Not In My Future: Web Development

For the last four or five months I’ve been thinking about doing a re-design for the blog. And if that last sentence makes you think that I’m the one who’s going to be doing the re-designing, BE YE NOT FOOLED. WordPress scares the fire out of me in that regard, mainly because there have been several times when my attempts at code editing have resulted in my right sidebar moving to the center and my posts starting so far down the page that the sheer volume of scrolling would cause a carpal-tunnel flare-up.

Not to mention that time when I made Melanie’s blog blow up.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details – mainly because I don’t understand them – but as part of the process of trying to figure out what I want design-wise, this afternoon I uploaded a new WordPress theme to some folders that control some things, and as a result of the uploading my shoulder blades feel like they’re made of cinder blocks. Quite frankly I’m just not cut out for activities that require instructional videos. I do feel a sense of accomplishment when I get to the end of the instructions and realize that THE PROCESS DID NOT BEAT ME, but still. It stresses me out. And it’s taken three hours for my nerves to return to normal after that whole file-uploading thing.

(Maybe I need to dial it back a notch or eight on the caffeine.)

(Also: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but sometimes I have a tendency to overdramatize when I’m required to do tech-related tasks.)

(That’s only because – as Rachel Zoe would say – tech-related tasks are LITERALLY A NIGHTMARE.)

The good news is that auto correct on Melanie’s phone saved the afternoon. Mel and I were texting about my bloggy woes, and she mentioned that it’s tough to know how to handle the techy stuff when you don’t know everything about WordPress. Only her phone auto corrected “WordPress.”

Which is why I got a text that said something along the lines of “It’s tough when you don’t know everything about worrywart.”

So Mel tried to fix the mistake, but her auto correct beat her to it, and then I got another message that said, “It’s tough when you don’t know everything about Witchweed.”

Why, yes. Yes, it is.

By the way, if you happen to have any ideas for things / features / bells / whistles that would make this here blog easier to navigate or more functional on your end, feel free to chime in with your suggestions in the comments. I have a good-sized list of things I’d like to change, but I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve missed or haven’t noticed.

And if you need to find me, I’ll be huddled up under a blanket watching Bravo. It’s my gift to myself. And to my shoulders.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Earlier today I posted a new BlackBerry Style giveaway. I’m giving away two phones, and you can find all the details right over here.

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  1. Sophie —
    I’m terrified of WordPress but decided to just bite the bullet and try my hand at the themes.
    It’s much easier these days. I went to the dashboard and clicked appearance and themes. And it’s SIMPLE! If I can do it anyone can.
    My new site is one I found — it’s really easy.

    Oh, and did I mention I’m going to be a GRANDMOM!

  2. I am with you on the Techy-Phobia stuff. A much younger and much more savvy friend tried to help me with some bloggy issues yesterday and I almost fainted from the informational overload. I had to drink 2 TAB just to get over it.

  3. Love your blog! Funny thing, I’ve spent the evening looking at WordPress trying to figure out how to start a blog, looking at themes. Then, I click over to read your blog… Ironic! :)

  4. Your text message story made me laugh. Next time you ought to take a screenshot and submit it to . I have that site on my rss reader and it makes me die of laughter every day.

  5. I too am starting my blog on WordPress, but dear Lord the complications!!!

    BTW, upon your recommendation I got he Sharpie pens, and while filling out my DD’s bday invites I may or may not have raised hands right here in my office!!


  6. My blog is on WP, too, and I’ve (finally) pulled the trigger on a redo – by professionals. I figure the money is worth it since I was having to Google half the words in the instructions. I see RSS everywhere, but I got NO idea what it means, what it does or how to get that little radio-looking icon where I want it and in the color I like. I’m about to launch into decision mode…I have this better-hold-on-tight feeling…


  7. Gabe’s a WordPress wizard. That’s pretty much all he designs in these days. Let him know if you have questions. Seriously.

  8. I second the nomination of as LOL site of the year. I warn you though, some of the texts have some bad language, ok … MOST of them have bad language LOL. Although, in it’s defense sometimes it’s auto correct makin with the sailor talk ;-)


  9. Oh my, the phone corrections had me LOL!!!

    I love the site listed above with all the auto-corrects. it is HYSTERICAL.

    Have a grant weekend!

  10. that would be “grand”

  11. Witchweed? Really?

  12. Oh the auto corrections cracked me up! Thank you for starting my day out with a laugh. :)

  13. I know just enough to be dangerous!
    I’ve also accidentally moved my “stuff” around on my blog!
    Talk about PANIC?
    Yea….I don’t even try anymore to do techy stuff!

  14. Oh, I LOLed at those autocorrects. My friends and I would try to type “Woohoo” to show excitement, and our phones would always correct it to “Zonino”. Huh? Turns out, that’s been going on for years, and some wonderful folks have been trying to add zonino to the dictionary. I don’t know if that will work, but my friends and I regularly yell zonino now when we’re excited.

  15. Woot for redesigns!

    Reading this made me realize I remember the long-ago day you first figured out how to change your pre-made-template sidebars to green in Blogger.

    Admitting this made me realize I’m a stalker. Which, of course, you already knew.

  16. Brenda in Georgia says:

    You are precious plus! Your blog is just darling. It has lifted my spirits countless times, and for that I thank you. I’d love to be able to remain on your page and have the links open on a new page. I don’t know what that’s called or how to make it happen. I just know I’d really, really like it. That is all.

  17. Well, as you know, I think there should be an entire page solely devoted to any and all posts that are Martha-related. :-)

  18. It would be awesome if you added some kind of retweet button to your posts. Something like Sexy Bookmarks would do the trick, too. Don’t be put off by the name. It just makes it easy to share your content on Twitter or Facebook or email or whatever else you choose. I installed it on my blog recently and love how the little icons bounce when you hover over them.

    And how are you liking those Beverly Hills housewives? I waiver between shock over all the drama and heartbreak over some of their situations. Oh, the humanity.

  19. Robyn and I have the best laughs over autocorrect and totally leave it alone just to completely crack each other up! Doesn’t take much. ;)

  20. I’m right there with ya sista! I don’t know how to do a darn thing to make changes on my site. If I weren’t so frugal I would PAY someone to do it. But I don’t, so I tell myself someday I’ll learn and do it myself. Which I don’t. Because me, I like to avoid stressful situations.

  21. I have to say that I have switched to WP and adore it even though it scares the badoodles outta me. If it weren’t for Holly, I’d have been fried.

    One feature that I absolutely love is that with most of the newer themes you can reply within the comments. I know there are several plug ins for it, too. I installed one that allows you to reply within the comments *and* email the person, too. I triple heart this one because it alerts the commenter that ppl are saying something to them. It’s called ReplyMe.

  22. Witchweed? Hum. Never heard of it. Will probably use it often in a sentence though because it sounds like a fun word.

    I know about 3% of technical blog stuff which is really nothing. But, Jo-Lynne (Musings) redid my blog (finished yesterday in fact) and I love the new thesis theme. I’m not suggesting you get the thesis theme, I’m simply saying that I love it. I love your blog and enjoy your crazy and will read it no matter what changes you make.

    Oh, and I meant to comment on that other post that I am excited to buy some new sharpies. They look like great fun!