All Over The Place

1. Right now Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet are my top two on American Idol. I’d be perfectly happy for either one of them to win. I triple liked Phillip’s performance of “Volcano” last week, and then Joshua sang “It’s A Man’s World” and my head exploded but in a good way. I think they’re both super-talented, and while I think Jessica is talented, too, I just favor the guys for some reason.

2. Mama and Daddy drove over this afternoon for a Mother’s Day visit. Mama and I immediately went to Steinmarts, where she found a cute top for a trip she and Daddy are taking in a few months, and I found another pair of white jeans. I felt a little ridiculous buying a second pair of white jeans, but I wear my first pair ALL THE TIME, and I think I’ve reached a point in my life where it’s good to have the second white jeans option. I feel good about my decision.

3. I am obsessed with Scandal on ABC. I actually wrote a post about it this weekend (for Ree’s blog, not this one) because I have so many, many thoughts about it, including but not limited to the fact that Tony Goldwyn is FANTASTIC as the President. I will try to remember to tell you when Ree puts up the post so that we can discuss all aspects of the show in great detail.


4. Soccer season is officially over in our family. It’s been a bunch of fun, and the little man had the best group of guys on his team, but we can now reclaim our Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. At least until fall. And I’m just as tickled as I can be about that.

5. The Bachelorette starts tomorrow night. I would tell you that there’s no way I’m watching, but that would be a lie because I AM SO WATCHING.

What about y’all?

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  1. We LOVE Scandal!!! So very good. And I just wikipedia’d Tony Goldwyn because his character is sperfect for him! Glad I found another Scandal fan!!

  2. The hubs and I are obsessed with Scandal as well. Wonderfully written and acted. So much love.

  3. Ooh count me in on the Scandal love! I am quite the fan of sharp dialogue, and they have it DOWN. I also love Tony Goldwyn. He somehow seems so familiar…kinda like he really was the leader of the free world ;)

    Have a great week, Sophie :)

  4. I just can’t stay away from The Bachelorette although I am ridiculed for watching. But it’s a delightful train wreck and since Dancing is almost over, what Imma watch if not for The Bachelorette. And I LOVE me some Scandal! Awesome show. It better be back next season.

  5. I am so with you on your top 2 for AI. Can’t wait to see what happens!

    P.S. Steinmart should really, at least, send you some serious coupons for all the great publicity you give them!

  6. I haven’t watched the Bachelor/ette since Jake/Vienna, “on the wings of love” and sadly, I will be tuning in tonight and I’m pretty excited about it.

  7. Lori H says:

    I asked for and received Downton Abbey, Season 1, for Mother’s Day. Can’t wait to sit down and watch way too many episodes at a time!

  8. I want Phillip to win, although he’s the underdog. Miz Booshay and I were discussing in her comments the fact that we’d love to see Jessica go home just to see the judges pitch a conniption. (Had to google the spelling on that.) Joshua would be my second choice.

    I can’t make myself watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Why would they want the guy or girl who has been kissing, and who knows what else, all those other girls or guys? I just don’t understand the concept at all.

  9. Brenda says:

    I’m with you on the AI thing. I’m not a Jessica fan (too contrived, maybe?). I went to church when Joshua sang “Man’s World.” I’m ready to buy the album.

    I’m way behind on the Scandal thang. I guess I need to pay attention to the TV more. But, in other TV news, I too got to see the first season of Dowton Abbey this week! Scream! Bring on season 2, please!

  10. Your comment on the white jeans cracks me up…I was shopping yesterday w/ my mom, my sister and my niece and we saw a very pretty white summery dress and I was telling them how I like white in theory, but am just too clutzy (and I have a 3 yo) to pull it off w/o a major catastrophe! ;) I feel that way about white jeans too… I always think they look great on other people though.

    Also…loved the first few episodes of Scandal…need to catch up…Shonda Rimes can write a mean script!

  11. Yes, I am going to be watching the Bachelorette yet once again. I get pulled in every season even though I know I could use my time in a more productive, even meaningful way.

  12. Hi Sophie,

    I am glad to find another “Scandal” fan. I love the sharp dialogue, fast pace, and real characters. You may remember Tony Goldwyn from the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore movie “Ghost.” He played Patrick’s best friend and was excellent as a villain!

    I will be tuning into Emily’s season of “The Bachelorette” as well. Chris Harrison said, “Emily is really sweet and nice…until she’s not.” Should be interesting! :)

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Ugh, every time I say I won’t watch, but I always do!

  14. Phillip Phillips. I think Joshua is an amazing, amazing talent, but it’s not my style of music. I think Joshua should probably win, but I will buy Phillip Phillips’ album when it comes out, and that will be an American Idol first for me. I have never purchased an AI alum’s work. It’s been so much more fun to watch the show when the last handful of contestants are all so good you have no idea who will go home.

  15. I am loving Scandal. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy + The West Wing. Such a perfect combination. And I covet Kerry Washington’s wardrobe.

  16. Amy in PA says:

    I LOVE Scandal! It is a must-see in our household!

  17. One cannot have too many white jeans.

    I will be watching the Bachelorette because it might be the ” most dramatic” , ” most romantic”, ” most Controversial “, “most talked about season” E.V.E.R. and who wants to miss something that is the most ever?!

    I am really enjoying American Idol this year. Great talent. I love Jimmy Levine’s comments every week.

  18. lavonda says:

    I haven’t seen Scandal, but now I’m intrigued reading the comments. I did love West WIng when it was on… is it similar?

    Our dvr has been busy with Revenge, American Idol, The Voice, Castle, Criminal Minds, Missing and is also (I’m sad to admit) still circling the Grey’s Anatomy drain. (Sophie, have you watched Missing? It’s Sydney Bristow’s Alias meets Liam Neeson’s Taken. We’re loving it.)
    (If you liked Sydney Bristow, you must go back and watch episode 1 of Missing. It’s CIA spy drama with the influx of a mama – Ashley Judd – looking for her son.)

    While I didn’t watch last season of The Bachelor (I just couldn’t get interested in that one for some reason) I WILL BE WATCHING Emily Maynard’s search for love. She appears to be a quality Jesus lovin young woman… I can already tell she’s my favorite Bachelorette and episode one hasn’t even aired yet.

  19. Here’s the conclusion I have come to in reference to Jessica S on Idol. She sings because she knows she’s really good at at. She doesn’t seem to find any joy in the process. She just belts out big song after big song because she can.
    And then there are the boys. Oh, how I love Phil Phillips and Joshua Ledet. They sing, because that’s their happy. They have sung forever, wherever and will continue to do so with or without the title of American Idol. I love them. Bigtime.
    One last thing, Scandal? Holy Toledo, Batman! I cannot get enough of this one! I just randomly watched an On Demand episode of it a few weeks ago and then had to go back to watch all of them. SO GOOD!
    And sleep is so overrated.

  20. Don’t watch the Scandal, but obviously I should be!

    AI, on the other hand, is appointment t.v. I am SO for Phillip. I just adore him. Unfortunately, I believe I cheer in vain. This season in particular has seemed so produced, so scripted to me. It’s almost like the AI powers that be said, “OK. America. Here’s your top 24 and you vote, but know that we’ve already decided these contestants in this area will be the Top 12. Then you’ll vote on those Top 12, but we’ve already decided these will be the Final 2. So, really, you’re just voting on the order of elimination of those we deem not worthy.”


    Not to mention, the number-cruncher in me refuses to believe that Jessica can have such a low vote total one week that she would have gone home sans the save, but miracle-of-miracles, she’s yet to find herself in the bottom group again. I just don’t think that’s statistically possible. Seriously, I may literally run the math on that.

  21. Joshua is from our neck of the woods, and we got to hear him sing “Man’s World” live this weekend! Amazing! And he was so nice and humble, too!

  22. Haven’t gotten into Scandal yet… but it’s on the list.

    Bachelorette? Nope, I’m done. Over, finished. Done with all of them. And yes, I’m lying. I’m IN!! Cannot wait! And YES, they do JUST talk in those fantasy suites.

  23. Can I just say how fun it was seeing “BooMama” in my Pioneer Woman email today? it was like the perfect storm! And I agree with all of your Smash points. On the Bachelorette note, we will watch on hulu tomorrow. (And don’t listen to Trent if he says he doesn’t get into it. Because he totally does).

  24. I’m obsessed with Scandal. I couldn’t have written a better post about how I feel about Smash … yours was perfection. And I’m currently watching Emily wade through these men. Painful. Some of them need to go IMMEDIATELY. Oh, how I wish you and I were neighbors so we could hash this out over Diet Coke tomorrow! (But I’m in Bluff Park.)

  25. Phillip is from my old stomping ground so I can’t do anything but root for him. I also loved his performance of Volcano and watched it again the next day on DVR.

  26. I hope that I, in some small way, led you down the path to watch Scandal. I may cry a tear right now remembering that tonight is the FINALE!!!! WHAT!!!! It can’t be OVER. It JUST STARTED!!!!!

    As bad as I hate to admit it, Phillip has grown on me a LITTLE the past 2 weeks. I too loved Volcano, but literally that was the first song of his I liked. I thought 2 out of 3 were very good last night for Phillip. Joshua is the man! Of course, I have to vote for the LA boy! I also hope that he and Phillip get in the top 2. But if that’s the case, I think Phillip will win. So, maybe I want Joshua and Jessica in the top 2:)

    You know what I was dreaming about yesterday while sitting outside with my bambino? Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash!!!! I miss it! Why does it have to be a holiday drink! It so should be a summer drink. However, today (because they are my friends on FB) Sierra Mist posted that they have a new flavor coming out. Strawberry Kiwi. HMMMMM…can it hold a candle to Cranberry Splash?????? Only time will tell. Must try to find some of the new “juice” soon:)

  27. Oh Sophie, I forgot one other random comment. Last night, I googled Jimmy Iovine because I NEED to know if he has Tourette’s. It seems like he does. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. What I DID find out is that his wife (now ex) wrote The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy! I loved that book when I was pg 11 years ago! Who would have THUNK!!!! And all of her husband comments are about Jimmy Iovine. It’s too rich!

  28. Since you didn’t lead me astray with the Pretzel Crisps, I think I’ll dip my toe into the Scandal water.

    And for the first time in many, MANY seasons, I’m watching The Bachelorette. Though I’m not sure why. My guiltiest pleasure is Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23. There’s been a big whole in my soul since the end of Dawson’s Creek that only James Van Der Beek can fill. I feel a little whole again.