No Mention Of Football Therein

– I have been on a break from sugar since the first of August. It’s been a good thing, even though I’m pretty sure that any man who took a two-month break from sugar would have lost about 15 pounds. I, on the other hand, seem to have plateaued after losing approximately 4.25 ounces of water weight. Anyway, I feel better when I’m not eating sugar, so I’ll consider that a win, but I have been craving sweet stuff like crazy the last two days. I have no idea why. However, I can tell you that nothing sounds better to me right now than some sort of molten chocolate lava cake with really good vanilla ice cream melting over it.

I also wouldn’t turn down some apple pie or a donut.

I was hoping that telling you all of that would make the craving go away, but now all I can think about is when apple pie has that crispy, buttery, crumble-y topping. I’m about to fix myself a glass of ice water, though, so I’m sure that will make this whole SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME CHOCOLATE situation so much better.

– The new Mumford & Sons CD, Babel (not always kid-friendly, just FYI), has completely captivated me and prompted grad school-like levels of wanting to analyze lyrics. It’s so bad that I may have to start a club. Or a support group. Whichever.

– I mentioned this on Instagram the other day, but my most recent trip to the grocery store left me more convinced than ever that the Greek yogurt craze in this country is officially out of control. WE’VE HIT OUR LIMIT, AMERICA.

– I realize that this video of Jon Hamm & Adam Scott re-creating the opening credits of Simon & Simon will only appeal to a very specific sense of humor, but oh, it tickles me. I will probably watch it 92 more times, mainly just to marvel at their jackets. If you want to skip all the mockumentary stuff, the “new” credits start around 8:50. And the original credits are at the end.

Remember when shows had minute-long theme songs?

– I am convinced that there is no graphic in the 21st century that causes more anticipation and/or curiosity than this one right here. It’s what call waiting was to the 80s.

– Thinking about Simon & Simon led to a major YouTube rabbit trail of TV shows’ opening credits in the 70s and 80s.

For example.

The Internet is glorious, you know?

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  1. The Simon and Simon remake is the reason I feel prepared to get through the week…honestly, it is one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time, which may be an indication that I need to broaden my horizons a bit. It was a delight….

  2. Funny you should mention a molten lava cake, as I just opened up a recipe for a healthy one not 2 seconds before coming to your blog!!

  3. Oh. My. How I loved Simon and Simon. Just last week I was trying to explain the glory of must see TV in the 80’s. Each week, i would run home after Jazzercise, and hand her over to Dad for a bath and bedtime. Then I would settle in with a ice cold Tab and anything involving melted cheese for Hunk Night. And yes that is exactly what I did call it, yes indeed. Simon and Simon and Magnum PI. Oh yes, mamma was a rebel.

    • Meant to say I was trying to explain all this to my 30 year old daughter. Guess I got a little distracted by the thought of mustachiod men with guns and short shorts.

  4. Oh my gosh, the graphic. Nothing on earth is more frustrating to me at this moment in time than when the graphic turns up, and then disappears, with no text forthcoming. What was the person going to say? Why did they decide not to say it? WHYYYY?

  5. Okay, now I want to have a Simon and Simon marathon! I loved that show, along with Remington Steele. Good times!

  6. Oh, Simon & Simon. Good memories. Recently, after some evil person on Facebook got the song “Ice, Ice, Baby” stuck in my head, I attempted to dislodge it by watching many, many 80s-era TV show opening songs on YouTube. The favorite from that night? Greatest American Hero.

    • AnotherLisa says:

      believe it or not,
      I’m walking on air
      never thought I could feel so free

    • My “older” cousin Jake (he’s only 2 years older than me, but growing up, that was HUGE) used to crack us up singing the GAH theme and then at the end, instead of singing, saying really earnestly, “Who could it BE? Believe it or not, it’s just ME!”

  7. Dying over the text graphic! Always know I’ll get a good chuckle reading your posts. Thanks:)

  8. Kimberly/OKC says:

    I have done the no sugar thing for awhile too. It was hard but it does clear that brain fog, doesn’t it? However, twice the following happened to me: once I took that bite of something deliciously sugary, I actually teared up. Yes, you may too! It’s kinda embarrassing. Lol. I think it only happens to people who LOVE food!! Now the first time it happened I DID take a bite of Cheesecake Factory’s Dulce de Leche cheesecake and let’s just agree that it might cause this reaction anyway. Ok, that’s all! Love you, Love your blog!

  9. Becky in 'Bama says:

    OM-Gosh. I now know two other people who appreciate the music of Mumford and Sons. Today I shall go one line and officially purchase the new project. Sigh No More was so yummy I hope I can be as satisfied with this new banjo, food stomper collection.

  10. Ok, I tried google, bing and to figure out what the … means. For those of us who aren’t on the cutting edge of things – what does that mean? I have a teenage daughter, but haven’t run across that yet. Please enlighten me!

  11. Love the new Mumford & Sons CD so much! Every time we get in the minivan, my four-year-old immediately asks for “my favorite song. It’s #3, and turn it up loud!” She means “I Will Wait.” :) It is a nice break from K-Love!

    Can’t believe you didn’t mention that the Dawgs are a perfect 6-0! :)

  12. Yes! A clip featuring all three of my pretend boyfriends! Made. My. Day. :)

  13. hi, boomama. . .i used to stop by from Ann’s and decided to pop over today. . .what a treat. . .would anyone understand the reference if i said, “Wow, Robert Wagner could be Tony Dinozzo’s dad?”

  14. Judy in MI says:

    I loved Simon and Simon. Had a mad, crazy crush on Gerald McRaney for evah!

    WKRP in Cincinnati – that was at least 2 minutes long wasn’t it?

  15. I agree about Greek yogurt….I do not understand!!?!! I just walk by in awe when I am at Publix…

    Have a blessed week.


  16. So, so funny! And I am so impressed regarding your sugar ban. I gave up soda for a good long while earlier this year, but have succumbed again to its evil lure. Last night I wanted a milkshake so badly…all we had was banana bread. It might as well have been a glass of ice water! :P

  17. I feel your pain! I have been off sugar (and all artificial sweetners too) since July 18th… and this week I’ve been having some cravings as well! But I do feel so much better too. I’m doing it since joining Overeaters Anonymous (how’s that for some anonymity? haha)… but I’m loving it… wish I’d found it years ago!
    Anyway, wait to go on over 2 months sugar-free – that is impressive! :)

  18. Thank you for the laughs to start my day!

  19. I may be a day late and a dollar short on this information I shall call advice on the sugar cravings. But cinnamon cuts sugar cravings. I could share some of my favorite sugar free products with you. I realize, though, that some people may steer away from some of these suggestions because of the artificial sweeteners. But being hypoglycemic, I take what I can get.

    Russel Stovers has an amazing assortment of sugar free candies. This link tells what sweeteners they use:

    Smuckers sugar free jams and jellies rock!

    For you apple pie fix, try a sugar free cobbler. OR pie, for that matter. For cobblers, you can use the yellow sugar free cake mix. Of course, butter may be involved but hey–SUGAR FREE! I’ve tried those sugar free cobbler recipes from Pinterest that call for Sprite Zero and NO! Just doesn’t come out right. The taste is yummy but the texture is all wrong. Cinnamon and sweetener of your choice makes for yummy cinnamon toast and SERIOUSLY, cuts cravings for sweets. Get some no sugar added vanilla ice cream to top cobbler. Or pie. I haven’t made an apple pie no sugar added but I know there’s recipes out there.

    And finally . . . I have a recipe for sugar free Mississippi Mud and NO ONE ever knows it’s sugar free.

    I’m sure there’s more suggestions that I’ll think of later.

  20. I’m rocking out to Mumford&Sons on Spotify and I LOVE IT. I’d never heard of The Civil Wars before you mentioned them once and now this. Thank you, thank you!

  21. HAHAHA to the “anticipating the text that is being written” one. SO TRUE.