The Early Bird Misses The Restorative Snooze Button Nap

This morning I woke up before my alarm went off, and since I felt pretty rested – and since I knew it was probably just a matter of minutes before the alarm started to blare at me – I made the uncharacteristic decision to get out of bed a little early and make some coffee. Granted, my eyes are almost always half-closed for the first ten or fifteen minutes after I wake up (the phrase “bright eyed” rarely applies to me before 7 AM), but after years of practice I am able to make a fine pot of coffee while squinting and bleary-eyed. I like to think it’s one of my more marketable skills.

(And yes, I know I could get the coffee pot ready before I go to bed at night.)

(But there’s something about water sitting in the coffee pot all night that gives me the heebie-jeebies.)

(Remember: I am a person with many annoying quirks and hang-ups.)

Anyway, after I got the coffee going and was walking back through our room so I could get in the shower, D rolled over and said, “Are you okay? You can’t sleep?”

And I just sort of grunted that I was fine because that, that is what I do in the mornings, I SPREAD CHARM AND GOODWILL TO ALL WHO KNOW ME. But after a few seconds D’s questions started to sink in and I thought, Wait. What time is it? I haven’t even looked at a clock. What time is it?

I grabbed one of D’s watches off the dresser in the closet and looked at the time, but then I realized that I was holding the watch upside down. So I flipped it around and tried to remember if he’d set the watch since the time changed and sure enough I figured it out and OH MY SWEET MERCY IT WAS 4:45 IN THE A.M.


Now I’m guessing that many of you would bask in the blessing of being awake at such an early hour, that you would relish the chance to have an extra-long quiet time or just sit and read in peace until everybody else in your house got out of bed. BUT NOT I. I hopped back under those covers quicker than you could say ‘WATCHES ARE HANDY” and slept the sleep of angels for the next hour and a half. It felt like bonus sleep even though really it was just regular ole sleep. But I’ll tell you what: it was a COZY GIFT.

Which reminds me.

This past Saturday D and I had a conversation about the snooze button. He contends that the snooze button is a waste of time, that you should just hop out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off because the sleep you get after that isn’t quality sleep. And since it isn’t quality sleep, he says, it’s better to just get up and face the day.

Personally I could not disagree with him more. Love him though I do.

I think that post-snooze button sleep is meant to be savored. It’s dreamy. It helps me ease into my day as opposed to jumping out of bed the first time I hear THAT RUDE ALARM. Post-snooze button sleep helps me adjust to the idea of facing the day, and every single time I hit that button for ten more minutes of dreamtime, I feel like I’ve given myself a little present. A sweet little drowsy present. Wrapped up in a turquoise bow.

On an average morning I hit the snooze button twice, by the way, so that’s twenty minutes a day of extra sleep. As far as I’m concerned it’s kind of like having a hobby.

So what about you? Are you an up-and-at-’em person? Or are you a snooze button person?

And if you don’t need an alarm to wake up early in the morning, then please accept our collective congratulations and feel free to share your sleep secrets with the rest of us.

Thank you and amen.

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  1. I’m a snooze button-aholic. Howev, mine goes off every 9 minutes, not 10. Normally I am not that great at math (6:15 + 3 snoozes at 9 min a piece = i’ll wake up at x time which is still plenty…blah blah blah). But in the sleepy haze of the early morning, I am a HUMAN CALCULATOR. I can multiply, add, and carry my ones like a champ. I often lay in bed, while drifting back to sleep, and applaud myself and my math-y abilities. Not even kidding.

    It’s the most bizarre phenomenon of my entire life.

    And also, Kirstie? SIXTY? Still baffled.

  2. I am definitely a snooze button girl. We set the time on our bedroom clock 10 minutes fast. So I actually wake up and try to do some math to figure out exactly how much longer I can sleep. I am a snooze button lover!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I would say 99% of the time I am an up-and-at-em person. Snooze alarms (especially someone else’s, who has to get up earlier than me…) really annoy me. They keep me from getting my sleep. I’m the kind of person who rarely needs to set an alarm anyhow; I tend to just naturally wake up when I should. But if I am in a stretch of sleep-deprived nights, I’ve been known to set an alarm so I don’t oversleep, and then if I am still tired, add some time onto it (I use my iPhone for an alarm clock).

  4. i always made liberal use of the snooze button back when i had a regular job and had to get out of bed. now i wake up when the first kid begs for breakfast.

  5. I’m all about the snooze button. In fact, I switched to a little battery-run clock so that I can grab it off the night stand, curl up around it and not even move to hit the snooze. I’ve perfected the preemptive snooze strike so I don’t even have to hear the alarm. It’s a gift.

  6. Can’t even think about what my life would be like without my beloved snooze! Plus I dream me some ca-razy dreams between snooze pushes. Makes for good morning conversation!

  7. SNOOZE! And being married to an I-don’t-need-an-alarm person who talks loudly and incessantly 5 seconds after getting out of bed isn’t easy at 6am. But, then again, he probably hates me banging around the house at 1am when he’s asleep. But whatever…I still think he’s weird. :)

  8. How terrible and you are making me laugh at such a horrible story. It is just unGodly to get up at that hour. I would have done the same thing of getting back in bed!

  9. The snooze button is my friend.

  10. Yes, I set the alarm earlier than needed so I can get that “extra” yummy sleep! Not only do I snooze, I snooze the maximum number of times my phone alarm will allow….10 times! Does this qualify as a sickness?!? It’s the only way to ease into getting up!

  11. I wake up at the same time each day, without an alarm clock – though I set one if it’s really important because that will be the one time I sleep late. Late meaning 7 a.m. I wake up at 5:45 each day, like clock-work — doesn’t matter if it’s daylight savings time, what have you. The only time this changes? jet lag!

    I am over 50 – and believe that age has a great deal to do with this. And my dog — he has trained me well. Now he is an old fellow and not waking up so early, but I still do. I love being awake first – it’s the best time of day.

  12. Tammy Elrod says:

    Oh am I a snooze button girl! At least twice, sometimes for almost an hour. I know, i know, I am crazy, but I love my snooze!

  13. Oh I love the snooze button…that sleep is awesome! I’m a stay-at-home mom now and hardly ever set an alarm…my 2 year old is the one who wakes me every morning, sometimes around 6, sometimes more like 3 or 4, as she crawls into bed to snuggle with us. Then when she wakes up for good (usually around 8), I want to roll over and snuggle under the covers all by myself…but alas, this is not an option:)
    My husband is notorious for hitting his snooze which is very annoying when I am not needing to get up…and when I don’t want a certain 2 year old to get up at 5:30, which is when his alarm often begins to go off. Also, he sets his iphone to play a song to wake him up…and it’s usually a song that we like. And eventually I have to tell him to please, oh please, change the song you have it set to, because the song is being ruined for me, as I have to hear the first 4 bars over and over again at oh-dark-thirty in the morning!

  14. Snooze at least once, then hurl the sucker across the room and get up.

  15. Oh, I have to add a story. A dear dear friend who has gone to heaven (breast cancer, age 38) had an alarm clock shaped like a little juke box, and it played 5 or 6 different 50’s songs. Rock around the clock, blueberry hill, etc. Well, we chaperoned a girls basketball camp together one summer and shared a dorm room (paper walls). Her clock went off at 6 am. 6:15. 6:30. 6:45., you get the picture. I finally said “WHY IN THE WORLD DON”T YOU TURN OFF THAT CLOCK??” to which she sweetly answered “I like listening to all the songs!”

  16. Katherine says:

    THIS VERY MORNING, my dog was my alarm clock. The time, you ask? FOUR THIRTY. Even though I did get back to sleep for another 45 minutes amid the thunderstorms banging on our tin roof overhead, I am channelling Grumpy the dwarf this morning. Some days there’s just not enough coffee…..

  17. I’m ducking as I type this: I don’t use an alarm clock. I always open my eyes at the right time. That’s not always good news. Nowadays I’m not sleeping all that well, so I would love to sleep a little later. Not happenin’. Last night I went to bed at 10:30 (EARLY for me) then woke up at 12:30, tossed and turned until 2:30, then jumped out of bed at 6:45. Arg.

  18. We. Are. Insane. It’s always been like this, so I don’t even remember how it got started. For some deranged reason, our clock in the bedroom is 30 minutes fast. Because, I think, perhaps hubs finds it quite difficult to wake up super early, so knowing that at least it’s semi-normal by the alarm clock helps. I don’t know. Then, oh then…the alarm goes off about 45 minutes before we need it to because we are snooze people. So much so that we normally hit it in our sleep a few times, then slowly prepare to fully wake up while hitting the snooze a lot. We’re crazy that way.

  19. Oh I cried with laughter at the 4.45AM prowling around – just classic!!!
    I am a snooze button type. Actually, I am more likely to wake with homicidal urges if that alarm clock goes off at all. (Towards said alarm clock, I hasten to add!) I need to wake gently. Slowly.

  20. What I want to know is…what happened with the coffee?

    I think that once you hit 50 your internal alarm clock begins functioning. I tend to wake up a few minutes prior to the alarm. But even when I didn’t – I’m not a snoozer. Once I wake up, I’m awake.

  21. Five days a week I am a up and at ’em person so I can get PAID by going to work. Saturday and Sunday my clock has no alarm. And that is the way God intended for weekends to be.

  22. I am a snoozer extraordinaire. At one point in my life (I believe it was my early twenties and my first “real” job), I would hit the snooze button like six times in the morning. CUHRAZY. Now it’s about 3 times, but my snooze is only 5 minutes, which I do consider way too little, but I am also too lazy to research new alarm clocks. I applaud those people who can just jump right out of bed after the first sounding of the alarm and those people who don’t need an alarm? AH-MAZING.

  23. No alarm necessary here. Also, not a gift. 6 hours on the dot and not a minute longer. Need to be up at 5? Why, just go to bed at 11pm! Easy peasy.

  24. I am a big fan of the snooze button and also a night with significantly more than eight hours of sleep. I downloaded an app for my phone that keeps track of how long I sleep each night, and I have become OBSESSED with watching that graph. I look at it throughout the day and can’t wait to push “going to sleep” every night when I go to bed. My mood the next morning is DIRECTLY RELATED to high high the line on the graph is. It’s fascinating, really.

    And each morning, before I press “WAKING UP,” I hit the snooze button 9 times. My alarm goes off at 6:30 and I get out of bed an hour later. My family gets frustrated with the constant beeping of my alarm, but I think it’s a perfect system!

  25. I would never have been able to go back to sleep once the aroma of the coffee drifted into the bedroom. My poor husband who is an up-and-at-em kind of guy has been chewed out for making coffee when he gets up and therefore interrupting my sleep. It’s gotten so bad that he can’t even put the coffee grounds in the filter in anticipation of me getting up…I can smell that too!

  26. sweet lord, boomama.

    i need to start setting my alarm earlier on account of hitting the snooze button an extra or three times lately. some days -you know, because i’m especially in my right mind when i’m cozy under the covers enjoying my less-than-quality sleep- i think, ‘well, i’ll just give up a shower today. or breakfast.’

    or, ‘i can just wear what i had on yesterday.’

    i swear i hit that thing 6 times anymore.

    so, no, boomama. i am definitely someone who cannot wake up without an alarm clock if i’m due to get up at any particular time. on the rare occasions i have spent the night somewhere (you know, because that happens so much…) without an alarm clock, i can’t sleep restfully for fear i won’t wake up on time.

    and i don’t know if they have daylight savings in alabama but the dark? in the morning now? oh, good god. can’t even talk about what that days for my sleep.

    can’t. even. talkaboutit.


  27. I am laughing so hard that other people, besides me, are math wizards in the fog of the a.m. It is amazing the algebraic functions that i can figure out that allow me to somehow push the snooze once again…not a morning person, not even a mid-morning person, barely a “meet ya for lunch” person, but if you would like dinner at 7, I am your gal :)

  28. Heather says:

    I don’t use an alarm, well at least not in the “it sits on your nightstand and beeps at you way.” Currently I use a 10 month old baby boy who wakes up signing milk and yelling mamamama. It is much more joyful of a sound :)

  29. I used to hit that snooze button at least 3 times before getting up. Three times x 9 minutes was 27 minutes of extra sleep. Now, my clock is set 30 minutes ahead of the actual time so when the alarm goes off at 5:30, my bleary eyes just see 6:00. It’s a subliminal thing…

  30. trixiefan says:

    Snooze button twice!

  31. I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than I need to get up. That way I get 3 snooze button hits. LOVE the snoozing.

  32. I hit the snooze button until it totally gives up on me. I also used to make my bedroom alarm clock 10 – 15 minutes fast, in the hopes of fooling myself that I HAD to get up right then. Yeah. That doesn’t work so well when you’re the one who knows how much extra time your clock has.

    Have you guys tried the Keurig coffee machine? Perhaps the thought of the water tank would be exactly like the thought of the water in your coffee machine, but I LOVE that thing. Pods are so easy when I can’t even see straight first thing in the morning.

  33. Love the snooze button!! I usually hit it 3 times every morning. Unfortunately, I’m married to an “up-and-at-’em” guy who just doesn’t get it. Fortunately, he gets up before me so he doesn’t have to endure the snoozing. :)

  34. My husband wakes up 5 minutes before his alarm everyday. I don’t use an alarm. I get up when he kisses me goodbye on his way out the door. At 7:15. I spend 15 minutes adjusting to being vertical. Then I spend 30 minutes rushing about the house like a crazy person trying to get 2 kids ready for school while feeding & changing the baby.

    The 5 yr old is a morning-ish person like my husband. The 7 yr old and I are more like bears rudely awakened from hibernation. It is yet to be determined which camp the baby falls in.

  35. I cannot hit the snooze button. I set my alarm for the exact time I need to be up and it’s up and at ’em as soon as the alarm goes off. Never have been able to use the snooze-I guess I’m like your husband-it’s just not quality sleep…especially for 9 more minutes.

  36. Allison Burleson says:

    My husband is always up before the alarm – he is really productive in the morning and he usually has to drag me out of bed as if I were 14 years old…after the snooze has been hit a minimum of 3 times. After the third snooze alarm blares, phrases such as “you are an adult, you should be able to get up on your own” come into play – my response always includes something super witty like, “I can get up on my own, just not this early” or “I am awake, I’m just planning my day in my head.” I need to go to bed earlier…although, even when I’m well rested, I still like hitting that little button…just one more time.

  37. I use the snooze button quite liberally. And I have to respectfully disagree with your hubby about the quality of sleep you get with the snoozing… Sometimes I think I sleep better in the those 10 minute increments than I do the rest of the night. Zzzzzzzz.

  38. Just need to say, I agree with you on two counts:

    1) “…every single time I hit that button for ten more minutes of dreamtime, I feel like I’ve given myself a little present.”

    2) “…there’s something about water sitting in the coffee pot all night that gives me the heebie-jeebies…”

    Love your blog…it makes me feel that I am not alone in my quirkiness…have a great day!

  39. Oh the snooze button. I used to use it frequently, but now I usually wake up to the blaring screams of a 10 month old or a three and five year old tapping my head and asking me why I didn’t pour their juice the night before and leave it in the fridge….or when am I going to take them to Disney World? They are not messing around when they wake up. They mean business.

    I will say though that the mornings when I happen to beat them up, when my husband’s alarm wakes me up instead, I savor every moment of awake peace I can get. I know I’ll probably go back to loving the sleep more, but now I so very much crave just 30 minutes to wake up by myself and drink coffee and read blogs or write. Nothing beats waking up in your own good time…whether it’ s through five snooze buttons or your desire to jump out of bed and grab the peace before everyone else breaks it.

    Let me be clear though…4:45 is just not a time to be out of bed unless you have a flight to somewhere fantastic. Good decision hopping back under the covers!

  40. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I am totally with you on the water sitting in the coffee pot over night! EEeewwwww! And oh the snooze alarm sleep IS a gift! Love that little extra each day! Then I try to get up and at ’em! Which when I was a little girl I thought it was up and Adam. I have no reason for thinking this except that Adam was the first one to get up so there.

  41. I am not responsible with the snooze button at all. More often than not, I can’t find the “snooze” button on my touch-screen phone with my eyes closed, so I end up turning the whole shebang off instead of just delaying it, and then I go back to sleep. And then I’m late. And I can’t have that. NO MA’AM, I CAN NOT HAVE THAT.

    So we have an alarm set to go off at 7:30, and another one to go off at 8. The second alarm is even labeled “last call”.

  42. I had that EXACT SAME conversation with my husband this morning about the snooze button! I agree with you entirely – I need to ease into my day, and snooze sleep is so delightful. My snooze button is set for 5 minutes, so I only hit it 2 or 3 times every morning. We’ve worked out a great system – he gets up when the alarm goes off, hits snooze for me, and goes about his business until it goes off a couple more times – then he can’t stand hearing the alarm anymore and wakes me up. :-)

  43. My fiancé thinks I’m nuts! I purposely set my alarm to go off a good 30-45 minutes before my actual wake up time. Then I RE-set it for either the time I have to really get up or 10 minutes before so I can RE-set it again. I get so happy when the 1st alarm sounds because then I get to give myself more time. He often tells the story however; I don’t know why it bothers him because he rarely wakes up to anything other than me shaking him telling him it’s way past his wake up time. Go figure! I’ll snooze all I want as many times as I want… whatchagonnadoaboutit!?!? :) I am NOT a gem in the morning no matter what time it is. Somehow he wakes up telling jokes and singing no matter the time.

  44. I don’t use a snooze alarm but I’m not an up & at ’em either. I somehow have trained myself to sleep for 6 minutes more after the alarm goes off then I jump out of bed. Water sitting overnight in the coffee pot gives me the heebie jeebies too. The same goes for making sack lunches the night before.

  45. I am definitely a snooze person. My husband gets all irritated as to why I just don’t set it to the time I need to wake up. Well, it’s because those 4 or 5 extra 9-minute naps are just amazing! And even after I DO wake up, I don’t speak. For a while. And actually, my husband has learned my language of “Hum”. He can recognize “what time is it?” and “I’m hungry” and “I don’t want to get out of bed yet”. He’s quite talented, I tell you. And I can say that I’m bi-lingual. :)

  46. I don’t need a snooze button because I have a cat who hears the alarm go off and if stay in bed too long she comes in to remind me that she HAS NOT EATEN YET! MEOW! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CAN YOU NOT HEAR ME MEOWING? I WILL DO IT LOUDER THEN AND CLOSER TO YOUR FACE! So when I’ve had about enough of that, I get up.

  47. Back in the day when I had to go to a job (lo these 6 months ago), my clock was 15 minutes fast so I could hit the snooze button at least twice and usually three times before I had to face the day and the traffic.

    Now, in my blissful period of being a stay-at-home wife (may it continue) I wake up without the alarm, usually when the Boss comes in the room ever so not-quietly to remind me that it’s 6ish and we need to get out and walk. Of course, here lately it has been after I wake up every two hours and have my own private mini-tropical vacation.

    The Boss? Yeah, he’s one of those annoying types who get up at 4:00 and is cheerful from the time he wakes up. It has been a challenge when we travel and he can’t close the bedroom door while he makes and consumes his coffee. Now we try to stay within walking distance of Starbucks ;-)

  48. I like to greet the mornings the same way I enter the cold ocean or swimming pool in the summer time. Very slowly. I am much like you and do not greet the morning bright and cheery as the sunshine. Snooze buttons are like starting the morning in slow motion. Oddly enough, though, I did jump up and at ’em during my high school years. Not sure what that was about. Certainly not an eagerness to greet the day. Perhaps it was a fear of not having my homework all together or being tardy. It’s not like those pesky dreams we have later in life where we’re sweating buckets that we’ll be late or forget something important dominated my dreams in the teen years. That would just make too much since.

    So now, in my older age, in spite of those dreams stilling my precious sound sleep, I do NOT jump up and greet the day. I do it one snooze at a time. Kinda like greeting the ocean one toe at a time.

  49. 2 snooze button pushes for me. It is purely psychological. I purposely set the alarm early so that I can then hit it twice. It must be some sort of OCD, or other weird quirk.

  50. Out of bed fast once the alarm sounds. Not so happy about it but things to do kids to wake up.

  51. JustBetty says:

    Just goes to show — there are some with the calling to be a Blogger [you], and others that need to major in Blog Appreciation [me].

    I knew you had the writing skill. I’ve watched you consistently deliver on the content. But this newfound compassion? Whew! ‘Yanked any blogging visions right out of my reach.

    My tens of people would have read, “And if you don’t need an alarm to wake up early in the morning, just go far far far away from me and never EVER come back to visit!”

  52. If it makes you feel any better, the first day of high school (MANY years ago) I went to bed early so I’d be all rested for the new school year. Woke up rested, excited and ready to go. When I got out of the shower my mom knocked on the bathroom and asked what I was doing… I told her getting ready for school! She asked why I was getting ready at 12:30 at night. HAHAHA. Embarrassing!

  53. I don’t “need” an alarm clock because I have 3 small children, the oldest of which (she’s 8) likes to get up EARLY. She still hasn’t adjusted to the time change, so she *only* wakes up at 6:30… And she likes ME to fix her breakfast even though she’s perfectly capable of microwaving those pancakes herself :) We do not leave for school until 8:15, so there is plenty of lolly-gagging in the morning around here!

  54. I set my alarm for a full 40 min before I have to get up. and I only actually register the last two or so snooze episodes. so yeah I am right there with ya :)

  55. I am of the same school of thought as you….any sleep is a gift and should be treasured. Even post snooze button sleep.
    My 2 1/2 year old finds it delightful to bounce on my stomach while singing “ride a little horsey up to town” when he first wakes up and toddles to our room. I find that even sleeping through that is like a small little present to myself:)
    The part about me being a horse is kind of frustrating, but the sleeping is good.

  56. I was cured of my snooze button reliance in college when I would either hit it a few too many times or accidentally turn off the alarm. Now I set my phone for the latest time I can get up!

    And, since my husband gets up much earlier than I do, and since I am a light sleeper, I am NOT A FAN of the snooze button. He doesn’t always use it, but when he does, I wake up every time the alarm goes off! Not fun!!!

  57. Our first marital fight was over the snooze button. And my hatred for it.

  58. CindyDavis says:

    My husband, and my 4 1/2 year-old son, the BOTH OF THEM, pop their baby blues open promptly at 6:30 EVERY MORNING, happy as larks – even onweekends (unless I’ve forced the baby to stay up and watch movies with me until nearly 10 o ‘clock the night before). The only thing that gets me out of bed at that hour is them. And the fact that I have to work. And my husband has outlawed the snooze button – he doesn’t get it either.

    But that 15 minutes of extra sleep I get on the off days that he wakes up early and the shower becomes my snooze button? Glorious. Back in the pre-baby, pre-husband days, and the not-so-important-to get-there-on-time job, I basked in the beauty of the daily 3-snooze ritual.

  59. Gotta say, I’m with your hubbie on this one! I’m not an up-and-at-em person at all, but I find the snooze button to be so annoying! I would rather have 10 or 20 more minutes of peaceful sleep than to be rudely interrupted by the alarm several times. So, even though I am not a morning person at all, I get up the first time the alarm goes off!

  60. I hit the snooze at least twice every day. And I couldn’t agree more with your side of the argument. Snooze is dreamy.

  61. I have never understood the snooze button. I don’t want to know what time it is until I absolutely have to get out of bed. I want to sleep every minute I can. Without interruption. Unfortunately, my husband likes the snooze…

  62. I’m addicted to the snooze button. I push it way too many times each morning, probably 5 or 6 at minimum. That would be why my alarm is set for 6:15 (which is really 6:05) and I usually don’t have to be up until around 7:00.

    And I also prefer not to have conversations (of any length!) for the first 30 minutes or so once I finally drag myself out of bed after multiple snoozes!

  63. I am sooooooooooooooo for the “snooze” you said, it let’s me ease into my getting up. I know I can get a few extra minutes of sleep. I set the alarm 1/2 hour before I have to be up. I can snooze 2 times and when the last one is over, I know I MUST get up or be late for work. Love it and love your blog, as always you make me LOL.

  64. I have different waking up habits depending on whether or not my husband is home or out of town. Either way we are both in favor of the snooze button. When he is home I will hit it once and then turn it off. He is hopefully in the shower by then and I let him wake me up. If he is out of town, it takes me 45 minutes to wake up. Yes, that would be hitting that snooze button Five times every 9 minutes! I don’t even know I am doing it! It is sad, I know. This morning I thought that I would make myself get up sooner. I set the alarm for 5:15, hoping to get up close to 5:30 (I had to take a friend to the doctor this morning so I had tobe ready to keep moving after I took my daughter to school). I went to sleep sometime after 1:00am and next thing I knew it was 5:51am! I hit that snooze and sat on the bed until I could think about how I would adjust my morning. It all worked out well. Got everyone where they needed to be on time and had a great time with a friend.
    I think my problem is being awake at 1am!
    I am sure all of this is more than you wanted to know…

  65. I am a snoozer, I set my clock ahead which I’ve heard is silly but whatever. I also feel I’m robbed a minute of snooze time because I get 9 minutes instead of 10. I’ve had my alarm clock since I was 12ish…Im 33 now. Maybe it’s time to get a new alarm clock.

  66. I am now a firm believer in the old snooze button, but when I was in college it drove me nuts. When Diane and I were living in the house — in your old room — she set her alarm about 40 minutes earlier than she needed to. She’d pop up, hit her snooze button and plop back down in the efficient manner one would expect from her. Back then I couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t just go ahead and get up. Today, though, I am eating my anti-snooze-button words.

  67. I just set the alarm if I must get up at a certain time, no snooze button. BUT my m-i-l- used to set her clocks an hour fast so she would never be late…how do people deceive themselves that way? I don’t see the sense of that, and she couldn’t explain her thinking. I mean, either get up and get going, ON TIME, or give it up. I’m still open mouthed trying to understand her way of thinking. Now, all in all she is the sweetest woman in the world and she raised one heck of a son. She will be 90 on May 7th and will probably outlive all of us.

  68. I. Hate. Snooze. My husband loves it, feels like it’s the “best sleep” of the night. But it’s not MY best sleep as he’s getting up before me and I’m a once-my-eyes-are-open-I-might-as-well-make-the-coffee person. Returning to sleep just isn’t an option.
    He also used to set the alarm ahead for extra snoozing pleasure. I bought him an alarm clock that somehow reads the “true time” and even adjusts for daylight savings. This way when he snoozes an extra time, he knows he’s late.
    I’d like to think of it as training.

  69. loooove that snooze button. . . gave it up for lent a few years ago and it
    was so hard!

  70. I used to be a snooze button kinda girl. I would set the alarm a little early so I could hit snooze and feel like I slept extra even though I didn’t. And then I started working night shifts (7pm-7am… I am a nurse and work in a hospital). And I still hit snooze. Then I started working day shift. And I have to get up at 5:15am. And somehow my body wakes up before the alarm goes off. So now I am not a snooze girl. That and my husband would kill me if I hit snooze that early in the morning.

  71. I’ve always gotten up right away when the alarm goes off. However, it became hard to get my daughter to daycare and then get to work. I felt so rushed. So, approx. seven years ago, I began leaving early, getting to work, and reading and getting a nap in the car. Now, I have to get up to get my daughter on the bus to school. Then, I leave and continue my ritual. If my routine gets off, I really feel it if I miss that nap! Saturdays, I get up at 9:00, which I love! Sundays, it’s back to getting up with an alarm, but we get more sleep than during the week. I stay up later on Saturday night, though.

  72. My husband has dubbed me “Queen of the NAMPs”. You my friend are also a NAMP. Before you think I’m calling you a really mean name, just go check out my blog and read all about it.

  73. Oh I love my snooze button!! I can’t get up with out it. I need to hit it minimum one time, preferably two or three. Your husband may have many fine qualities, but he is just plain wrong on this one ;)

  74. I don’t really like to be woken up by the alarm clock. The phone alarm is fine, and strangely enough, kids waking me up is fine. My husband waking me up to talk to me before he leaves for work at 5:30am is not really fine, and I sure wish he’d get the hint after FOUR YEARS OF MORNINGS. bless his heart. But the alarm clock is my enemy and I hate it so. As are birds chirping and the sun shining in my eyes. :)

  75. I do not need an alarm… I have children. If I do need an alarm it’s because I have to be somewhere much earlier than I normally prefer. And even then I hit the snooze button 4 or 5 times. Mine has only a 4 minute snooze. :( Great for timing chiropractor stretches way back in the day, really bad for actually drifting back into dreamland.