and function. Rich inner world of observations about people. Extremely perceptive of other’s feelings. Interested in serving others.

  96. Well, this time it shows me as an ISTJ… when I took it in college I came up with ENFJ. Wonder how I could have changed so much… or perhaps it’s my perceptions of myself (and seeing myself through my spouses eyes) that have changed. I am really borderline T/F and not super introverted, but the N/S has swung completely opposite.
    And yes, I’m married to my opposite too although that has created waaaay more conflict than you would think.

  97. I’m an INFP too! Your ending cracked me up- so right on :).