Yesterday was one of those days when I woke up RARIN’ TO GO and was so looking forward to being super-productive – but alas, I spent the better part of the day spinning my wheels. It’s nobody’s fault (well, except mine), but I just couldn’t seem to build up any lasting momentum.

However, I did do an impressive amount of texting. Quite frankly my thumbs have never performed better.

Clearly I’m choosing to cling to the tiny, inconsequential victories.

Anyway, yesterday I really wanted to post about the Compassion Bloggers in Peru, so I’m making sure to do that today. Reading everyone’s posts this week has reminded me how my life sometimes feels like a big ole walking paradox (which, now that I’ve written that, sounds sort of serious and also like it might need to be treated with some antibiotics), but more than anything it’s reminded me that the Lord is doing incredible things through Compassion’s ministry. And whether I’ve been reading Angie’s post about Esperanza, the story of Jen meeting her sponsored child (or, for that matter, Kevin and Layla meeting their sponsored child), or Shaun’s oh-so-touching post about a sweet boy named Richard, I’ve been encouraged – over and over again – by how lives are being changed all over the world. Families are being changed. All for the glory of God.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

p.s. Don’t miss Angie’s video with her precious girls at the end of this post (and there are some mighty beautiful words before the video, too).

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  1. anotherlisa says:

    thank you for links. some readers may not know about compassion.
    i keep our sweet kids photos in my wallet, so i see their faces every time i pull out debit card, cash.
    keeps me focused on how the little money we give to compassion means and does so much, for our family and their families and their community and the cashiers who notice and ask me about the kids…

  2. I’m so impressed that you can text with two thumbs!! Seriously, I’m digitally challenged when it comes to texting.

    I have very much enjoyed the Compassion stories and am so thankful that they give a glimpse into other worlds so others can gain perspective.