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This Is The Awesome

Every single weekend we DVR the CMT Top 20 Countdown. Normally D fast forwards through the whole thing, stopping only to listen to a new song or a song he really likes. And normally I sit on the couch and say things like “Who’s that?” or “What else do they sing?” or “Did he REALLY just say ‘Shake it for the catfish swimming down deep in the creek?'”

(He really did.)

Anyway, tonight D was blazing through the Top 20 when he saw that there was a special video featuring Martina McBride and Pat Monahan, the lead singer of Train. It was from an episode of Crossroads, and as soon as I heard those two singing together I said, “HOLD ON – I think this may be a good ‘un!”

And oh. Is it ever.

I love it when people who could be totally threatened by each other – in this case, two super-talented singers – make the choice to truly appreciate the other person’s gifts. It’s a great reminder that beautiful things happen when we’re not afraid to step back and let someone else shine.

Happy Wednesday, y’all.

An Assortment, If You Will

According to the Boston Globe, the word “literally” is “literally the most misused word.” (via)


This morning when I checked my email I saw one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language:


And just FYI: a week or two ago someone left a funny comment saying that they hope Steinmart(s) pays me for all the free advertising that I give them. Oh, that it were so – but the fact of the matter is that I have never, ever heard from the Steinmart(s) people. I’m not even remotely on their social media radar, and that is fine with me. I think it’s good and healthy that I can adore the Steinmart(s) without any sort of bloggy attachment.


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Two guys named Seth and Jeff – who work at LifeWay – were in charge of the little video that Mel and I did for .MOM last week. Our friend Paige told Melanie and me ahead of time that they are both just crazy gifted, and listen – she wasn’t kidding. Within two minutes of meeting them I felt so comfortable (I am not necessarily a fan of participating in videos/acting/any sort of skit), and their VERY sharp senses of humor totally won me over.

Anyway, yesterday Paige sent us an email with a link to a short film that Seth directed. Apparently it has movie people all abuzz (the short film, not Paige’s email). We watched it last night and LOVED IT.

I think you will, too.


Tomorrow I’m spending the afternoon here. I probably won’t sleep tonight because of my OFF THE CHARTS EXCITEMENT. It really is a little bit of a dream come true for me, so just rest in the peace of knowing that I will probably be blogging about it FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.


All righty. Now I must fold clothes. And perhaps shower. I might even unload the dishwasher, but I can’t make any promises. Hope y’all have a great Tuesday!

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Please To Let Me Tell You

So yes, I sort of dropped off the face of the earth at the end of last week. Melanie and I went to Nashville to do some stuff for .MOM, and while I thought that I might get a chance to write a post or two while we were there, I was wrong. Which is nothing new, really.

Anyway, at some point I’ll recap all of our shenanigans and fun (oh, there were indeed some wacky shenanigans), but before I forget I want to share three or four things that have changed my life forever over the course of the last few days. Or maybe they’ve just changed my life for a few days. But still. IT’S ALL SO VERY EXCITING.

1. Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash – I can’t seem to find this BONA FIDE TREASURE online, but oh my word it’s refreshing. Mel and I went to Trader Joe’s with our friend Paige last Thursday night, and I bought the body wash for two reasons: 1) I love anything made with tea tree oil and 2) it cost about $3.50. My expectations were low, but sweet mercy this stuff is good. It’s also the perfect way to treat yourself after you’ve spent the day running errands in 106 degree heat. Because just in case you were wondering? IT’S HOTTER THAN IT’S EVER BEEN.

2. Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Cream Shave Honey Mango – Paige recommended this shaving cream, and I was a little skeptical because it was only $4.00 and I’ve never really had luck with a shaving cream that’s more like a lotion. UNTIL NOW, that is. It works beautifully and leaves your skin so soft that you’ll vow to use it FOREVER. I know that re-stocking is going to be a challenge for me since there’s no Trader Joe’s in Alabama, so I guess that just means that I’ll have to buy embarrassing amounts whenever I go to Nashville. I’m totally fine with that option.

3. Nadeau – I’m typically a big fan of finding furniture at a thrift store or estate sale or whathaveyou and then re-purposing it, mainly because I think that there’s something a little more interesting about a piece of furniture that’s had a little bit of a life before it finds its way to my house. BUT. Sister has been telling me about Nadeau for months (we even have one right here in B’ham), and this past weekend we went to Nadeau in Nashville. They have great-looking chests and occasional tables and benches and chairs – sometimes in the most fun, bold colors – and their prices are great, too.

So there you have it. Just needed to share.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch the last ten minutes of the final episode of Friday Night Lights again. D and I saw season 5 on Netflix a couple of months ago, but I recorded the final episode on the DVR Friday night, and OH MY WORD that’s a fine 70-ish minutes of television. Nearly perfect. And I don’t even know why I said “nearly,” because I can’t think of a single thing that I’d change.

Except for that whole season-5-is-the-last-season-and-you’ll-never-see-Buddy-Garrity-in-a-golf-cart-again thing.

Let us all sigh deeply. And, lo, with feeling.

Texas Forever.

Good Ole Geeky Fun

Several things.

1) If you’re on Pinterest, would you leave a comment with the URL to your Pinterest page? You know, something like And if your Pinterest username really is Sassy McCutie, then you need to know that I am going to be your biggest fan. FOREVER.

2) If you’re on the Twitter, would you do the same thing with that whole leaving-your-link business?

3) I just think that it would be nice if we all knew how to find each other on the Twitter and the Pinterest. Unless you don’t want to be found, of course. So no pressure.

4) Don’t forget that there’s a bodycology rich&creamy giveaway going on until July 31st. The Purina ProPlan Selects giveaway ($100 Visa gift card) will be up and running until July 21st.

5) Remember a few weeks ago when I asked for your feedback about protecting our kids online? I am forever indebted to y’all for your help. I had so much good stuff to work with that I ended up writing an article that focused mostly on being mindful of our kids’ boundaries, especially as they get older. Hopefully I’ll be able to write another article down the line that focuses more on the safety issues. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate y’all taking the time to share your wisdom. Your comments were so helpful.

Have a great Thursday, everybody!

I Was Skeptical, I’ll Admit…

…when I first saw people talking about Pinterest on the Twitter.

And isn’t that so 2011, by the way? When you find out about a new social media site by way of another social media site? AND THEN YOU BLOG ABOUT IT?

Anyway, I know that Melanie mentioned Pinterest in her post today, so I thought I’d chime in, too. Mainly because I didn’t sleep much last night and I’m a little edgy and I found out this morning that I need four new tires for my car and it’ll do me some good to focus on something happy like Pinterest since now I’m at the tire place waiting to get the new tires installed and hoping I don’t go all weak in the knees when I pay for them because do you know what new tires are not?

Cheap. They are not cheap. They are the opposite of cheap, in fact.

But I just keep reminding myself that I’d rather pay for tires than buy a car.

This may not make sense to anyone else, but remember: I am somewhat crazy with the tired. And somehow it makes me feel better to think about writing a check for tires vs. haggling over the price of a car. And then having to pay for that car. So in the grand scheme of things, I’ll take the tires.

At least this is what I’m telling myself.

Anyway. Pinterest. Yes. The topic at hand.

I avoided Pinterest for the longest, thinking that I didn’t understand it and I didn’t know how I would use it and I didn’t need one more social media anything and blah blah blah. I actually de-activated my Facebook account at the beginning of the summer because it just got to be too much of a mindless distraction. I mean, I’m just as tickled as I can be that that friend of mine from middle school has been working out and that her shoulders look fantastic, but one day when I realized that she had actually posted a picture of her shoulders and that I was looking at it, wondering, Gosh, I wonder how many shoulder presses she had to do to get those results?, I snapped to attention and thought THIS, THIS IS MADNESS. I haven’t seen this person in 94 years and I’m giving great thought to a picture of her SHOULDERS?

Clearly something had to give. So I de-activated my account, and do you know that I haven’t missed it very much at all? It’s almost felt like a relief.

But this past weekend I let my Pinterest curiosity get the better of me, and I signed up and logged on and OH MY, may I just say?

Pinterest is lovely.

I don’t even know how to describe it, really, but it’s almost like you’re building your own magazine of all the things you think are beautiful. Or funny. Or worth trying with your kids. And when you see something you like, you “pin” it to a board. People can see your boards, and you can see other people’s boards, too, and if you’re a visual person like I am, it will make you so happy to see so much inspiration floating around.

And do you know what I didn’t expect? Pinterest is actually HELPFUL. I feel like it’s really helped me focus in terms of what I want to do with a few projects that I’ve been working on. I also love to see what other people have pinned to their boards, love to see what other people have discovered online.

You know, lighthearted little funnies like this:

Source: via Sophie on Pinterest

And this:

And this vintage map of my home state, which I totally ordered:

Source: via Sophie on Pinterest

And this, MY WORD at the pretty:

So all in all, I have to say: I’m a fan.

Have any of you tried it yet?

edited to add: Megan has written a super-helpful Pinterest tutorial – such good info!