All Manner Of Links And Whatnot

Here are a few things I’ve been meaning to mention / share / give away.

I will no doubt think of four more things as soon as I post this, but I’m gonna go ahead and run with what I have.

Clearly I am very zany and devil-may-care-ish.

Except not.

— In light of all the marriage talk around here, I’ve been thinking about this excellent post on marriage by Edie. Chock-full-o-wisdom, hope, and truth.

— It took us over a month, but we have finally settled on our favorite of all the K-Cups.


Newman’s Own Special Blend – Medium Roast, Extra Bold

I bought a big ole box because they were so much cheaper in bulk. And oh, we will enjoy the fire out of them.

— So. This year’s Allume conference is October 23-25 in Greenville, SC, and I am so excited to be speaking. I am also mildly terrified, but we won’t talk about that part right now because DENIAL. Anyway, I know that several of y’all have been to Allume before, so if you’re going again in October – or if you’re planning to go for the first time – be sure to let me know. Tickets go on sale March 1st.

Melanie probably won’t tell you this, so I will. Tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon from 3-4 central she’s going to be a guest on Chris Fabry Live. You can listen online or find a local station (it’s on WLJR 88.5 here in Birmingham). I enjoy Chris Fabry’s show so much, and I have a feeling that he and Melanie are going to be fast friends.

I will not play Flappy Bird. I will not play Flappy Bird. I will not play Flappy Bird.

— This morning I wrote on the very last page of this journal.


It has been a delight and a joy, and I will miss it terribly.

Also: I may be a smidge over-invested as far as my journals are concerned.

— This is a show that’s fun again.

— Every couple of months I land on a new book that I read very slowly in the mornings. My friend Anne actually got me into this habit, and I’ve realized that when I’ve finished my quiet time and the house is still quiet and I’m drinking coffee, I love reading a few pages from something that’s thoughtful and helps me ease into the day (I wouldn’t have been able to do this in my younger years because 1) early morning and 2) SLEEP). Here are a couple of books that I highly recommend for early-morning reading (or whenever reading, for that matter):

Notes from A Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider

God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer

I have two copies of each book to give away, so if you’d like to win either of these, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll draw for winners Friday night.

Happy Thursday, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be notified ASAP.

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  1. Yes, please.
    And thank you.

  2. That journal is beautiful! I’ve bought the same journal four times now at Target and every time I go back for a new one I’m afraid they’ll have stopped carrying it. I did buy stripes instead of polka dots this time though. (Living on the edge over here.)

  3. Either!!

  4. How awfully nice of you!!!!

  5. Regina Ballard says:

    Would love to win a book! Keep up the blogging, because I soooo enjoy reading your posts!

  6. Sherri Len says:

    Well, isn’t that nice of you to give away! And I loved your book…I’m a Southern girl at heart even though I’ve never lived there….must be from my Daddy’s people.

  7. Would love to read those.

  8. South Carolina is lovely in Sept.!

  9. Would love to win a copy!!

  10. Jessica Leavins says:

    Yes and yes, would love some great reads :)

  11. Tara Craver says:

    I can’t wait for you to write another book because I LOVED your first one! Just passed it to my mom and she was laughing out loud in the Drs office! :)

  12. Me please!

  13. April Hunt says:

    I’d love to win!!!

  14. They both look very interesting. Hope you are recovered from your ice/snow adventure. We are still smack in the middle of it all here in Oklahoma. Best to you!

  15. Yay! Would love these!

  16. Cynthia Shomaker says:

    Would love these good reads … Thank you!

  17. Sophie, I love your writing and your blog. Any book recommendation from you is like one from a good friend. (Is that weird?)

  18. I’d love to read those books, not sure it will be in the early morning though.

  19. It would be great to put these on my reading list sooner rather than later :)

  20. I’ve been wanting to read both of those! And I can’t wait to get my copy of Melanie’s book too!

  21. Would love either of the books and the journal is beautiful. Will have to check it out. :)

  22. Love that coffee & your salty sweet book. Congrats on future Allume success. Would love to read either of these books!

  23. Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity. :-)

  24. Love it!

  25. Dear me, that marriage post by Edie was convicting to read – especially this week! I’m thankful God had you post that link to smack me upside the head (in merciful love, of course). Would love to read another book, since you’re giving one or two away. Thanks for the time and thought you put into your writing; it’s always a day brightener for me.
    ~ Blessings

  26. Jennifer W. says:


  27. Would love a new book to read!

  28. Just finished Gideon by Shirer’s—so good! Xoxoxo

  29. My lucky day?

  30. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  31. So fun!! Thanks for the consideration!

  32. Thank you! i LOve reading your blog. I heard you speak at dotmom conference in Chat this past fall. You and Melanie were so funny.
    —another Alabama girl who loves Jesus

  33. Amy Brown says:

    I’d love a new book! Since I have three young kids, every book I read is a slow read!! It seems like I rarely have time to sit for a few minutes and when I do, I’m usually asleep in minutes!

  34. I would love to have a copy of either one of these books!

  35. Yes, please! Thank you!!

  36. I could use a new book for quiet, slow morning reading. Actually, could you throw in a quiet morning to go with it?!?!

  37. Both books are on my to read list. Love to win! Thanks.

  38. KateinAustin says:

    I like the idea of early morning, quiet reading. I’ll take the challenge! :)

  39. Missed the last book giveaway, so I’m trying again! Thanks!

  40. I’d love to win!

  41. Ohhhh! Love this give away! :)

  42. Would love to win this!!! :-)

  43. How fun! Both books look great! Thank you!

  44. I love your posts! And I hear you about the journals!

  45. Yes, please!

  46. Yay for giveaways! That is a lovely morning routine.

  47. I would love to know more about the allume conference. Can you guve a quick synopsis?

  48. Love your blog. Both look like great books!

  49. Courtney Sloane says:

    Oh, how fun!! I’m still into my early morning sleeping, but I may have to dial the ol clock back a bit.

  50. I have both these books on my list to get, so either would be great!

  51. Fun! Fun! I’d love to win!

  52. LOVE that journal!!! And I love new books!! Something about the innocence of the pages! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  53. Laura Forman says:

    These both look so good!!

  54. Patricia M. says:

    Oh those look good, love me some Priscilla Shirer.

  55. I’d love either of these books? :)

  56. christina says:

    Would love to win those book.

  57. Oh, you are the 2nd person to recommend “Notes from a Blue Bike” today! I need to read it! :)

  58. Please!

  59. I’m all in!

  60. I love priscilla Shirer! The first time I heard her pray, I was shaking and crying Oh, such authority!! I would be delighted to receive her book. I bet it would leave me longing to know God more deeply. I love Priscilla Shirer. (Did I already say that?)

  61. I would love to read both of these books in snowy PA!

  62. Suzanne Adkins says:

    Good luck NOT playing Flappy Birds!!! My high score is 6…Love to win abook
    !! :-)

  63. I am doing a study of Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. I would love to read a book by her as I am enjoying this study so much! She is a wise woman.

  64. I would love to win. Thank YOU for this opportunity!

  65. Reading your blog makes me feel good. Thank you.

  66. I would love to read either one! Thanks so much for the giveaway:)

  67. I would love either book!

  68. Sharon Edge says:

    Yes please :)

  69. Rebecca Osman says:

    I love the idea of reading slow in the mornings!

  70. Great idea!

  71. Count me in for the book drawing! (Guess the joyful journal is not on the list… :) )

  72. Why, yes! I would love more books!

  73. I JUST discovered your blog, I don’t know what took me so long to get here, but I feel at home already :) Love the books you have chosen for early morning readings, I haven’t done a Priscilla Shirer study yet but would love to!

    Thanks for all you write.

  74. Laura Stultz says:

    I would love to win either one!

  75. That first book looks interesting, never heard of it…love Priscilla Shirer…she can PREACH!

  76. Chris in Canada says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  77. Idol IS fun again (still), however they made me REALLY MAD tonight when they sent a busload of people home without even getting there. So mean. Anyway, I am commenting so as to be entered into the drawing for the books :)

  78. Thank you for the book giveaway!

  79. yes, yes, yes!

  80. I would love a book!!

  81. I’ve been reading your blog for years and can’t wait to read your new book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. Dawn Miears says:

    I always love a good book! ;-)

  83. Yes please!

  84. I would love to have these books!

  85. Susan Stanley says:

    Love your Blog! I would enjoy reading either one!

  86. You are all manner of wonderful! Thanks Sophie

  87. Molly Forrest says:

    Love me some giveaways! Thx!

  88. Pamela Sue says:

    Oh how I love books, and both of these sound good. Thank you for so many laughs, your blog and your book fill my heart with joy!

  89. Thanks for a chance to win!

  90. I really need to start giving myself a dedicated reading time.

  91. Yes, please! I would love to read either of these books! :)

  92. Me! Me!! Me!!! I will be your BFF forever! (Who needs BigMama anyway?!). :-)

  93. Thanks for the random thoughts …I will have to try than coffee.

  94. Anita Tilley says:

    I would be so happy to win one of these!!!! I love Priscilla Shriver

  95. i would love a book!

  96. would love to win either one of these!!


  98. I’d enjoy reading either book. I love listening to Priscilla’s teaching, and I enjoy Tsh’s blog very much.

  99. yes please…. your the best!

  100. Elissa B. says:

    Both look great..