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Some Items For Your Enjoyment

Well, this particular Monday has certainly been a Monday, so I have been on the hunt for some cheerfulness tonight. Hope some of these links make you smile.

– I am typically a little iffy when it comes to cats (no offense, cat people – I just prefer dogs), but I got so tickled watching this video earlier today. Very clever for a commercial (“it can eat and yell at the same time”).

This right here may be my favorite album of 2014 (so far).



I read somewhere that people are calling this type of music “folktronica,” but all I know is that it’s catchy as all get out and ROCK-SOLID in terms of lyrics. My favorite song changes by the hour, but right now it’s “You Are.” So sincere and worshipful and good.

– Not too long ago the actor who played Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights) was a guest on The Tonight Show. That in and of itself wouldn’t have been a big deal, but it made me realize how much I miss Tim Riggins now that FNL is over. Then I started to think about other characters from other shows that I’d love to be able to catch up with, and, well, I wrote all about it over at Ree’s blog.

This post of Nester’s made me feel like somebody finally explained the way my crazy brain works. Just last night I told D how frustrated I feel when I try to write in short bursts – and after I read Nester’s post, I’m starting to understand why that’s true for me. THE INTERNET. IT TEACHES US THINGS.

Kelly Minter has an absolutely gorgeous book, Wherever the River Runs, coming out in August (this will not be the last time I mention it because I ADORE IT), and today I saw her book trailer for the first time. I didn’t expect to cry, but I totally did – not because it’s sad, but because it’s beautiful.

“Wherever The River Runs” Book Trailer from kelly minter on Vimeo.

Y’all have a great Tuesday!

This One’s A Keeper

Alex has been in day camp this week (he is officially at an age where he wants to go to ALL THE CAMPS – sports, science, Scouts, whatever), so I’ve been trying to knock out some writing and figure out to do with all the clutter in this house. I feel like I’m drowning in books and candles and plates and whatnots, and this morning it’s taken every bit of restraint I have not to run over to Target and buy three or four plastic bins and just LOAD ‘EM UP for the thrift store. I feel like I need to be more methodical than that, but by the same token, if I just go ahead and get rid of that bowl / those cookbooks / that basket that holds all the random pieces of paper, then it’s done and it’s gone and we’re probably not gonna miss it.

And listen. I don’t buy a lot of stuff for my house. Which is why I can’t figure out where in the world all this stuff comes from.

Earlier this morning I took a writing break and decided it was a good time to wade through the stacks of paper on the end of our kitchen counter. The month of May was so crazy that I sort of gave up on going through the mail, so today I paid the postal piper and sorted all of that stuff. I threw away most of it, but I also put wedding invitation dates on the calendar, ordered some graduation gifts, and basically felt like I was an organizational wonder.

Don’t worry. It’ll all be a train wreck again in a few days. But today? I CONQUERED THE PILE.

And in the process, I found something that I am oh-so-happy to save.

When Alex’s class was learning about persuasive writing this past year, his teacher asked them to write a letter to a parent and make a case for something that they wanted or wanted to do. They had to be logical, they had to be clear – and they had to deliver the letter to a parent. The catch was that there couldn’t be a conversation about the issue at hand; the parent had to write a reply and then send it back to school. Alex’s teacher read each response out loud to the class, and apparently they laughed their heads off.

Not literally, of course. That would’ve been terrible.


This morning I re-read our letters, and I got so tickled. It was such a great assignment because it encouraged the kids to write in a way that’s unique to their personalities, and it also provided some sweet moments between the kids and their parents. I love that I can look at Alex’s letter and hear his voice when I read, and the fact that I had to respond made me really think through my rationale for the answer.

By the way, he asked for an iPad mini.

By the way, I said no.

I’m pretty sure that Alex wrote the letter to me instead of D because he figured I would be more likely to say yes – but oh well. At least we had some good laughs in the process.

And I even have a handwritten souvenir.

In Addition To Watching Baseball, We Have Watched Some Baseball

Listen. I don’t know much, but I know that ESPN’s comprehensive coverage of the NCAA Baseball Tournament has felt a little bit like a big ole summertime gift this weekend. I mean, granted, our beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs have been playing in a regional in Lafayette, Louisiana, so that’s given us a vested interest in what’s going on, but I’ve found myself watching schools I’ve never barely even heard of before. Plus, there’s been a little bit of a rivalry angle – Kentucky and Louisville are playing right now, as are the Aggies and the Longhorns – and I love games with some behind-the-scenes history.

And really, I think that more than anything else all the college baseball has been my sign that I get to take a mental break. I spent most of the weekend sitting in Panera and trying to get words to turn into sentences which might perchance turn into paragraphs which might eventually help me finish this new book. Fortunately it was a really peaceful weekend in my local Panera; since school is out, there weren’t 14 soccer teams coming in for lunch at the same time, and that change alone eliminated about 85% of my people watching. That made it so much easier to write some sentences. Go figure.

Anyway, when I got home Friday, Saturday, and today, I turned on the TV and turned on the computer and pretty much zoned out with some baseball while I cooked supper. And then there was more zoning out after we finished supper. And after we settled in for some family time. It has been delightful.

Saturday also happened to be our 17th wedding anniversary, and it was filled with all the pomp and circumstance you’d expect from David and me. D spent the day painting Alex’s bathroom and the half bath. I stayed at Panera until 5, then came home and made beef stroganoff. It was pretty much exactly like one of those helicopter dates you see on The Bachelorette. And make no mistake: as far as I was concerned, it was perfect. The bathrooms look great, and D was happy that I made some good forward progress with the writing (listen – I keep things light and breezy on the bloggy end of things, but my people at home would tell you in ALL CAPS that the book stuff tends to preoccupy me on a WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL).

Anyway, we had a super low-key anniversary, and that suited me just fine. Who needs a fancy night out when you can watch college baseball in yoga pants? (D would probably appreciate it if I clarified that he did not in fact wear yoga pants – that was all me.) And to top it all off, D said one of my favorite things ever after we finished our Saturday night supper.


And that’s real life, you know?

So now it’s the end of the weekend, and I’m still watching baseball. State is trying to rally in the 8th (it’s not looking good – but there’s always the 9th, I guess), my fellas are asleep, and tomorrow afternoon I’ll no doubt be at Panera again. It’s an oddly comforting pattern for these early days of summer.

(I’d be a whole lot more comforted if the ‘Dogs could score 9 runs in the top of the 9th.)

(But maybe I’d better take this calm however it comes.)

(Hope y’all had a great weekend!)