Goals. I Think I Have Some.

So I’ve really had the best of intentions about keeping things current and updated and happening and now in this particular little neck of the bloggy woods, but unfortunately I seem to have been seized by a colossal case of adult-onset ADD that renders me incapable of giving anything my full attention for longer than approximately 4.7 seconds.

Maybe 5.2 if it’s reallllllly interesting.

I just have had all these projects and to-do lists and THINGS that I’ve wanted to accomplish during these blessedly schedule-free summer months, and instead of buckling down and tackling one bullet point at a time, I’ve been embracing the stop and start method, my long-standing strategy of getting four percent of a project twenty-two percent finished and then NEXT, PLEASE! TIME TO MOVE ON! MAMA SEES SOMETHING SHINY!

(However, I’m proud to announce that I did manage to finish watching all thirteen episodes of “The Killing” in just a little more than 24 hours, so clearly I’m pouring all my time and energy into the most productive outlets.)

(So I think the bottom line is that if you’ve been looking for an expert on time management, look no further! I’m your girl!)

Today I did make a concerted effort to be more efficient and productive, and I actually got a lot done. I dropped the little man off at his sports camp, and then I went to the bank, the bookstore and two (2!) grocery stores. I spent most of the afternoon cooking stuff that my people can eat while I’m on a little trip this Thursday – Saturday. Then I worked on the e-book, picked up the boy, fixed supper, answered emails – and I’ll have you know that by 8 o’clock tonight I felt like I’d been running around like this all day:

Only without all the sequins. And not quite so many “WHOO!”s.

I guess I’m just starting to realize that the summer, it is movin’ along. In a week we’ll all be staring July in the face, and BY DIGGITY I don’t want to waste this stretch of time. Because when I look at the trips and commitments and set-in-stone whathaveyous that are on the calendar, I know that I need to make the most of the days when we’re just hanging out at home.


I don’t want to spend the rest of the summer running around like a clogger with my tap shoes on fire. And because of the aforementioned trips and commitments, I especially don’t want to feel bogged down when we have the luxury of not having to stick to a schedule. So, all that to say: I’ve whittled down my Summer Must-Do list to two whole things, and in the interest of accountability I will share them with the wide world interweb at this juncture.

1. Finish the e-book
2. Finish this project (I still haven’t found the right pillows, and I need to move around some of my furniture)

Listen. If I can get those two things done in the midst of the trips and the gallivanting and the neighborhood young’uns that make our afternoons so full and happy – and still have plenty of time with my people and a small of window of TV-watching to stay reasonably up-to-speed with the summer programming on Bravo and Food Network?

Then I will consider Summer 2011 a smashing success.

What about you? Anything you’re hoping to finish (or start) this summer? Any big projects or plans? Any – dare I say it – GOALS?

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  1. I need to teach my youngest to read this summer and work on S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G
    with the other two!

    Oh… and lots of sitting around catching up on laziness that I put off during the school year!

  2. Amy in Italy says:

    Oh that video…thanks for posting! Boomama – know that me and my sister quote one-liners from your podcasts with Bigmama back and forth across the ocean. Thank you for your blog!!!

  3. General organization is my goal. I tackled my kitchen cabinets (one side of the kitchen) yesterday on a whim. It was amazing! Now to get the other side done then I’m off to the gallery wall in my den. Hope you get your two goals done soon.

  4. BooMama, I have been reading your blog entirely too long without leaving a comment. You are hilarious! Not sure how I stumbled across your blog but I’m oh so glad I did. Thanks for taking time to share with us on the world wide web :) Always enjoy! Oh, and I hope you accomplish all your summer goals and then some!

  5. Katherine says:

    Two things:
    1 Go immediately to Pier 1. They have cute/sassy/fancy pillows there, and some are even ON SALE.
    2. Banjos AND synthesizers – sweet mercy!

  6. My goal at the beginning of spring was to finish a second 5k, to be able to run a full 3 miles by fall, and to attend Deeper Still.

    1) Deeper Still was amazing and I sat across the aisle from you. ;-) Both Friday and Saturday (Saturday I was a few rows farther back but I could still see you)

    2) I have ran 3 5k’s, and now signed up for my 4th along with a 10 K trail run IN THE MOUNTAINS. I live on the prairie, and I accomplished 5 full miles on Saturday morning. GO GOD! Posted HERE: http://yolandarogers.blogspot.com/2011/06/mission-accomplished.html

    After I came home from Deeper Still, I found out that there was still motel rooms and tickets for LPM Live in Lubbock; so my man and I wil travel from Kansas to TX in September. Yee-haw!

  7. Jenny F. says:

    My goal is to paint my master bedroom. It has not been painted since I moved in about 8 years ago and it is in need of paint… This has been my goal each summer… So my goal this summer is to complete my goal!

  8. Potty train my two year old.
    Move my baby (5months) out of our room.
    Complete Weight watchers at a weight that at least resembles a concerted effort…

  9. Why yes, yes I do have a list and some goals. I also have that adult onset ADD you speak of combined with what I think might be a touch of early onset Alzheimers. I am quite certain my people are thrilled when I even remember to feed them.

  10. I think it goes without saying (so let me say it anyway) that I am THRILLED about your #1. Please know that I’m here for you if you need any feedback/fresh eyes as you write. Although I know how terrifying it can be to let someone else see your writing before it’s perfect (I wrote 4 books before I let anyone see an unfinished manuscript).

  11. Wow, yay, weewhoo! On the ebook! I didn’t know (been so busy being intentional about life) you were writing one.
    I can’t give you enough GO GET EM GIRLS!!

    And yes, I have goals. There are many things I hope to accomplish before summer is out. Some painting, a family trip, yardwork, relaxing…. you know, a bunch of important stuff. I better hurry–summer is running away.

  12. My goal is to still like my children (all three of them) when summer is over.

  13. Wow. That video. I am in awe. First at her bravery for going with an all white costume in the unforgiving glare of stage lighting. I don’t think she lacks confidence. Also, that is some seriously fancy footwork, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more winking in a 2 and a half minute period in my life. Thank you for sharing this video gem.

  14. I need to finish my craft room and get a few more supplies, and then make cards like cazy for all the occasions coming up. It’s actually going to be a fun project, so I don’t mind a bit!

  15. I watched the video about 4 times, and my goal is to watch it 4 more. Oh sweet mercy! The jazz hands, and little gun hands, and the rope over the head… made me weep with joy. I also think watching “The Killing” sounds really good as a goal. Back to the video.. cannot wait for her blow on her smoking gun hands and do the splits…

  16. shelley in cali, sister to Amy in Italia says:

    Dear Boo,
    Know that what you consider to be mindless fodder between you and BIGMAMA, my sister and I find to be a delightful time spent together, laughing what we affectionately call the ‘church laugh’…one that jiggles the pew. She and I live waaaay too far apart, and have been through much in the last few years, and as of this past May, are the only ‘family’ we have left. So…we laugh with you both and muse that our mindless fodder may be worthy of a podcast of our own. Tho neither of us have any idea how that happens. So we will continue to embrace yours and be soooo thankful for it.

  17. Oh my word-that was some kind of talent…whoohoo!! I think I need a nap after watching that.

    I look at our calendar and notice we have only one or two weekends at home the whole summer…lots of fun fun fun but the traveling does get tiring. We are finishing up our patio redo and some projects in the yard…my one house project this summer is choosing, ordering, framing and hanging photos down my back staircase…we only want about four but need to enlarge them and I just have not been able to commit. If I get that done I’ll be happy.

  18. Goals… yes, I do have some… I want to find, buy and restore one of those snazzy, little 1950s travel trailers — Shasta, I think. The ones that look a little like a canned ham. Yes, that’s my goal. I do aim high…. and I’ve done much with that goal. I’ve looked at 8957 pictures of cute, snazzy vintage trailers and pinned some to my Pinterest board. Certainly, I will have this all done in 8 weeks.

  19. That is, hands down, my favorite video of all time!

  20. I’ve had paint samples on the walls of the guest room for 20 months and really should get around to making a decision and painting it. It’s just so hot…

  21. Oh my goodness….one of my bloggy friends shared this post and while I did enjoy the words, and am WITH YOU on the slipping away of the time and the making of the goals, I cannot….CANNOT!…think straight because all the laughing at that video hath made the thoughts fall right out of my brain.

    It is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all month.

    Thank you!!!!!!

  22. after watching that video, all I can really say is . . . Paddle faster; I hear banjos.

  23. I have started taking college courses. I am working full time and we still have four daughters at home. My goal is to get my house clean, caught up on laundry AND SLEEP, pass my classes and have time to read a great book. Not a textbook…..a GOOD book. Any suggestions? I’ll be on vacation in two weeks whic means no makeup, no fuss whatsoever. Just chillin’.

  24. LOL! This was so appropriate for me. I, too, have this strange adult-onset summertime ADD. I had to reread the first paragraph because I got distracted by noise in the next room (compliments of my 2 youngest kiddos). ;)

    My 5 year old has decided it’s time for her to learn how to read. We homeschool, and I was looking forward to a little time off during our break…but if she’s ready, it’s easier than waiting until “school” starts. (I’ve also found that it’s really easier to teach a child to read during the summer when there’s less going on with the other two.) So…that’s what I’m doing this summer, along with some much-needed decluttering and generally cleaning the things I don’t seem to get to during the school year. Yay. I was supposed to be earnestly tackling these things this week while the kids were at a morning VBS. And somehow it’s Wednesday already. I may have to find another VBS for them to attend. ;)

    And now to go investigate the noises I’ve been hearing…

  25. My main goal this summer is to get my home organized. So far I’ve only done a few shelves in the kitchen, but summer is still young. Since all my girls have summer birthdays, another goal is to make each girl feel special on her day and to host fun parties. (One down, three to go!) And, of course, the RESTING and RELAXING!

  26. well, yes I do have a big project/goal/event this summer—I’m getting married at the end of July. at 56, and a widow, I didn’t think I’d fall into this again so soon, but we’re splendidly happy and quite made for each other and it’ll be a grand time with family and friends who are equally happy for us. good times.

  27. Allie in AZ says:

    I have such adult onset ADD that I still haven’t gotten past the line about you watching all the episodes of the killing in just over 24 hours…

    Somehow our DVR didn’t record the last episode for me so I watched it last night online and I have to tell you…I was left with so many questions! How about you? I wonder who really did it? The Mayor? The cop? The Aunt? The Senator? So many loose ends to wrap up. My biggest question is, WAS THAT IT? Was the congressman killed? Did Linden ever get off the plane when she realized that the pics of the congressman going through the toll booth were photoshopped? I’ve read that the whole series was started with the premise that each season would feature a new case, so are we left forever wondering who killed Rosie Larsen? UGH! Overall, I thought the series started off strong, kind of lulled and lost gusto in the middle, but picked back up in the end.

    I hafta say, it was so much easier to stick with than LOST, which I started and finished in about 2 months time. That was a colossal waste of time and I was sooo disappointed with the ending.

    If you like the whole crime/drama thing, Dexter is amazing. There is some nudity, quite a bit of language, but after I watched the first episode I was hooked. The whole premise is that a blood spatter guy who works for the Miami crime lab, metes out justice on guilty murderers if the justice system is unable to do it. I think it taps into my sick and twisted subconscious… :)

    Have a great day! :)

    ~Allie in AZ

  28. We just finished our school year today (we start school after Labor Day so I guess that balances it out!), and while I am trying to bask in being celebratory I just think of the million things to do…to organize…to list….

    This is how I get stuck…..


    Amy in Ithaca, NY (“pure-feccccccttttt”)

    (I kid)

  29. Goals
    1. Drink coffee on the balcony each morning
    2. Read the “Treasury of Daily Prayer” readings every day
    3. Go through the photos stored on my computer and pick out 5 of them with some kind of common theme (who knows what, I guess that is the first step) and have them blown up into 18 x 24 (or thereabouts) and framed, then hang them on the living room wall.
    4. Continue to read your blog, I love your sense of humor.

  30. I really want to get the boys’ room re-did/re-done/did-up… Actually, we’re going to move them to a different room. But we have to paint the old room they’re exiting because they took a glue stick to their walls and they’re very oddly textured now. Thus far, all I’ve done is slap some paint samples on the walls. Not much progress at all.

  31. I am sooooo with you on the ADD. I mean really,this weekend, I meant to clean the bathrooms, steam clean my bedroom, and what was that other thing???
    For the summer, I am wanting to re-paint our bedroom into a clean white/blue motif.
    Hey, at least I got some good blog reading (and writing!) in. That was one goal accomplished. :)