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Out And Back And Up And Down

Late this afternoon I saw a link from Amy in my comments, so of course I clicked on it because THIS, THIS IS WHAT I DO, I CLICK ON MANY, MANY LINKS ALL THE LIVELONG DAY.

And make no mistake: Amy’s link was special. Memorable. Precious to my heart. I’m fairly certain that it has changed my life forever.



That’s the magic of YouTube, my friends. You’re plodding along through your daily routine, and then BOOM! The whole day is transformed just because someone who goes by the name “resetcounter” was kind enough to upload some obscure celebrity fitness videos.

I mean, you really can’t find this kind of quality footage in stores anymore. And you know what? That’s a crying shame. Because who needs Zumba when there’s Debbie Reynolds showing us how to BREAK IT DOWN while singing impromptu medleys? When there’s Mary Hart sporting some crispy bangs and opting to wear socks in addition to her tights?

Or when there’s Dixie Carter (God rest her soul) to show us how to, you know, breathe?

So what do you say, girls? Should we got put on our (belted!) leotards, high top Reeboks, sassy neon headbands and feel the burn?

No? Not so much?

I totally get it. I personally haven’t worn a leotard since 1987.

And I think it’s probably best if we keep it that way.

Goals. I Think I Have Some.

So I’ve really had the best of intentions about keeping things current and updated and happening and now in this particular little neck of the bloggy woods, but unfortunately I seem to have been seized by a colossal case of adult-onset ADD that renders me incapable of giving anything my full attention for longer than approximately 4.7 seconds.

Maybe 5.2 if it’s reallllllly interesting.

I just have had all these projects and to-do lists and THINGS that I’ve wanted to accomplish during these blessedly schedule-free summer months, and instead of buckling down and tackling one bullet point at a time, I’ve been embracing the stop and start method, my long-standing strategy of getting four percent of a project twenty-two percent finished and then NEXT, PLEASE! TIME TO MOVE ON! MAMA SEES SOMETHING SHINY!

(However, I’m proud to announce that I did manage to finish watching all thirteen episodes of “The Killing” in just a little more than 24 hours, so clearly I’m pouring all my time and energy into the most productive outlets.)

(So I think the bottom line is that if you’ve been looking for an expert on time management, look no further! I’m your girl!)

Today I did make a concerted effort to be more efficient and productive, and I actually got a lot done. I dropped the little man off at his sports camp, and then I went to the bank, the bookstore and two (2!) grocery stores. I spent most of the afternoon cooking stuff that my people can eat while I’m on a little trip this Thursday – Saturday. Then I worked on the e-book, picked up the boy, fixed supper, answered emails – and I’ll have you know that by 8 o’clock tonight I felt like I’d been running around like this all day:

Only without all the sequins. And not quite so many “WHOO!”s.

I guess I’m just starting to realize that the summer, it is movin’ along. In a week we’ll all be staring July in the face, and BY DIGGITY I don’t want to waste this stretch of time. Because when I look at the trips and commitments and set-in-stone whathaveyous that are on the calendar, I know that I need to make the most of the days when we’re just hanging out at home.


I don’t want to spend the rest of the summer running around like a clogger with my tap shoes on fire. And because of the aforementioned trips and commitments, I especially don’t want to feel bogged down when we have the luxury of not having to stick to a schedule. So, all that to say: I’ve whittled down my Summer Must-Do list to two whole things, and in the interest of accountability I will share them with the wide world interweb at this juncture.

1. Finish the e-book
2. Finish this project (I still haven’t found the right pillows, and I need to move around some of my furniture)

Listen. If I can get those two things done in the midst of the trips and the gallivanting and the neighborhood young’uns that make our afternoons so full and happy – and still have plenty of time with my people and a small of window of TV-watching to stay reasonably up-to-speed with the summer programming on Bravo and Food Network?

Then I will consider Summer 2011 a smashing success.

What about you? Anything you’re hoping to finish (or start) this summer? Any big projects or plans? Any – dare I say it – GOALS?

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 20


Melanie and I might as well call this one A Special TV Edition.

Because we talk a LOT about TV. That might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately. But we also talk a little bit about health and beauty issues. And fashion. And duets from the 80s. And soap operas from the 80s. And how we’re not really watching The Bachelorette but still remain somewhat fascinated by it. Which brings us right back around to that whole TV thing that I mentioned earlier.

So see? It’s all very structured and organized.

Except for the fact that it’s a total train wreck.

But if you’re a person who likes to start 15 different conversations without ever really finishing any of them, odds are that you’re going to feel right at home.

You can click here to listen. Or here. Or, as always, you can subscribe on iTunes if you’re feeling particularly fancy.

Have a great Tuesday, y’all!

I Have A Wee Small Favor To Ask

Hey y’all –

I’m about to start working on an article for HomeLife magazine about setting online boundaries, especially when it comes to sharing information about kids. I know that some of you blog, some of you don’t – but I’m guessing that almost everybody uses social media (like Facebook) in some form or fashion.

So. Here’s what I’d like to know. If you’re willing to answer, of course. And you don’t have to answer all the questions, so feel free to pick and choose. This is super informal.

1. If you’re a blogger, do you ever post pictures of your kids on Facebook that you would never post on your blog? Why or why not?

2. Do you ever think about how your child(ren) might feel before you share an anecdote about them or a picture of them? Do you think about how they might feel when they’re older?

3. Is there an age at which you feel like your kids’ stories aren’t yours to share anymore? At least not without their permission?

4. Have you ever had an experience that made you reconsider whether or not it’s safe to share information about your kids or pictures of your kids online?

5. Do you have any general guidelines that you adhere to in terms of sharing information about your kids or pictures of your kids online? Or are you totally laid-back about it? What works for you?

I may end up using some of your comments in the article (I’ll only use your first name), so if you’re not okay with that, you might not want to comment on this post. Just FYI. Also, it would be great if you’d just talk about your personal experience with your family (as opposed to stuff you’ve seen other people share on Facebook or blogs).

Thanks in advance, y’all – and thanks, also, for your great Father’s Day suggestions. The boy and I went shopping a little while ago, and we actually bought two of the things that y’all suggested.



A Completely Hypothetical Situation


Let’s say that you have a friend who, hypothetically, has not yet reached any firm and final plans in regards to what her child(ren) might give to his/her/their father on Father’s Day.


And let’s say that your friend asked you for some gift suggestions that don’t involve gift cards and that also don’t involve spending more than, say, $50.

And let’s also say – purely for the sake of narrative, of course – that your friend and her child(ren) have driven themselves to distraction trying to think of a gift that would be meaningful and also practical for a man who loves to be outside, especially if it involves yard work, camping or hiking (but notsomuch with the hunting or fishing). The man might also enjoy reading mysteries and keeping up with tech news (especially about Macs). He might even enjoy listening to worship music as well as playing the occasional Xbox game, but it’s difficult to say much more than that since, of course, I don’t actually know this man of which we speak.

I mean, he is fictional, after all.


What advice would you offer in this TOTALLY MAKE-BELIEVE scenario?

I’m just curious, of course.


Linky Dinky Doo

My friend Elise – who, for the record, is one of my favorite people IN THE UNIVERSE – is staying with us tonight, so I haven’t written a “real” blog post because I’ve been way too busy holding my sides while I laugh until I hurt. Her boys are here, too, and it’s been so fun to hang out and visit and enjoy all the aforementioned laughing. We just love ’em all to pieces.

Anyway, I do have a few links I want to share, and I’ll be back with the regular mediocrity sometime tomorrow. Also on my agenda for tomorrow? A fresh round of highlights and a haircut. Because I don’t mind saying that my hair is BROKE DOWN right now and in dire need of professional help.

Oh! Before I forget: I LOVED your suggestions for TV marathons. I don’t know when I’ve felt more inspired in terms of my TV marathon planning. So thank you, Internet, for being so very helpful.

All righty. Links.

– The Samsung Power Foam Sweepstakes is still up and running. The prize? A $100 Best Buy gift card.

– Sweet Marla Taviano has written an e-book called The Husband’s Guide To Getting Lucky: Six Simple Steps to Great Sex With Your Wife. It’s only $4.99, and you can download a PDF or buy a copy formatted for Kindle, Nook or iPad. Full disclosure: I haven’t read the whole book yet, but what I have read is honest, frank and challenging. For more information about the e-book, just look here.

– A couple of weeks ago I made Ina Garten’s Scalloped Tomatoes as a side dish. THEY ARE DELICIOUS. So fresh and summer-y and good.

– This past Christmas my friend Cynthia gave me a bottle of Philosophy face wash called (fancy name, huh?). I didn’t start using it until I’d finished using my previous cleanser, but Y’ALL. This stuff is so good. I normally have a hard time using anything that’s exfoliating because I have super-sensitive skin, but this cleanser is really gentle. I use it every day and am completely smitten with it. Such a fan, I am.

Hope y’all have a great Thursday!