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17 Mostly Unrelated Things

1. “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift may very well be the catchiest song I’ve ever heard.

2. I bought a new rug for our foyer this past weekend, and it pretty much makes me feel like we have a completely new house. I love when little things make a big difference.

3. It’s been a week since I upgraded, and I’m still not a fan of the Yosemite OS. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

4. Monday was chock full of what I like to call Mama Neurosis – overwhelmed with worry. Not a single bit of it was founded in anything resembling reality. So that was a good waste of all sorts of energy.

5. This print by GraceLaced was in my gift bag from Allume, and over the weekend I framed it and put it in my kitchen. It is just beautiful (the picture is terrible, but the print is beautiful).


6. Kari Kampakis is one of my new favorite people (we live in the same town), and if you are the mama of a girl – or the aunt or grandmother of a girl – her new book is such a great resource. It’s called 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know, and it is full of wisdom that’s practical and grounded in scripture.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.14.03 PM

7. Here’s another new release for you: Kelly Minter’s What Love Is. It’s a new Bible study, and if you have never done one of Kelly’s Bible studies, now is the time to change that. She is a phenomenal Bible teacher, an engaging writer, and I CANNOT WAIT to go through this study. It is next on my list.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.20.26 PM

8. I don’t have any idea how long this will last, but as a lifelong Mississippi State fan, I don’t think it will ever stop being surreal.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.26.21 PM

9. Ever since the time changed, I keep thinking that it’s about 9:30 at night when it’s really about 6:15. My inner time predictor is way off-kilter.

10. I just took an unintended hour-long break from writing this post because my trackpad on my computer lost its mind and kept moving to the left across my screen and I couldn’t control my cursor. So there you have it: the nerdiest sentence I have ever written.

11. Priscilla Shirer interviewing Lisa Whelchel? Yes, please.

12. And speaking of Priscilla, here’s one more Bible study treasure.

Breathe Promo from Going Beyond on Vimeo.

13. Oatmeal with blueberries is my breakfast BFF right now.

14. Our polling place has quit using the pens that I love, and today I wanted to ask, “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOOD PENS?” I didn’t say anything, though, because Alex was with me and I didn’t really want to communicate to him that one of the things I enjoy most about voting is the particular brand of pen we typically have available. Well, and the fact that I want to exercise my right to participate in the selection of elected officials. Of course. Naturally. FOR SURE that is the bigger issue. Pens are way down the list. #3, at least.

15. I am really kidding about that last thing. Except that I LOVE THOSE PENS.

16. When I was at State for the A&M game, I went to my old sorority house for a post-game reception-type thingie. I made a point to find all the composites from my time there, and I believe my senior year combination of perm and bob will really bless you. I’ll call it a “pob.”


17. Alex just looked at the previous picture and said, “Mama? What’s up with your hair?” EXCELLENT QUESTION.

Hope y’all are having a great week!

As An Added Bonus, My Kitchen Is Oh-So-Clean

We started off our weekend with some trick-or-treating, and you can imagine my delight when Dak Prescott showed up.


Obviously he looks a lot younger in this picture than he does on TV.

Alex and his buddies had a blast trick-or-treating, and by the time we got home Friday night, we were all pretty much GIDDY with the knowledge that we didn’t have one thing on our calendar for Saturday. I had the best time doing some stuff around the house Saturday morning and afternoon; I wasn’t even deterred by the fact that Hazel decided that November 1 was a fine time for her inaugural dip in the pond behind our house. She ran out of the garage when I was trying to get some groceries inside, and when she got to the back yard, it was like she saw that water for the first time and thought, “TODAY IS THE DAY.” Thankfully she didn’t swim for long; I said on Twitter that it was like she experienced four seconds of pure joy and then about ten minutes of WHOA NELLIE, THAT WAS COLD.

I know this is so boring, y’all. I do apologize. And I haven’t even gotten to the part about the football game yet.


As long as I can remember, my go-to activity during a nerve-wracking ball game – whether it’s football, basketball, or baseball – has been vacuuming. My vacuum has gotten through many a difficult game time situation, most notably the Bulldogs’ road win against Florida in 2010, the 2009 SEC basketball tournament championship, and just about every single game of the 2013 College World Series.

I get that it’s sort of a random coping mechanism, but win or lose, my floors are clean.

Lately, though, I can’t vacuum during games because Hazel is convinced that the vacuum is a monster that is intent on destroying our family. I honestly thought about recording her reaction to the vacuum cleaner Saturday afternoon, but she goes so completely cuckoo that it almost seemed insensitive to document the crazy for the internet. The fear is deep, and the fear is consuming, and the fear may or may not convince her that she needs to attempt to grab the base of the vacuum with her teeth.


I say all of that because Saturday night, when Mississippi State played Arkansas, I was as nervous as I’ve ever been before a game. I have no idea why. But I was SICK with nerves. Maybe it’s because I was on campus for the last two games and felt on some level like I was messing with the Bulldogs’ mojo. I knew it would be a tough game – the Arkansas game always is – and it’s still a little weird to me that we’re ranked #1 because in my personal opinion we are far more comfortable when we’re a middle-of-the-pack team and have the opportunity to surprise some folks. Now we’re just a big ole maroon target, and it’s a whole different mindset.

I just said all of that like I personally have sacrificed countless hours to prepare for the season and maybe even participated in two-a-days back in August.

I may be taking things a smidge too far in terms of feeling a personal connection to this year’s team.


We were down 10-7 at the half, and despite a deep, almost visceral need to vacuum, I couldn’t because of Hazel. I’d already vacuumed Saturday afternoon, and I just couldn’t make her confront The Oreck Monster for the second time in a day. I had already cleaned my countertops to the point that I may have unintentionally scrubbed away a solid quarter-inch of counter height, and I’d also thrown out all the old mail / school forms / random pieces of paper that seem to multiply in our mail basket / catch-all bowl on top of the oven.

So. In the 4th quarter, right about the time that Arkansas was driving the ball and the Bulldogs were setting up for a goal-line stand, I decided that I might as well touch up the paint on my kitchen cabinets. And for the rest of the game, that is precisely what I did. I had a little trouble convincing Hazel to stay away from the wet paint on the lower cabinets, but by and large the painting soothed my nerves and convinced me that I would in fact be able to make it through the game without the assistance of medical professionals or, at the very least, a small defibrillator.

I give all thanks to the Lord and also to Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue.

So when the ‘Dogs finally intercepted the Hogs’ final pass into the end zone, I put down my paint brush and celebrated like a madwoman right here in the corner of my kitchen. David came flying down the hall – he’d been watching in our room – and after we celebrated and shared our relief that FINALLY, THAT IS OVER, I had to put my hands on my knees like I’d been running a half-marathon and needed a breather.

This is where I live, people. Smack-dab in the middle of the intersection of Neurotic and Over-Invested.

It took me a couple of hours to calm down from all my cleaning and painting and cheering, but I was just as tickled as I could be when I woke up Sunday morning with the memory of the Bulldogs’ win and the added assurance that my kitchen cabinets were a little more spiffy than normal.

So basically what I’m saying is that there were wins all the way around.

Hope your weekend was a good one!