A Mother’s Day Happy & A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet

I think I’ve probably mentioned that I was scared out of my mind when my book came out this past June. I didn’t know what to expect because, um, NEWBIE, so I sort of braced myself for mean reviews and disappointed readers and PLENTY-O-DOOM-AND-GLOOM.

Needless to say, I was sort of WOUND UP on release day.

And then something happened that really shouldn’t have surprised me at all.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.40.58 AM

People were so incredibly kind and warm and wonderful.

That doesn’t mean that everybody loved the book. I knew going into this thing that a book of Southern family stories wasn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea. Even still, nothing can change the fact that the last ten-ish months of book stuff have been so much fun. Over and over again I’ve been so touched by your sweet emails and stories. You will never, ever know how your kind words have blessed not just me but my whole family. Mama, Chox, and Martha have enjoyed your reactions more than I have, if that’s possible, and that has been such a gift for all of us.


A couple of weekends ago Sister and I were talking, and I mentioned that I’d been trying to think of a way to do something special for the folks who might decide to give their mother or grandmother or aunt or godmother or homeroom mother (I am trying so hard not to leave anyone out; this is one of the more annoying parts of my personality) a copy of A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet for Mother’s Day. Back in November I got the biggest kick out of signing and shipping books for Christmas, but since I don’t have a stockpile of books at my house right now, I can’t make that same thing happen for Mother’s Day.

But then Sister had a delightful idea.

I would like to share it with you at this juncture.


First of all, there’s a custom bookplate. I can personalize it and sign it, and since it’s a sticker, you can put it inside a book that you’re giving as a gift. If you are in fact giving a copy as a gift. Which you might not be. And that is totally fine because NO PRESSURE.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.52.08 PM

Second of all, there’s a bookmark. It’s printed on coated card stock, so it’s heavier than regular paper and won’t bend nearly as much. I love it so much because it has some of Mama’s most memorable words-o-wisdom on it, and that seems very fitting considering, well, MOTHER’S DAY.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.52.30 PM

Sister designed both of these, by the way. At first I was going to ask the folks at Tyndale to create something, but then I remembered that wait! Sister is very gifted with the lettering and the painting! And it just seemed right for her to do the design work, too, especially since she’s heard Mama say all those bookmark sayings over the course of her whole life – just like I have.

Anyway, here is what those two things will cost you should you decide that you’d like to add them to your Mother’s Day gift.



If you’re planning to give someone a copy of A Little Salty… and you’d like to add a personalized bookplate and a bookmark to your gift – or even if you’d just like these little mementos for yourself – all you have to do is fill out the form below. It’ll take you approximately 91 seconds – maybe 97 if typing is not your area of giftedness. On that form you can tell me where to send the bookmark and/or bookplate, and you can also specify how you’d like me to sign the bookplate.

Once you’ve finished filling out the form, just click “submit” – and next week I’m gonna sit down with the list, sign each person’s bookplate, grab a bookmark, put them in an envelope, and send them your way. And yes, I’m all too aware that a bookplate and a bookmark aren’t exactly extravagant gifts, but hopefully they’ll make the book a little more special if you’re planning to share it with a special mama in your life. They’re also a very small way for me to say “thank you” for all of your encouragement and support.

Edited to add: if you need more than one set, that is totally fine. I’ll put them all in the same envelope…just specify on the form what inscriptions you need (To Jane / To Mary / To Sue, etc.).

And if you need a book – well, you can find one at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

Thank y’all so much for everything you’ve done – and everything you do – to make the book stuff so fun (not to mention that you make this blog such a happy little haven for me and for the people who read here). I am forever grateful.


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  1. Thank you so much for doing this, Sophie! And thank you, Sister, for your part in this project. I knew Sister was talented in other areas, but didn’t realize graphic design was one of her fortes. Sister’s got skillz! :-)

    Love and hugs,


    • Hey Diane,
      I had SO much fun creating these! And I have to admit, I’m not skilled in the world of graphic design, so I did this the only way I know how…Old School – with pen, ink, and paint. :-)

  2. What a wonderful thing for you to do! I loved the book and can’t wait to share with my girls by giving them both their own copy!

  3. Mary Jo Oliver says:

    Thank you for doing this. Even though I loved the book, i didn’t think about getting of copy for my MIL. I was wracking my brain about a Mother’s Day gift. When I saw this post, I had my answer.

  4. Amy in Italy says:

    What a beautiful thing! Love love love them both!

  5. SOPHIE!!!!!!
    What a wonderful idea!!!!! I love it!!!!!!

  6. That’s so kind!!!! I can’t wait to share!!!

  7. This is so nice of you – truly a gift of time and money. May I send you postage money? Or bacon?

  8. Thanks so much for this, Sophie. It is so nice to have cute bookmarks to tuck in books. Great gift idea. I gave your book to my pastor, here in New Hampshire, because I knew she would love your stories. Is your sister familiar with Zentangle drawing?

  9. Judy Madison says:

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Can’t wait :o)

  10. Kim Naitons says:

    This is a wonderful idea.. I will be giving this to my mother in law. It hard to think of ideas for her and she likes to read so this is perfect. Thank you for it..

  11. Well, <> I’m so excited! Thanks for doing this for us! My mom is going to love it!

  12. Debra D. says:

    Thank you!

  13. Nancy D says:

    Well, I swaneee!!! My grandmother used to say that too and this had made me think of her. This is why we love you, ’cause you do things like this.

  14. Crystal Winklepleck says:

    This is such a sweet gesture BooMama! I love your heart and your giving spirit. I pray everyone who reads your book and receives these gifts will be blessed. I thank God for u and the Titus 2 u r for so many of us!

  15. Kristy Yarbrough Fuller says:

    So sweet of you, Sophie. My mother in law will love your book!! I’m about to read it again…..for the umpteenth time!!! Giggle. Snort.

  16. Julie Reynolds says:

    this is a wonderful idea!! And thank Sister for the great design! Love it!

  17. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    This is the greatest bookmark EVER!!!!!! Well, except for the Cross ones or the ones that talk about The Lord! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Way to go, Sister!!! I will be ordering another book so I can get the bookmark!!!!!!!!

  18. I love your book and have already shared it with my Mom! It is so sweet of you to do this – I can’t wait to add the bookplate to my book and will love using the beautiful bookmark. Thank you so much for doing this!

  19. Angela B says:

    Thank you so much! What a wonderful gift for so many. I am going to give my Mother your book for Mother’s Day and it will be so nice to have it personalized by the author. I have truly enjoyed your blog and love your sweet heart and fun sense of humor. You are a blessing to so many!

  20. This is so, so kind Sophie. Thanks so much!

  21. I’m being super selfish and asking for one of these for my own book :) This is soo sweet of you!Thank you!

  22. I finished your book yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed! Looking forward to your next book.

  23. anotherlisa says:

    thank you for the generosity you and sister model. you and your family continue to bless us!
    I’ve already given a copy to cousins, aunts, and mom of course, so i signed up to get your gift for a friend who could use a little encouragement. she will LOVE having a signed copy of such a delightful read.
    here’s prayers for blessings to you and all your people, on Easter and mother’s day too.

  24. Annette says:

    Thank you Sophie and Sister!!

  25. Thank you so much!

  26. That is so thoughtful of you, Sophie!!! I came across your blog through Big Mama…and I love it just as much as hers!! I feel like you all are sisters to me, though we’ve never met. And don’t have the same parents. But that’s beside the point. And, I love your podcasts! Just perfect…you guys are!
    Keep doing what you’re doing! You both inspire me and within the next week or so, I will become a blogger, too…thanks to you!
    Hugs and Happy Mama’s Day!!

  27. Excellent! You just helped me add the icing on the cake of a May birthday…


  28. Sweetest, ever.

  29. Jennifer says:

    Are you kidding me?! What a sweet and generous idea. I can think of several of your mother’s sayings that I’d plaster up on my wall if I could. How about some Ouida printables? Hmm?? ;)

  30. Hate I missed this! Get sick and don’t turn on the computer for ONE DAY!! Will hold out for the printable! So sweet of you to do!

  31. LeighAnn says:

    I am so sorry I missed this…..the allergies of spring had me out of commission yesterday. :(
    Anyway, this is such a sweet and generous gesture. As a Mississippi girl I enjoyed every.single.page. God bless your sweet family and Happy Easter.

  32. Bummer. I missed it. Cute bookplate and bookmark, though.

  33. Although I missed the bookmark and bookplate, I am still going to give the book to my MIL. I LOVED the book and can’t wait to spread your humor and wisdom.

  34. So sorry I missed the cute book plate and book mark. I’m still giving the book as a gift to a friend, because it is the funniest about us Southerners that I’ve read since Sweet Sassy Tree! Hope you will give us the opportunity to get these again.

  35. I missed out. Can I still get a book and these goodies for me and my mamma?

  36. Sheila Wynn says:

    Love your book and belly laughed many times as it reminds me of my childhood…..wish I’d popped in earlier for the bookmark, but was closed this morning. Girl, I know with all the gals that loved this book, your little fingers and creativity are busy busy busy! Blessings……and a little bit of lipstick always makes me feel better!


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