You Might Want To Seize This Opportunity

This will only make sense if you’ve read my book (no pressure if you haven’t, though – NO PRESSURE), but I just saw something on Twitter that made me so happy and would no doubt send Martha into HIGH ALERT at the Walmarts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 10.14.03 PM

Time’s-a-wastin’, y’all. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

We might all need to stock up while we can.

(It can’t hurt to stock up!)

(Because they’re perfectly delicious!)

(And so hard to find!)

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  1. I just finished your book this weekend and have already made The Chicken Salad. Absolutely delicious! I loved your book with all it’s southern coziness and parts that made me laugh out loud. :)

  2. Why? Why you share the goodness that is the Pippin Pie. This is MY secret. Mine.Mine.Mine. Now I’ll NEVER find them. ☺

  3. I’ve been scoping out the WalMarts here in DC since summer – in Mt. Vernon, I found ONE lone pie, and the box was mangled beyond salvage….hoping for a re-stock.

  4. We have a new Walmart Neighborhood Market opening down the street. I’m gonna check!

  5. Thanks for the update! What I find hilarious is as i read this on my smart phone a Walmarts ad is displayed across the bottom. :-)

  6. I am going to order your book today to find out about those pies!

  7. SOPHIE!!! I just saw a picture of Martha on FB! Folks were supposed to dress in pink at church yesterday for Breast Cancer Awareness….and there she is, right up front….in a PINK jacket with LONG sleeves! I guess “The Belk’s” didn’t have any with 3/4 length sleeves…..

  8. Sophie, i just finished your book this morning and LOVED it!!! It made me sad to finish the last page. The recipes look great. Thanks for including them.

  9. Natalie N. says:

    Aw! Your book was my favorite summer read. Of all time. Can I borrow Martha? She just makes me smile. :)

  10. You might find a touch of irony in the fact that I am indeed a Baptist! (But there were plenty of pies left for everyone to share.)

    I hope Martha is able to stock up on the deliciousness herself!

  11. Oh how you made my day. With your writing and your wit. Thank you for spreading a smile across my face :)

  12. Laura McG says:

    Googled the pies, and there was a long description that ended like this:
    “The Result Is A Delicious Apple Pie You’ll Love To Eat And Be Proud To Serve!
    1st Place National Pie Championships 2006 American Pie Council.”

    I didn’t have a clue there was even such a thing as an “American Pie Council”!!!!

  13. I loved everything about this post.
    The end.

  14. Ha ha – I ran into Martha on the pie aisle at Walmart and told her that there were a few on the shelf. She said she had spotted them as well but was not very pleased that they have gone up a dollar in price. We had such a large time chatting there in the frozen food aisle – she is as funny as she always was and I thoroughly enjoyed it! But when I went this past weekend, in the spot of the Pippin pie were a thousand Field’s pecan pies. I surely hope they get more in before next weekend, I wanted to get 2!!

  15. That’s the best apple pie I’ve ever tasted. Not having read your book (yet), I’m not sure what the religious significance is, but I believe in full disclosure so I will say that I am a Baptist.
    I love your blog, by the way. You’re hilarious and real and I like that in a person/blog. ~Carrie

  16. okay, I LOVE that you blogged about Plush Pippin apple pie!!! Most delicious and if you drizzle some caramel sauce and sprinkle chopped pecans and crushed SKOR bar on top, WOW! My mother in law puts a thin slice of cheddar on top of hers but I do prefer it just plain jane but still- YUM!

  17. So, I sent my husband to Wal-mart to day to buy Plush Pippin Pies. Well, he was going anyway and I added those to the list. Just because of your blog. And no less than two days after I said no more sugar. They are in the freeze awaiting a special occasion. And your book? I am going to have to break over and buy one. I have been saying for weeks that I want to read it. So, sometime in the next 24 hours I will make a purchase. I love to tell people at church gatherings that I need a little salty to cut the sweet. Thank you. I have to go now. My husband just informed me that he needs my computer to hook up to the TV so he (we) can watch Corner Gas.

    • UPDATE: So, we had company and served the pie. words are just not enough. I sent the leftover pie home with them and my husband is working on forgiving me. Also, I ordered your book. It came yesterday and I started reading it yesterday evening. Around page 67 I was laughing so hard I thought I’d lose bladder control. I feel like I know your family. They sound very familiar.

  18. So excited to find a Pippin Pie. Thanks for sharing about Walmart carrying them. Read your book when it first came out…would read one chapter and then say just one more, etc. I wanted the book to last a long time but, alas, only 2 days. It was wonderful reading.


  1. […] a name.  It is Sophie.  Read her about me page to find out about the BooMama. Anyway, she had a recent post about my new favorite pie and I am not even a pie […]

  2. […] a name.  It is Sophie.  Read her about me page to find out about the BooMama. Anyway, she had a recent post about my new favorite pie and I am not even a pie […]