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I Am Mostly Alive


I don’t know what I’ve been doing, really.

I mean, I’ve been working, and that has been a little more time consuming than it normally is. And I’ve been watching Man vs. Wild every night after supper with the little guy (I’ve also been covering my eyes on occasion, but that is mainly because I have issues with repetitive textures, and in the Ecuador episode there was this tree that was covered with hundreds of caterpillars that had lined up in rows along the trunk, but surprisingly I DID NOT IN FACT DIE when I briefly gazed upon said tree). I’ve been following Mississippi State baseball pretty closely, and I’m cranking up my obsess-o-meter for the SEC Baseball Tournament this week. I’ve also been trying to carve out more time to hang out with my real-life people. I feel like I’ve been in my head a lot lately, so it’s almost like I crave hearing other people’s stories so that I don’t walk in the bathroom and see my reflection and throw a rock at it.

Which, as I think we can all agree, is TOTALLY NORMAL.

Oh! And oh! I’ve also been listening to John Mayer’s new album over and over and over and over. It doesn’t come out until tomorrow, but it’s been streaming on iTunes for free, and I expect that iTunes will be sending me a bill for server usage. The album really is so good. And the John Mayer seems to grown up a little bit, too.

And that reminds me: a few days ago I was digging through our mail basket trying to find a form for A’s school that I, um, misplaced, and I found mailers addressed to a couple of folks who won a giveaway last month. I am so sorry. I completely forgot to put in them in the mail, but I’m doing that first thing tomorrow. I have no excuse except for the fact that the crackerjack staff here at BooMama, Inc. obviously dropped the ball.

In other words: I’m crazy.

So see? Wasn’t that just a terribly exciting update? I can’t imagine how (not-at-all) difficult it must have been to miss out on All The Boring.

But I’ve missed y’all!

The Name’s Charming. Prince Charming.

So I’m sitting here watching The Bachelorette, and I figure this is as good a time as any to jot down a few of my initial observations. The only reason I feel remotely safe sticking my toes into the Bachelorette end of the bloggy pool is because I’m trusting Emily to KEEP IT CLASSY, SISTER.

Remember, as I have mentioned before, I am a person who believed for several years that the whole point of the fantasy suites was so the couples could have an opportunity to talk and visit and maybe share some chips and queso without the cameras around.

All righty. My thoughts. I will share them.

– Initially I saw the spelling of Kalon’s name and thought it rhymed with “talon.” This detail probably isn’t interesting to, well, anyone, but it made me laugh.

– A singer/songwriter? That’s an awkward Bachelorette serenade waiting to happen. Also, the singer/songwriter used the words “quintessence,” “disparate,” “facets,” and “converge” within seconds of each other. He must hang out with Tarzan from the most recent season of Survivor.

– Charlie has a bulldog. Therefore, Charlie is my favorite.

– I would really, really like to know what color lip gloss Emily is wearing at the meet and greet. It’s sort of a plum, but it’s not too purple and not too pink. Very pretty.

– I like Sean’s checked shirt / striped tie combo. Well played.

– I’m gonna go ahead and say that things aren’t going to work out with the fitness model. Nor are they going to work out with Loud Guy.

– Chris makes a very kind first impression…I like him.

– “I’m a high school biology teacher, but I’m here to have chemistry with you.” – OH NO. NOOOOO. That line was a terrible miscalculation. If he makes it through after that, the only explanation is the Lord’s favor.

– A meet and greet gimmick is almost always a bad call. Because even if you get a rose, you’ve still lost your dignity. AND you have to keep up with your skateboard and/or jam box and/or glass slipper and/or granny wig all night long. That has to be annoying.

– Ryan the pro sports trainer seems darlin’.

– I’m now at the 55 minute mark, and I believe it has been well-established by the guys that Emily is stunning. Gorgeous. Amazing. And etc.

– Emily is now handing out roses, and the first two guys she picked were Chris and Ryan. I think Emily and I might be on the same wavelength. Or at least we would be if weren’t complete strangers.

– I’m so relieved that she gave Travis a rose, mainly because he’s a Mississippi State boy. That being said, IT’S TIME TO PUT UP THE EGG.

– There weren’t really any big surprises with the guys she picked. I was a little surprised about Kalon because he came across as a little flashy (might not be what he’s really like at all), and I think she made a good decision in not offering a rose to fitness model guy because KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON, SON.

What did y’all think? Was it as dramatical and amazing and shocking and amazing as you imagined it would be?

Over There

The topic is Smash.

And I wrote about it over at Ree’s blog.

Just thought I’d let you know in case you’re interested. But if you’re not interested, please feel free to continue preparing your Bachelorette-related tailgate foods.

Or maybe that’s just me.

All Over The Place

1. Right now Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet are my top two on American Idol. I’d be perfectly happy for either one of them to win. I triple liked Phillip’s performance of “Volcano” last week, and then Joshua sang “It’s A Man’s World” and my head exploded but in a good way. I think they’re both super-talented, and while I think Jessica is talented, too, I just favor the guys for some reason.

2. Mama and Daddy drove over this afternoon for a Mother’s Day visit. Mama and I immediately went to Steinmarts, where she found a cute top for a trip she and Daddy are taking in a few months, and I found another pair of white jeans. I felt a little ridiculous buying a second pair of white jeans, but I wear my first pair ALL THE TIME, and I think I’ve reached a point in my life where it’s good to have the second white jeans option. I feel good about my decision.

3. I am obsessed with Scandal on ABC. I actually wrote a post about it this weekend (for Ree’s blog, not this one) because I have so many, many thoughts about it, including but not limited to the fact that Tony Goldwyn is FANTASTIC as the President. I will try to remember to tell you when Ree puts up the post so that we can discuss all aspects of the show in great detail.


4. Soccer season is officially over in our family. It’s been a bunch of fun, and the little man had the best group of guys on his team, but we can now reclaim our Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. At least until fall. And I’m just as tickled as I can be about that.

5. The Bachelorette starts tomorrow night. I would tell you that there’s no way I’m watching, but that would be a lie because I AM SO WATCHING.

What about y’all?

The Needing

One night a few months ago I sat down with the little man to say prayers before he went to bed, and after some end-of-the-day observations – including but not limited to a declaration of the deliciousness of a Zaxby’s Nibbler as well as the mad survival skillz of Bear Grylls – he bowed his head.

“Lord,” he began, “thank you for this good day. Thank you for our family.” He continued with some specific requests, and right before he ended his prayer, he said, “we pray for Sharon and Wilter, and God, we pray for the needing.”

At that point I almost put my hand over his and said, “Oh, buddy – I think you meant needy, not needing.”

But before I could lift so much as a finger, it hit me: he’s exactly right.

After we finished praying, I walked out of A’s room with tears in my eyes. He had no idea, of course, but he’d given me the words to articulate something that had been weighing heavy in my head and on my heart:

This world is full of needing.

And that needing? It overwhelms.

We’re surrounded by people who are needing; they need comfort, they need healing, they need helping, they need peace. In the last week I’ve talked with friends who are struggling in their jobs, in their marriages, and in their families (it’s not like I’ve been sitting on a bench and holding a sign that says, “TELL ME YOUR PROBLEMS,” by the way – this is just real-life stuff that comes up in conversations). Today, in fact, I visited with a friend who’s facing a long-term illness. And the needing certainly isn’t confined to other people; we’ve been fighting a few unexpected battles in my own family lately. I know all too well that as much as you remind yourself of John 16:33, John 14:27, Romans 8:28, and countless other passages – as much as you rest in the Truth – the needing can still be discouraging. It can wear you slap out if you let it.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about God’s sweetness to us in those seasons of needing. Maybe it’s a phone call at just the right time; maybe it’s a divine appointment with someone who has experienced similar circumstances. If we pay attention, we’ll see evidence that not only is God with us – He is for us. He’s writing a story way bigger than any of our circumstances, and He’s using the needing for our good and for His great glory. Scripture makes that very clear (and oh have mercy do I ever cling to that assurance sometimes).

This week in Tanzania the Compassion bloggers have witnessed the needing in ways they probably never imagined. I love that Compassion provides a way that we can stand in the gap for families and connect them to a local church that will help meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They will hear the Gospel. Many of them will come to know the Lord. And when they walk through an unexpected time of needing – above and beyond their day-to-day challenges – they’ll have a local body of believers who will walk with them and pray for them. If not for Compassion, they might never know that kind of comfort. They might never know that kind of community.

As for us – the folks in the land of high-speed Internet, air conditioning, and telephones that act as our personal assistants (though I should probably point out that, as best I can tell, Siri does not speak Southern) – life looks a little bit different, at least on the surface. We live in a land of indulgence and convenience, and sometimes our struggles stem from impatience as much as anything else. But at the end of the day, our deep-down needing is what connects us to our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world, to men and women we’ve never met, to mothers and fathers who, like us, lose sleep over sick children, who worry about making ends meet, who hurt when relationships fracture.

I don’t know how to say this in a way that’s particularly eloquent, so I’ll just say it like I hear it in my heart: let’s tend to the needing today. Maybe that means we’ll encourage somebody we love. Maybe that means we’ll sponsor a child who lives thousands of miles away. Maybe that means we’ll take time to intercede for somebody who shares a prayer request. Maybe that means we’ll mend some fences.

But this much I know for sure: the needing is all around us, sweet friends.

Let’s love each other well.

The This And The That

Tonight has been one of those times when Facebook has pulled me into its stifling vortex and refused to relinquish its hold. I don’t know why I barely glance at FB for weeks and then suddenly feel compelled to catch up on the lives of people I haven’t seen in approximately ten years, but that’s exactly what I’ve done tonight. It’s been every bit as productive as you might imagine.

In equally earth-shattering news, I have a cereal-related issue that’s puzzling me. I’m concerned that the squares in Cinnamon Toast Crunch seem somewhat smaller than I remember them. The taste is delicious, as always, but I’m pretty sure that the squares used to be bigger. If you have the inside track on any Cinnamon Toast Crunch trade secrets, I can assure you that your wisdom and sound size-of-cinnamon-squares counsel will be deeply appreciated here.

Which reminds me.

I know that from time to time we like to keep each other abreast of various snack cracker options, so I wanted to share this news with you. A few weeks ago I made a discovery that is outside of my normal Cheez-Its / Triscuits / Sesame Thins wheelhouse, and oh, it has been a delightful find.


It has the consistency of a cracker but the flavor of a pretzel – but it’s not trying to be a cracker and a pretzel at the same time like those Town House cretzel prackers that came out a couple of years ago. Pretzel Crisps are a pretzel through and through in terms of flavor, but the thinness makes it more like a cracker. Delicious. And it looks like there are lots of flavors, so that’s always an exciting development in the snack cracker / pretzel / cretzel / pracker industry. KUDOOZ TO YOU, Pretzel Crisps!

(Speaking of “kudooz” / Ramona / RHONY – is anybody else watching Real Housewives of New Jersey and pretending like they aren’t?)

(Good. That always makes me feel better.)

(I’m pretending not to watch, too.)

(I don’t know when I’ve ever not watched such a sweet-mercy-Bessie-would-you-get-a-load-of-this-trainwreck hour of television.)

(Not that I know anything about it, of course, since I’ve never seen it.)

All righty. I guess I’ll shut down the computer and do something productive. Like watch Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. Or maybe even Dancing with the Stars.

Very busy here. Clearly. Very busy.


p.s. The Compassion bloggers are in Tanzania this week, and you do not want to miss their posts. This post by Maggie is absolutely beautiful, as is this post by Kelli (I highly recommend following every blogger’s Tanzania posts via RSS feed). They’re on the Twitter, too.