It’s A Lesser-Known Interpretation But Effective All The Same

I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but the Bulldogs have sort of a big game tonight. They’re playing (on ESPN, no less) a little team called the LSU Tigers, also known as The Quickest Men Alive.TM The Tigers are, in my opinion, the best team in the country right now, which means that by the end of the game tonight I will have either enthusiastically vacuumed every single inch of our house or fallen into a deep, dip-induced stupor and vowed that I will not leave the comfort of my bed until Saturday.

I’m very level-headed and logical when it comes to college football. You may have noticed that.

Anyway, three or four days ago, when I was still replaying the last 25 seconds of the State/Auburn game in my head and trying to figure out a way that I could TURN BACK THE TIME AND ALSO THE OFFICIALS’ HEADS WHEN COACH MULLEN WAS TRYING TO CALL TIME OUT (there. I said it.), I was looking through iPhoto for an old picture from the 2007 Egg Bowl when I ran across this little gem.

If memory serves, we were outside playing one day when the little man – who was four at the time – started humming the Mississippi State fight song (train up a child, way he should go, etc. and so on and so forth). So I ran inside and grabbed my laptop, then set it on the table on the porch and cranked ‘er up.

However, the little fella apparently felt like he could best execute his sah-weet dance moves to a slower version of the fight song. Perhaps the faster arrangement rushed him through the subtle nuances of his “HAIIIIII-YAH!” step. We may never know.

But regardless, the four year-old in this four year-old video is more than likely gonna do me a world of good in terms of keeping tonight’s game in perspective. Mainly because he CRACKS ME UP, and, you know, I’d take one day with him over a bajillionty wins against LSU.

Which is a good thing considering that State hasn’t beaten LSU in 12 years.



Sic ’em, ‘Dogs.

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  1. I avoided our Auburn-fan pastor last week. Yes, I went to church…prayed for those officials! I just avoided the pastor. Chances are I’ll have to avoid my LSU friend & her hubby this weekend. I’m gonna’ be lonely, if my DAWGS don’t win soon!

  2. Your son is adorable and the dogs in the background doing nothing are cracking me up!

  3. Well, you know what I say about those refs last week: Auburn can pay them really well this season, now that Cam isn’t on the payroll any more. :)

    That video is awesome. My favorite part: “Can I see?” Like he knew he’d just done something puh-retty awesome. Maybe you should drive him to Starkville and let him do that on the sidelines. I think any dance like that must have magical powers!

    • Jennifer-there was a flag thrown on nearly every play the first half and most of them on auburn players so if we paid them as you allege we didn’t get our money’s worth. Blogs like this are a place I would hope I wouldn’t encounter Cam and Auburn bashing. If I wanted that I would tune into Paul Finebaum. Maybe I missed the big announcement, but I don’t think the NCAA has ruled that Cam was ineligible and taken away our National Championship. MS state played an excellent game and we were lucky to beat them. I will be cheering for them tonight against LSU, in fact. Maybe next time you want to make a catty remark based solely on speculation (and no facts) you should call Finebaum; seems to be a better forum for that sort of thing than a Christian mommy blog.

  4. Now that “kelps” above mentioned it, those dogs ARE funny! They act like no one is around except them!

    Why do they have to grow up? REALLY! So cute!

    I just returned from Walmarts where I purchased those prackers/cretzels! Hope I enjoy them as much as you did! And…….oh yeah….one more time GEAUX TIGERS!!!

  5. Oh thank you little man for making me laugh.

  6. I have a just turned five-year-old on my hands who could have been your little one’s twin. Must be why I just love this SO, SO, SO very much. Way to train him up, Boo Mama. Good on you!

  7. Geaux Tigers!!! From a Louisiana Girl!! :)

  8. 1. I watched that game last week and kept thinking, “I hope Sophie Boomama (that’s what I call you in my head while watching football, apparently) is still breathing.” Had I known you were actually at the game, I would have had to send out a prayer request for your well being!

    2. I hate when officials miss calls that can affect the outcome of the game, and I believe a few more seconds totally would have changed this one.

    3. Your son is adorable.

    4. The dogs in the background were cracking me up too, just patiently waiting for him to finish up his sweet dance moves and come back to play.

    5. @Auburnfan, I’m pretty sure that was meant as a joke. As a UGA fan myself, living in Florida, married to a UF fan, I’ve had to learn to take a few jokes at my team’s expense over the last few years (or, you know, decade+).

  9. Very cute!

  10. College football is sooo fun! I’ll be cheering for your State boys tonight, and praying that your carpet will stay strong! It’s lots of fun to cheer for our teams (even when things go wrong) and I love a good rivalry game in the SEC!

  11. Do you think you could make it to my house at half-time? I could introduce you to my vacuum- and we won’t search your bag for a cowbell when you arrive either! So looking forward to the game, and hey- have faith…you never know what will happen with the SEC! (HAIL STATE!)

  12. I didn’t really need anymore help in my college football mania, however since I feel like you are my friend I feel obligated to follow the bulldogs and care how they do. After service tonight I will be finding ESPN somewhere and cheering on the Bulldogs!

  13. THAT was adorable!
    Good luck tonight (I know you’ll expend as much energy as any of the boys on the field). I always keep track of your team and am excited to see them play tonight. If you could arrange for them to wear ole LSU out quite a bit, I’d be thankful ’cause those Quickest Men Alive are headed up here next weekend to take on my WVU Mountaineers and I think we’re gonna need all the help we can gather!!
    Happy Football!

  14. I think I have finally found someone as crazy about football as I am! Although you might just have me beat…

    Even though I am a true Sooner fan, I find myself rooting for State tonight!! (It could also be that I really don’t like LSU. Even though their QB is from the town I live in.)






  16. Good grief, that baby is pure sugar!! :D The dogs were totally cracking me up, too… “HI-YA!!” haha!

    At this very moment, we are all tied up with 2 field goals a-piece, so I am going to head to my prayer closet (which may or may not be known as The Loo in other areas of the world… but it’s just for a season) and talk to Jesus because I know he cares.

    (I’ll have to tell you some other time about a hilarious conversation I had tonight about cowbells with the plethora of MSU fans in my presence while waiting on our little ballerinas at MCC. ;D

  17. Love you Boo Mama! Sorry your ‘Dogs didn’t win! Why does everyone hate LSU so much??? GEAUX TIGERS!!! 3-0

  18. That TOTALLY took a little bit of the sting out of tonights game. And I know the slow version he’s talking about – you know, when they just play the first 4 notes of the fight song real slow, like leading into the full song? (I was in the Famous Maroon Band back in the day!) Thanks for sharing! Reminds me of my son at that age, and he’ll be 29 in a couple of weeks, oh my!

  19. So cute. And I love that the dogs are just chillin in the background.

  20. The dogs keep looking to see if the neighbors are watching! Your son is adorable. I love how kids always want to see what they’ve done when they know we are recording them.

  21. This is precious. I wish they could be four for like, 4 years! I do have to say that he looks a bit like Elaine when he dances. I can say that, because my youngest also dances like Elaine. Even sticks her thumbs out and everything.

  22. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    How cute is that?!?! He is just the most adorable little boy! ! !

  23. Oh I love it.

  24. Your little man is just SO cute! I’m sure that it feels like yesterday that you recorded that, too. The doggies must have been used to that kind of enthusiasum and “Hi-Yah-ing”. Very funny!

    (Sorry your team got beat.)

  25. Love the video! Also loved that the dogs in the background are decidedly unimpressed by all the sah-weet dance moves!

  26. M.K. dress in mustard!