Timed Writing

Okay. I’m giving myself 30 minutes to update this here blog with something besides a video. It’s been a crazy few weeks – in a good way – but I am finding that it is difficult to take care of my family and work and stick to deadlines and cook some food and occasionally fold laundry and serve diligently as a college football superfan without neglecting other areas of my life. Blogging has definitely been on the neglected end of my current activities spectrum, so I’m going to try to play catch-up.

I may not make much sense in the process, but I’m going to try nonetheless.

Last weekend Sister and I drove to Lexington for the Mississippi State / Kentucky game. It was such a pretty drive, especially since the trees have already started to turn in that part of the country. It was after 8 when we finally rolled into town, but we still had time to explore around our hotel a little bit and go out to dinner.

Well done, Lexington, with this little number.


So pretty.

We woke up early Saturday morning so that we wouldn’t be rushed (something you may not know about me: I DESPISE feeling rushed; I would rather be two hours early and SETTLED than five minutes late and frazzled), and after a delightful breakfast buffet at the hotel, we fired up the GPS and headed to the stadium. It took us awhile to figure out where to park, but once we’d taken care of that end of things, we high-tailed it for a couple of blocks so that we could get to the stadium in time for Dawg Walk. We walked up approximately 90 seconds before the team’s buses arrived, and once Dan Mullen (who is State’s head coach) hopped off the bus, he nodded at Sister and proceeded to give her a high-five.

Neither one of us really understood why. But it tickled us to pieces.

(Listen. I’ve said it a thousand times. Our coach is darlin’. I have honestly thought about making t-shirts that say “Our Coach Is The Cutest,” but I just haven’t gotten that far down my to-do list. His wife is a darlin’, too, by the way. They are a darlin’ family. DARLIN’ PLUS, as Martha would say.)

We were in our seats a loooooong time before kick-off, which means that we saw the warm-ups before the warm-ups before the actual warm-ups. It reminded me of when I was a little girl and would go to State games with my daddy; I watched the team warm up so many times that I knew the exact order of their stretching routine. I recognize that may somewhat strange considering that I was, you know, eleven, but all those afternoons in section S at Scott Field are exactly why I get such a kick out of our Bulldogs now.

FINGERS CROSSED that Alex will feel the same way in about thirty years.

It was fun to see the ‘Dogs win on the road, and even though it was a lot of time in the car just to see, you know, a football game, I am so glad we made the trip. We drove back to Nashville late Saturday afternoon, listening to the Florida / LSU game for most of the trip, and we walked in Sister’s door just in time to see the second half of the Ole Miss / Texas A&M game. IT WAS EPIC. You would be embarrassed for us if you knew how much we hollered and clapped and whistled, so I’ll make it easier for you and pretend like we were very reserved and refined.

I was mighty happy to see my people Sunday afternoon, and even though this week has been full, it’s been a good ‘un. There is just something about opening the front door every morning and feeling the BLESSEDLY COOL AIR. There’s always about a five-second window where I feel like I could totally run laps out there in the middle of all that 50-something degree weather, but then I remember that I don’t run. And that tends to shut down the whole running option LICKETY-SPLIT.

So that’s about all that’s been going on around here. In addition to studying for tests about William Penn and trying to learn spelling words, of course. And also: last night I got home from Bible study and realized that the DVR was recording Duck Dynasty AND Nashville. I decided to watch Duck Dynasty because I was afraid Nashville would prove quickly addictive and keep me from sleeping. Did any of y’all watch?

Okay. End of 30 minutes. And then some. Hope y’all are having a great day!

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  1. Yes, I watched Nashville and oh my goodness ….. LOVE !
    It was sooooo good – the characters, the storyline, the music.
    Can’t wait for the next episode !

  2. Watched Nashville and liked it. Had a wee bit of trouble keeping some of the characters straight. Connie Britton is fabulous, which is no surprise. Hayden “I can’t spell her last name” really sold her character, too. Good enough for me to set the DVR for the series, and I rarely do that.

    >>>serve diligently as a college football superfan<<<
    Quote of the post, Sophie! Those who know me would say the same about me. They know I am not to be disturbed on Saturdays in the Fall.

    This past Saturday was one of the best days in college football that I can remember. My sister was at FL/LSU and said The Swamp was the loudest she'd ever heard it. And, for us Gators to beat LSU, and see UGA, FSU and Miami all loose on the same day? Well, trust me, it was a little bit of heaven, I think.

  3. Nashville was so good! I’m hoping the other episodes won’t disappoint.

    It would be so much fun to sit by you during a football game. :)

  4. Oh my goodness, you are going to LOVE Nashville. Connie is like extra tough, extra sassy Tami but lovable in all the great ways. I LOVE IT. My only wish is that Coach would be her husband except not because it seems like she’s kind of in love with a guy in her band. ANYWAY, watch and love. And then tell us all about it!!

  5. I love Triangle Park! That’s where my hubby proposed to me!

  6. Meredith W in TX says:

    LOVED Nashville, and already looking forward to next weeks episode. Can’t wait to hear what you think about it. I also love hearing you talk about college football! That Ole Miss/A&M game was amazing!

  7. GIG’em AGGIES!!!! Thanks for cheering us on, or really I should say thanks for cheering against Ole Miss.

    I’m also so happy, happy, happy that Duck Dynasty is back. Those were two great episodes and I can’t wait for the whole season. Like you I also was tivoing both Duck Dynasty and Nashville and went with Duck Dynasty since our whole entire family had planned our day around watching it.

    Glad you were able to squeeze in 30 minutes of blogging!!!!! It was darling…

  8. I refuse to get a DVR because I’m afraid I’d never sleep again. So I channel flipped between Nashville and Duck Dynasty. Both such good choices.

    And… Is it just me or is that picture upside down. I’ve been studying it for minutes ;)

    • Laura Beth says:

      I looked at the photo for a long time, trying to decide if it was some really cool, artsy reflection shot, but I’m pretty sure it’s just upside-down. :)

      • Not upside down – it’s a very tall glass atrium. If you look closely, you can see the doors along the bottom behind the fountain lights. The only reason I know this is because I live near there. ;)

    • Lynnette R says:

      If you flip your screen upside down the picture appears to become right side up. And that leads me to conclude that the picture is indeed upside down :)

  9. I so wanted to see Nashville, but I’m still trying to get used to the central time TV schedule. I heard it did come on, but not sure when. Hope to catch it next week.

  10. I had to watch Duck Dynasty live so I could tweet along with it. It’s my favorite. “Are you sure that tea hasn’t turned on you?” Jase and Si are the best.

    I watched Nashville late last night after my husband went to bed (he’s not interested in committing to another tv show) and I was pretty impressed. It took a minute, but the story really picked up toward the end. So much drama. It looks like it’s going to be a good one.

  11. The Mullens are so nice. We live right next to the Stagger In sports bar, so eat there pretty regularly and so do they. They are always very sweet. Recently they were there with the whole family, including grandparents (either his or her parents), and were still very patient and friendly with the rather inebriated guys who kept yelling about “Dan the man”. I wanted to stand up and tell those guys to leave them alone, they were just trying to enjoy a quiet dinner!

  12. I’m sooo looking forward to the game this weekend. MS Bulldogs VS VOLS!! If I aim a Tweet at you, will you respond? LOL!! I’ll try to be nice!

  13. The whole arrive early and settled instead of 5 minutes late and frazzled thing — I so-o-o-o-o want to live in that world. I often tell my husband (who was late to our wedding and will also be late to his own funeral), “Once, just once, I want us to operate on MY time schedule.” Two hours early and settled is my dream.

  14. Amanda C. says:

    I LOVED Nashville. It’s going to be ridiculously addictive…and I think I’m okay with that. I mean, really, you can’t get better than Connie Britton. However, the hair envy that accompanied the show really was unparalleled. :)

  15. I love Rayna James. I mean Tammy Taylor. I mean Connie Britton : )

  16. Can’t wait to be in my seat in Section S tomorrow when the Dawgs remain unbeaten! :)

  17. Let’s cut straight to “Nashville”: Friday Night Lights was shot in my hometown of Austin (Kyle Chandler and his family actually live here now), and that was my favorite show EVER. (And the series finale? PERFECTION.) So: to have Connie Britton back in my living room on a regular basis? Yes, please! I think “Nashville” will become my new favorite show. (As far as football…we have this little local team called the University of Texas Longhorns that holds its own very well, thank you.)

  18. Congrats on your big win yesterday!

    OH and Nashville. . .it’s gonna be a good one I think !

  19. Uhhhh … new rule! Never do you EVER come to LEX without telling me again. :)

  20. Yep- I’m hooked on Nashville now!