Five Current Favorites

Here are several things that I’ve been meaning to talk about – all in one convenient little post. Isn’t that oh-so-handy?

1. Benefit Erase Paste

Right before Christmas I saw about three or four people mention this product online. I made a mental note to try it, but then I got sidetracked by trying to watch all the Parenthood episodes in record time.

A few days ago I finally bought the Erase Paste, and y’all, it is epic. At least it is for a fair-skinned somebody like me. It brightens that troublesome area underneath my eyes better than any concealer I’ve ever used. I haven’t had any trouble with smudges or creasing, but I do wear loose powder on top of my concealer because I don’t like for my make-up to look “dewy” (after all, I’m Southern, so if I look “dewy” that generally means that I am burning slap up in the middle of August).

2. David Crowder Band’s Give Us Rest

I know. I KNOW. I’m a year late to this particular music party. And when the album was released a year ago, I knew that it was brilliant and memorable and whathaveyou, but it never really caught on with me, probably because I was way too busy being obsessed with the last album by The Fray.

But now? BUT NOW? I cannot quit listening. This album is absolutely beautiful, and it is such a gorgeous account of a life of faith: belief and doubt and struggle and surrender and despair and joy and hope and Hope.

3. These crackers

Seriously. They make all the other crackers so jealous. Because THEY’RE THE BEST ONES.

4. Capri Blue Volcano Candle

I don’t like super-flowery fragrances, so I tend to gravitate toward stuff that is a little more herb-y or citrus-y. This candle falls in that latter category – and in the most mild, lovely, unobtrusive way.

5. This soup recipe

I made this soup last night, and at first I thought, I don’t know – it could be a little weird. But it was and is so delicious. We had the leftovers tonight. It’s totally hearty (LO, EVEN MY HUSBAND AGREED) but not too heavy or creamy. I will definitely make it again. And you don’t even need a crockpot – I made it on the stove in 20 minutes.


(Yes, I know that the whole “Fancy” thing is random.)

(But I was thinking about the Reba McEntire song, and it seemed like the right thing to do.)

(It was my one chance. And I didn’t want to let you down.)

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  1. I pinned that same soup recipe on Pinterest last night, but wondered if the whole spinich thing would turn me off. (It is spinich, right?) Anyway, glad to hear it was good. I’ll have to try it now!

    • Surprisingly (?) spinach has very little taste, cooked or raw, and it adds so many nutrients. Please give it a try !

  2. We love lavasch! I just told a friend today that I am not a big fan of McD’s, but while we lived overseas I would go for the ham and cheese lavasch!

  3. Fancy, you could never let me down. Ha!

  4. Based on your endorsement, I am going to buy the Benefit Erase Paste tomorrow–I could pack for a week in the bags under these eyes!
    I am addicted to Volcano candles and I really like it that nearly everyone who enters our home, remarks on “how good it smells!”
    I also love tortellini soup–mine calls for Italian sausage, and it has been a family fav since a dear friend from church brought it to us 13 years ago while I was recuperating from major surgery.
    EVERY time you use fancy, I am immediately transported back to the podcast about Brittany Spears’ Fancy Nights fragrance. I still crack up just thinking about it!! It’s one of the classic examples of you & Mel unable to stop giggling yourselves, as you were more and more tickled each time you said FANCY NIGHTS! :-).
    You are a delight, Fancy! ;-)

  5. Ok, iI was totally going to give the Erase Paste a shot… but then I read the product description and saw that it comes with “a handy little spatula” and I thought,”I just don’t think I’m ready to spatula products on my face.” Do you HAVE to use the spatula?

  6. Amy in Italy says:

    “Fancy Nights”. Bring back the podcast!!! ;)

  7. I’ve made that soup recipe before. Then I kicked it up a notch by using rotel instead of Italian tomatoes. Yum!

  8. Now, I want that erase paste SO bad now.And oh my, I have been listening to Give Us Rest since LAST Valentine’s Day. It never gets old! I have never commented, but I have a big love for David Crowder and his beard and just had to tell you!

  9. Podcast! Podcast!

  10. Thanks for the recipe… I’ll make it tonight since I have all the ingredients here.
    (Still smiling about Fancy. Good one.)

    • – Funny, I had the same fear with families when I straetd and they are now my favorite too! Beautiful collection of images! Hope you and your family are enjoying your day 02/21/2011 4:01 pm

  11. Fancy: the song that really wasn’t about a girl going to prom, as I thought, until I was in college.

  12. You know another reason why you might love that candle so much? It’s made in Starkville! :)

    I’ve seen that recipe pinned…glad for the endorsement!

  13. I too recently discovered Erase Paste. Um, hello wonderfulness in a jar.

  14. Heather S. says:

    I “got” the Fancy reference before reading on. I do believe I may have listened to a wee bit too much country music as a child :)

  15. Oh that last bit about Fancy totally cracked me up and I seriously needed a laugh today. Thanks a million for that and I’m totally trying that good-looking soup!

  16. I love your lists posts…. they always leave me, well, satisfied. Thanks.

    Today I wrote this post. Thought you might enjoy.

    Looking forward to that soup!

  17. I vote for another podcast. I mean I know they went annual, but since you and Melanie have books out, it’s only right that y’all interview each other since you’ll be having Fancy Nights and all.

  18. oh, Fancy. I really needed that today. Thank you so much !

  19. The Erase Paste is definitely something to look into. And the soup! Yum, looks delicious, I will be attempting to cook it soon, alltough I am a disaster in the kitchen, but the recipe doesn’t sound too complicated, I think I can manage it…

  20. My five grandchildren, all under 2 1/2 years old, call me Fancy! It’s the best grandmother name ever. I’m glad you like it too. Thanks for the great recommendations, Fancy!

  21. Victoria C. says:

    Fancy Nights! Fancy Nights! And Jessica has added to that collection since then. So please, please, pretty please….. PODCAST!!!

  22. Leslie Hembree says:

    Fancy has been a favorite sing-along for my group of friends and me since high school. Just last summer, while we were singing along, my friend asked me what Fancy’s mama did to her. She said, “Did she make Fancy become a debutante?” We all died!

  23. Oh my, that soup looks and sounds delicious. I’ll have to pin the recipe, too! :)

  24. Ooh, that soup looks yummy. I discovered recently that you can get bread bowls for soup from Panera (they even cut out the bowl part), so I’m looking for good soup recipes that are worthy of a bread bowl. The bread bowls won’t actually cost you every last penny you have (I got two for less than $4), but it does feel very Fancy.

  25. I am also fair skinned and will HAVE to try the concealer! (Just as soon as I finish the CG Smoothers that Pioneer Woman posted about.) And I’m not a fan of dewy makeup. I have pores the size of cereal bowls and therefore need some matte/powdery business. At least I think that’s what they say…

  26. Erase paste changed my make-up life. The David Crowder Band cd…bought it when it came out, haven’t really listened to it. I should remedy that.

  27. I laughed out loud when I saw the size of the Erase Paste container! Tiny pot for a miracle worker, but the Sephora associate said it should last me a year. Here’s to some under-the-eye-improvement.

  28. I just laughed so hard at that Fancy joke. I need you to know this because it’s hard to make me laugh like that. Mercy…it hit me just right. I made that soup a couple of weeks ago and I had the same experience as you. I thought it looked so strange and almost unappetizing but my whole family LOVED it. Yum!

  29. Paula Borkowski says:

    Hi – random question. You mentioned Parenthood series. I used to be a BIG Parenthood fan & decided to stop watching when they did their Planned Parenthood story line – anyone else feel this way?!


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