Slightly Obsessed

I thought American Idol was so great last night. And while yes, Colton was pretty much brilliant (such a gorgeous arrangement of his song), Joshua was the one who really blew me away. I loved everything about his performance, and by my best estimation, I have now watched it approximately 23 times.

Make that 24.

For what it’s worth, I expect that Hollie will be the one to go home tonight, but anything can happen, I reckon.

Who’s your favorite so far?

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  1. My favorites are Phillip and Colton.

    Joshua and Jessica both have voices that drive me crazy (and not in a good way).

    I’m not the biggest Elise fan, but she’s grown on me the last couple of weeks…not ready to buy her album though.

    I really want to like Skylar, but she’s gotta get off that Reba train first.

  2. I still like Phillip and Elise. Jessica just rubs me the wrong way. Hollie should probably go home.

  3. Jessica also drives me crazy. I think there’s something about her performance persona that I don’t like because she seems like a very lovely girl when she’s not singing. Joshua has grown on me in the past couple of weeks and I’m thinking he might win it all. I like Elise, there’s something different about her voice. Colton and Phillip are also good, though I don’t think Phillip will make it much longer than another couple of weeks at the most. I also think Hollie is going home. Followed by a toss up of Phillip or Skylar and then the other will follow the week after. Final 4 will be Elise, Colton, Joshua, and Jessica.

  4. Well, I’m all over the place this year…..can’t say I have REALLY connected with any of them….I loved Phillip at the beginning….but every song sounds the same now…????….he really needs to do something different……I agree with Commentor Lydia about Jessica….not my favorite at all…something about her….it just doesn’t sit well with me…..her stage persona versus non stage persona….???…..I’m not feeling she is very authentic….and I’m not at all sure which is the real Jessica…….sorry Boo Mama…but while I have loved some of Joshua’s performances…I can’t say I love him… as I said I’m all over the place this year….I’m guessing it is Hollie going home tonight….and probably rightfully so….although while Elise has had some great performances, I don’t think she has a very big fan base…..and then again, we could be shocked tonight…..ha, ha…..

  5. Susan berry says:

    I am for our Mississippi girl Skylar!! Next choice Colton …. Not for those screamers!!

  6. I really like Colton, Phillip, and Hollie. I think Hollie could work on her image but I love her voice! I’m also not a huge fan of Jessica or Skylar, although both are very talented and could probably sell albums.

  7. well, I’m back….how wrong we were…ha, ha….fully expected the judges to use the save when it was Jessica……but do not appreciate Randy saying America got it wrong……we vote for who we like……they can’t MAKE US LIKE SOMEONE……if you want to just pick the winner…then change the rules…..we vote who we like……don’t tell me I can’t have my own opinion and it is wrong just because I don’t agree with you…….okay…sorry….he got me a little riled…ha, ha……

  8. cant believe tonights show..

    what in the world jlo straight up took that microphone from jessica

    ba ha ha

  9. My favorite thing was this statement by Steven Tyler: “The crows may crow, but the hens deliver the goods.” That made my week! (Do crows even crow?) This may be my favorite set of contestants yet- they just seem to get along so nicely together and are genuinely fun to watch when they sing an ensemble number. Love it each week!

  10. I have a slight crush on Phil Phillips.
    My husband is aware of the situation and seems to be handling it well.

  11. Lea Margaret says:

    Hey BooMama! I normally do not watch the show but I have been watching a little bit because Jamison Hollister is Skylar Laine’s steele guitar player. Jamison is from Greenville and his mama lives around the corner from me and she goes to my church……you know how small towns are. But Jamison is not in the background somewhere, he has been front and center. If you look at her Shameless song from a few weeks ago the song opens up with the spotlight on him! There is alot of great talent on the show!!! I have several favorites, but I am pulling for Mississippi because you know, we stick together!

  12. I love Joshua but wish he would do something out of the ordinary…really make an impression. I’m ok with Jessica and knew they would save her. But I am really starting to be an Elise fan – I think I could see myself buying an album of her. Will have to wait and see.

  13. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Sadly, I’ve moved Idol off my t.v. viewing ‘plate.’ Well, maybe not sadly…just moved away from watching it. I’m done with J-Lo and Steven Tyler has moved into the dirty old man category. Maybe next year. Still love Randy, though.

  14. i think last night was a total scam. contrived for the drama. definitely manipulated.

  15. I like Phillip, Colton and Elise. Not a Jessica fan, though I think she’s talented. Her voice just doesn’t stand out to me. When it gets down to the end like this, popularity/crowd appeal has a lot to do with it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the judges’ faves go home next week…

  16. I’m not sorry Hollie didn’t get sent home. She’s cute and seems sweet and I actually think she CAN sing!!! Big voice in such a tiny package! I actually felt sorry for her after she performed. I thought she was WAY better than they gave her credit for.

  17. Terry, I agree. I thought Hollie’s SINGING was just fine. I’d like to see her relax and just be herself, and I wish the judges would just hush about, “You didn’t connect with that song” & “believing” whatever. If they had a song for someone feeling confused & perplexed by the vague and contradictory direction, I’m pretty sure she could connect with that & I’d believe her ; )

  18. I knew they would save Jessica. I like her, but I know she does not have the “appeal” . Oh anyway, I’ll go for Hollie or Jessica on the finals.

  19. Joshua’s GOTTA HAVE IT! I loved him! He rocked it out this week. The last couple of weeks I was questioning my love for him, but he REELED me back in this week. I can’t stop singing this song. My fearless prediction is that Joshua and Colton will be in the finale. Jessica irks me too. She sounds identical to Beyonce. And really….isn’t there only one Beyonce???

  20. Cindy Patton says:

    I am pulling for Colton as he graduated from the school where I teach. He is a wonderful, sincere young man, and he comes from a great, close-knit family. Each week he impresses me all over again with his amazing talent and ability to sing any genre of music. PLEASE vote for COLTON~~~~!

  21. Love Joshua. His humility shines, as does his voice! As we DVR most every show now, we find ourselves FF’ing through most of the performances. Not Joshua’s. AI is just so. much. fun this season!

  22. I so for one, appreciate the female majority playing the horns – AWESOME! Secondly, that his sox coordinate with his shirt!

  23. As awesome as all of the singers are on AI this year I’m just having a hard time getting into it as I have in years past. Most likely it’s because it’s something my dad and I would watch together and he passed on 1/6/2012. This is the first year in a I don’t know when that I have not picked up the phone to vote. I do love Skylar just because I’m a country girl at heart and she is awesome. I also love Phillip. I think I would buy either of their CD when they come out. I agree Josh is probably the best over all package. I just don’t know that I would buy his CD. Although, it will be interesting to see what his actual vibe is. Josh seems like a sweetheart and would love to know him in person. Actually I like all of the contestants. I agree Holly should have gone home this last week. I can’t belive that one girl was almost voted off. Although, I do not agree with the save. If America has spoken then they have spoken. But, I’m sure I would feel differently if it was my child up on that stage!