Monday Night

This morning I woke up and (Rachel Zoe-ism alert) felt like a truck had LITERALLY run over me. At some point in the night the plague settled into my head and my chest, so I’ve spent most of the day either blowing my nose or trying to cough up a lung. I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time watching clips from old Mississippi State football games on the YouTube, but that was mainly to distract me from reaching for some sort of anvil in order to alleviate the blinding sinus pain and pressure. Some people like to watch chick flicks when they’re sick; I, on the other hand, prefer a sassy pick-six or a particularly powerful quarterback sack.

As I have often mentioned, I am a delicate flower.

Mama and Daddy drove over yesterday so they could spend Labor Day with us, and their plan was to leave this afternoon and drive home. The weather has been really nasty all day, though – something like six and a half inches of rain in the last 24 hours – and the flash floods and downed trees dictated that they spend one more night with us instead of trying to navigate the less-than-ideal driving conditions. Fortunately we still have power at our house, but it is pitch black dark all around us. There are lots of people without electricity in our neck of the woods.

It’s been strange to sit here and listen to today’s seemingly endless rain, mainly because I know that the folks in Texas would give just about anything to have had even a fraction of it. Off and on I’ve found myself praying, “Lord, send this rain west – just send it west” – because we’ve had such an over-abundance of it and Texas has such a desperate need for it. But the rain just keeps pouring here, sitting on top of ground that’s far too soaked to absorb anything else, and the fires keep burning in Texas, blazing a trail across land that, at this point, is basically acre upon acre of kindling.

So tonight, as the rain continues to beat against the trees, I’m reminded to pray for the people in Texas. I’d love it if you’d join me. Because even though we can’t send the rain to Texas, we know the One who can.

Have a good Tuesday, everybody.

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  1. This makes my heart happy. Just earlier tonight, my husband and I prayed for God to turn the rain to the west, as only He can do. It’s heart-wrenching to see plumes of smoke in the horizon, and, honestly, a little frightening to smell burning woods. Thank you for your prayers for our great State. :)

  2. Oh, Boomama, thank you so much.
    The fires rage all around us here. At our farm in Central Texas yesterday, and now here at our home in The Woodlands just north of Houston. We do so covet your prayers! And if you could all just maybe send one little bucket of rain each this way, we would certainly be beholdin’ to ya…

  3. Thanks for praying for our Texas. It’s been a stressful day here. All we can do is pray for the wind to calm and rain to appear.

  4. Andi Huntet says:

    Thank you so much BooMama for your prayers & for calling attention to our plight. Right now the air here in Knox County (north central TX) is thick with smoke from the Wichita Mtns in OK. Last week the fires raged east of us again at Possum Kingdom Lake, my parents pastors home was in danger…again. We are also in prayer for for those affected by fire around Bastrop, 500 homes lost already. This has been such a harsh year for fires. We are bolstered by the fact that temps here have finally cooled off & know that as God can cool the air he can also open the floodgates of heaven over the Lone Star State! Amen & amen. Jesus bring the rain!

  5. Feel better and yes, praying for our Texas friends.

  6. i Will pray for rain!!

  7. Thank you …. all of you, for the prayers. I was in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, where it was cooler and wetter than here. Of course, most places would be cooler than here. And I think every place is wetter than here, unfortunately. Mandatory water rationing, fires, humidity with no rain …. don’t you want to come to Texas for a vacation soon?!
    Enjoy your rain, BooMama. SOMEBODY should.

  8. Another Texas gal thanking all y’all for the prayers on our behalf. I came to Texas as a newlywed in 1975, and have lived here for all but 5 and half years since then. Seen some hot summers, some hurricanes and even some ice and snow. I have never, ever seen
    Texas this hot and this dry. The temperature only got to 90 today and we were ready to pull out sweatshirts it was so much cooler than months of triple digits. The low humidity and nice breeze would have been wonderful, except for the fact that it’s so dry and the breeze just fanned the flames of the wildfires. It’s grim here; your prayers mean much to us.

  9. Thanks for the prayers! I’m in Austin and feeling fortunate that we have our home. We can’t walk outside without seeing huge clouds of black smoke in all directions.

  10. A heartfelt thank you from East Texas as well. Fires & smoke to our east, south, and north. Please pray for the firemen and women, volunteers and families who are working around the clock not only to save their homes but those of complete strangers as well. Yes…Lord….send the rain.

  11. Amen! Praying for rain in Texas, (and in Oklahoma and Arkansas)!

  12. anotherlisa says:

    thank you for petitioning prayers.
    here in houston we don’t know what to do with low humidity.
    our city is predicted to lose 40-50% of our beautiful trees, due to the drought.
    after coming through hurricane ike, we know who is Lord, and are thankful.

  13. Thank you for praying for Texas and oft-overlooked Oklahoma and Arkansas. We thank you!

  14. We so appreciate the prayers here in Texas.

  15. I’m living in San Antonio and it’s starting to get scary here. I’m a New Yorker so this heat and lack of rain is so foreign to me – even moving here from New Mexico where we lived for three years, it never felt as hot or dry as SA does this year.

    I feel like the whole state of Texas is praying for rain – I know God will answer. . . my umbrella is ready!

  16. Thanks for your prayers. We live in a town that has fires around us, but not close enough to be scared YET. We are smelling lots of smoke and praying that God would just let it rain.

    Thanks for bringing this up on your blog. He is the One who can move it this way.

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m from central Texas, but I’m away at school right now in Auburn. It hurts my heart to be so far away. Praise God, my family I ok right now, but it feels like everytime I check, those fires are creeping closer to home. Rain, Lord! Please!

  18. My Mom and I were just talking about how nice it would be to fashion some sort of gigantic trough to redirect all of this rain to Texas. Prayer seems much more effective!! I’m in. Hope you feel better very soon!

  19. Oh goodness, this post gave me a lump in my throat (but at least my throat is otherwise clear – unlike YOURS – poor thing! Feel better soon!) Thank you so much for the prayers. We are in Austin – 15 miles away from the devastation and it. is. scary. And SO sad. A dear friend lost her home Sunday. She needs the prayers of many – she was driving home from a sad college drop off of oldest daughter, received a call from two youngest daughters that they had just escaped the fire with only the clothes on their back, AS their precious Daddy lay in a hospital bed in the last stages of cancer. Talk about a Job story. My friend is a woman of deep faith and her amazing take on it was, “We are blessed – at least B was SAFE from the fire in the hospital.” Oh that family – and so many others – are suffering and need your sweet prayers. THANK YOU.

  20. I am praying that rain will come our way. I am so saddened by what I am seeing on our local news what with all those affected by these awful fires losing homes, and now 2 people have lost their lives. Just so very sad. :(

  21. Thank you for praying for rain for Texas. We were driving back to Houston from Arkansas yesterday and we passed horrible fires in East Texas. You could even smell smoke in Houston last night. Yes Lord … send the rain West!

    PS I met Marion! We were at a National Charity League meeting last weekend and I walked in late (as I normally do) and had to introduce myself to the meeting. She came up to me afterwards and said … “you know Sophie” … which of course was funny to both of us since I only “know” you … not really “know” you. Know what I mean? :) She’s precious!

  22. Debbie in Texas says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I just got home from a little road trip around the state. We lost count of how many burned landscapes we came across. Then we got word that our own Central Texas area was on fire! So many homes lost. And however many lives are lost is too many. The biggest fire is on the other side of Austin from us, but we have had fires up here, too. And it is just so dry.

    So thank you again for the prayer, and for asking your wonderful readers to pray also. If only y’all COULD send the rain our way. Please, everyone, pray for rain for ALL of Texas!