Saturday Morning Catch-Up

I usually make an effort to be upbeat and positive and etc. here on the blog, but there is no getting around the fact that last night was one of the worst sleeping experiences of my life. I don’t even know why – though I vaguely remember having all kinds of sleep woes in the weeks before A Little Salty came out, so maybe book stuff is at least part of the culprit. Regardless, I will forever regard Friday, January 9, 2015 as That Night I Took A Bunch of Naps. Because SERIOUSLY. I tossed. I turned. I dreamed – OH MY WORD I DREAMED. In fact, I’m a little exhausted by the number of people who made an appearance in my dreams, not to mention the various plans and projects that we undertook (I specifically remember going to a mall, helping some folks build a barn, and attending an out-of-town wedding).

So needless to say I am terribly refreshed this morning.

Our week took a little bit of a turn on Wednesday night when Alex mentioned that his throat was hurting. I didn’t think too much of it since it’s been so cold and we’ve been running the heat non-stop and that always dries us out like crazy, so I gave him a couple of Advil and told him to get in the bed a little earlier than usual so he could rest. Well, an hour later he was complaining of chills, and then a few hours after that he woke me up to tell me that he didn’t feel well at all. Long story short, he has had a run-in with the flu, though thankfully he seems to have had one of the milder strains. He’s so much better now – just running a low-grade fever – so we have high hopes for a full recovery by Monday.

There were definitely a few bright spots in the week, though (in addition to The Bachelor season premiere, which is always a highlight in its own very unique way). For example, Tuesday afternoon I got a big ole box from UPS.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 9.36.44 AMSo there’s that.

And I will go ahead and tell you that I’m a little in love with the cover. I can say that because I didn’t have a single thing to do with creating it. Everything about it makes me smile, and I just hope y’all like the inside as much as I like the outside.

Also, earlier this week my friend Heather and I discovered these little gems.


If you enjoy an almond – and if you also enjoy spicy – then please know that these right here are THE BUSINESS. I have many wonderful things to say about them, so treat yourself if you run across them at the grocery store.

(I hope y’all don’t mind that I’m sort of jumping all over the place in terms of topics.)

(It wasn’t exactly what I would call a streamlined week.)

This past Wednesday was a terribly exciting day because I got some much needed highlights. It had been a while because if I waited until January I could get 20% off (it’s a promotion thingie at my salon), so I walked in Wednesday afternoon with inch-long roots and kind of a mullet situation going on with my hair.

Anyway, I took this picture because in a moment of weakness the sight of all those foils made me laugh, but after I looked at my salon selfie, I quickly changed my mind. Because what was going to be a lighthearted picture quickly became my own personal evidence of why I might need to look into some Botox and/or fillers.

imageY’ALL. Seriously. What is going on with those two eyebrows above my eyebrows? And the area underneath my eyes? And the area underneath my nose? I mean, I know that I’m supposed to see all of those things as evidence of a full, happy life (e.g., I might not have those lines above my mouth if I didn’t laugh / smile a lot), but all I could think when I saw this picture is DANG, MAMAW – you are BROKE DOWN.

So what I’m saying is that the 40s will humble you and strip you of your vanity. That is what I am telling you.

The flip side is that my hairdresser Carla cut off two inches of worthlessness, and as a result my hair looks so much better that it’s taken a little of the sting away from the DEEP CREVASSES OF DOOM on my face.

Last thing.

Earlier this week I made a quick trip to my hometown to speak to a women’s group, and when I got to town late that afternoon I had just enough time to stop by Mama and Daddy’s, change clothes, freshen up my make-up, and go over my notes before I went to the dinner.


Mama and Daddy keep their house a lot warmer than we do because, you know, they get colder than we do. I think that’s typical of lots of folks as they get into their golden years. If I’d been sitting around I would’ve been fine-ish, but since I was doing more running around what with trying to get ready and all that, I broke a sweat in something like four seconds. And by the time I was ready to go over my notes, my internal warmth factor was somewhere near MAY POSSIBLY COMBUST AND/OR SMOTHER.

I didn’t want to ask Daddy to turn down the heat since he was sitting under a blanket and Mama was wearing a fleece top, so I just decided that I’d take my Bible and my iPad outside and look over my notes there.

When I started to walk out the door, Daddy said, “Why don’t you just sit at the table? It’s really cold outside!”

And I said, “Yessir, I know.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that was the whole point.

So I went outside, and I put my iPad and my Bible on the trash can so that I could make sure I put my Bible bookmark in the right place. And then I scrolled through my notes while I silently rejoiced in the brisk January air.

imageIt was 30 degrees outside. And I am here to tell you that IT. WAS. REFRESHING.

Hope your weekend is, too.

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  1. Karen Beymer says:

    Oh my word, this made me laugh out loud for so many reasons!!
    But first so sorry to hear about Alex, hope he recovers quickly,
    that nasty flu has plagued so many in Norghern Kentucky.
    I think we all should post a hair salon pic, your’s was quite “stunning”.
    The “trash can bible study” oh that just caused all kinds of
    Hilarity in my soul. Your Mama & Daddy are the poster children
    Of all our parents. Ya gotta love it! Blessings.

  2. Can’t wait for your book!!!

  3. Sophie!!!! I NEED your recipe for your uncle’s white chili!!!! We made it at Christmas and it was a huge hit and now everyone is clamoring for more and apparently, in all the Christmas frenzy, I didn’t snapshot the recipe!!! Can’t imagine why I forgot!!! Could you please send me the link? Like you have nothing else to do..ha!!!

    And btw – if you think the forties will humble you, just wait until you get to the fifties!!!! Only for the strong of heart! And I have a teenaged daughter, who only adds to the mix of noticing what is going south on me!!!!


  4. Leslie Sanders says:

    Sophie, I’m so sorry Alex is not feeling well – praying he makes a speedy recovery & that you & your hubby don’t get it! You Bible study outside story makes me laugh – when my husband & I first started dating (when we were at my parents’ home) I would often find him literally laying in the snow in an attempt to escape their warm house!

  5. The “had to go outside at my parents” scenario is near and dear to me. We walked into my parents’ apartment at Christmas time and the first words out of my mouth after “hello” were “Good Lord! The heat…” and then I stopped myself because my dad had on a flannel shirt and my mom had on a sweatshirt. My brother and sister in law were clad in short sleeved shirts and drinking ice water.

    We all kept making up reasons to go outside and “look at something.”

  6. Sue In FLA says:

    You are in my world now, Sophie. I have the oddest dreams and sleep on top of the covers. I generally have to go to a cooler area in the house, yard, or wherever I am. I have several cute sweaters and jackets, but rarely ever wear anything heavier than a long-sleeve blouse, and ceiling fans are my best friends. I do feel like I could burst into flame at times, but never have, yet. Just keep the water handy and hope for a cool winter!

  7. Hope Boo is better, Paul4 has also had the flu since our return from Miami. Gillian walked in my room this AM so say, “Mom it’s freezing in here” I told him I have the heat vent almost completely closed b/c that’s how I LIKE IT. By the way – I need some help building a barn………

  8. Hate to hear about your son. Every where I turn it seems like someone has it. Praying that you and your husband don’t get it.

    Just started following your blog. I’m very excited to see that you too are a Mississippi native and live in Alabama now. Those are two things we both have in common. :)

  9. I’m cracking up at the heat situation as you described your parents house. My mom is the exact same way. She can be underneath an electric blanket with long sleeves and have her thermostat set at 78. 78, which is 1 click away from 80!

    And – now that she lives in a small studio apartment at an assisted living facility (a very nice one I might add), the heat is unbearable. The room is nothing more than a great big oversized commercial oven. It’s a laugh-out-loud kind of thing every time we go see her at her room. We typically make up reasons why we should stay in one of the drawing rooms or living areas instead of inside her room.

  10. 1. Boo for the flu!!!
    2. Hooray for highlights!
    3. You’re much nicer than I am. I would’ve probably told my sweet Daddy that it was hot as blazes in there! Let’s just pretend that it’s because i’m so pregnant that my filter is apparently turned off, haha!
    4. I’m convinced that selfies somehow magnify my facial flaws. I think it’s something to do with angles… I try to take it from above to minimize my double chin, but that amplifies the bags under my eyes… And the boosted vibrancy and contrast (or whatever my crazy phone camera adds) only serves to highlight my freckles and lines. I have a theory that Apple, Inc. is just on a mission to help us all stay humble.
    5. Hooray for your new book! Funny story: My dog is convinced that our UPS man is a terrorist. She can hear his truck coming 5 minutes before it’s visible and proceeds to jump our fence and run into the street, barking ferociously, in order to scare him away before he even thinks about attacking us or our neighbors. According to Bella, the mail lady and FedEx man are perfectly fine, but the UPS man must be preemptively destroyed, haha.

  11. Flu? Ugh. Our new grandson is in the hospital with RSV. His two big sisters shared their germs with him.

    And the combust and/or smother thing had me rolling because Thursday it was 27 degrees for a high outside. I had on my big warm coat that I only wear when it’s below freezing. Well, getting in the car after co-ops with my son and one of his friends I forgot to discard the coat. And I thought I was going to die or get sick before I hit the Burger King parking lot to disrobe (of the coat only) so the nausea would subside. Seriously. Black Cohosh took care of the hot flashes, but my nternal temp is way hotter than it used to be…and it’s always been hot. Hate to break the news, but that’s the 50’s for you.

    • Southern Gal, this had me laughing so hard! I have more than once forgot to shed a coat and couldn’t get ANYWHERE fast enough to shed it and free myself of the nausea. Whew!

  12. I just preordered your book. I received your first book A little salty to cut the sweet for
    Christmas and finished it in two days. I was so excited to see you have written another one. Also love your podcasts. I’m really late to the party, but over the past week I have listened to #1 thru #33 and I am a bit sad that I have almost caught up to date on those. You and Melanie are a breath of fresh air for this Midwest girl transplanted into the angry rush hour that is New England. Thank you for all the great conversations about nothing but everything all at the same time.

  13. Ok, I am being honest when I say your skin is looking good in my opinion. I’m 38 and my forehead is like a shar pei. No joke. I inherited hat from my Dad. Lucky me. Unfortunately, I have curly hair so bangs are a cruel joke also. There’s no hiding these wrinkles. Whatever, my husband loves me so there’s that. 😉😉😉

    Sorry about he lack of sleep and the sick boy. Your book looks great! I’m looking forward to reading it.

    • I’ve got the shar pei forehead too. And, I have curly hair, so no bangs. I actually think that’s why the forehead is so bad. I wear my hair back off my face and have for years. All the sun, all the time! Yep, no hiding them here either!

      I saw this sign in a shop window the other day (actually just a few days after my 50th!): Mirror, mirror on the wall………what the H—- happened! I laughed out loud then as now!

  14. Oh my goodness I know what you mean! My moms house is so hot! She has one if those wall gas heaters and man, does she LOVE it! I have to “step outside” a lot these days!
    Ok I’m dying that you posted about those almonds! I discovered those it’s past week too! Oh my goodness!! They are amazing and the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. I’m afraid they’ve become a stumbling block, though….I CANT STOP eating them until they’re completely gone! It’s almost a relief when the can’s empty! That’s just a shame, right?! Delicious….
    Hope Alex is better by Monday.. The flu is rough..
    Have a good week!

  15. The other day I was frightened while putting my make up and thought Oh I must have this on the magnifying side, so I flipped it over. No. No. I didn’t have it on the magnifying side.
    The 40’s, they are real.

    Can’t wait for the book-we’ll all love it Boo, because we love you!

  16. Lanelle Glover says:

    I can close my eyes and see you standing in my kitchen with Greg and telling a funny story!
    I read your first book to Greg’s girls at the beach and they loved it-such a wonderful way to explain how Southerners live.
    Can’t wait for your new book.
    Love you and all the great memories–Lanelle

  17. Kathleen G says:

    I could be talking to my sister about how moms home is so hot. Yep! Even with a blanket covering them. Poor Kris, she makes sure she has summer clothes there. I love the cover of your new book, like you full of happiness and laughter. Kathleen in Az

  18. “After” hair photo, please!!!

  19. Just want to give you a big (virtual) fist up and say SOLIDARITY on the-burning-up-at-the-parents-house thing. Bless it.

    Love this post so much! :)

  20. K, let me just say that I heard about your new book on Pinterest Told Me To and I’ve told everyone I know how great it’s going to be and how they need to preorder it right this second. Can’t wait to read it!

  21. hey, I love the book cover!! Any chance that could be available as a download for a small cost? Would love to frame it!!

  22. Thanks for always making me laugh (often right out loud) by poking fun at yourself. I LOVED the “those two eyebrows above my eyebrows” line. I believe that is the point at which i snorted loudly. Love you, Sophie! You’re my hero. :)

  23. Everytime I read your blog, I think to myself, “we could be friends!” I laughed out loud about the heat in your parent’s house. My mother-in-law is . . .well, she would kill me if I told you how old she is but suffice it to say . . .she is approaching a HUGE milestone birthday next year. She has RADIATORS – yes RADIATORS – in her house. It is so hot that I take shorts to put on after church on Sundays when we go to her house for lunch! yes, I do – in January!!

  24. Heather W says:

    Ok, you crack me up and I feel as though we could be best friends! I just listened to the christmas podcast and was cracking up like a nut over Neil Diamond and your and Melanie’s winter wedding!! Oh, and if you did read Gone Girl over the holidays…please, PLEASE give me your thoughts on it! It blew my mind!! 😊 love you ladies!

  25. Well, of course this post just made my night! No..wait! It made my year! Loved everything about it and unfortunately it all hit home WAY too much! Love you, Sophie!

  26. “You, Sophie Hudson” are refreshing!! Love your posts. I can’t wait to read your new book. Love and hugs to you!

  27. Sophie, I feel like raw chicken that’s been left out in the sun over the fact that I get so much from your blog and have yet to say “Thank you.” There have been days when, if it wasn’t for you, I might have to toss myself out of a tree. A little one, because I’m flusterpated, not suicidal.

    I’ve gotten a whole lot of things from our mutually beloved Beth Moore, but in the Top 1000 of them is that I found you. You make me smile, woman, even when life and my six chins make it hard to do so.

    Loved “Salty” and cannot wait for “Home” and will continue being on-my-face grateful for your blog after three years of avid but silent reading. Three years. Yes, I am lots and lots of old, raw chicken.

  28. Rachael b says:

    I see two beautiful blue eyes!

  29. “So what I’m saying is that the 40s will humble you and strip you of your vanity. That is what I am telling you.” LOL and oh so true! Appreciate your transparency. Helps remind me that we’re all in this together. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  30. I’m sitting here with tears running down my face and laughing out loud … my husband is looking at me wondering what in the world is going on! :) Can certainly relate to parents’ hot houses –

  31. Howling from your facial woes, ‘broke down’ made me LOL!! You southern-ness rings though your writing so much, I just adore it. I’m a Canadian farm girl and just seeing that outdoor photo with no snow, makes me yearn to be there!

  32. I was laughing so hard at this post I had tears running down my face. The foils, the face questions and the “personal summer”….all of it. It’s real life. Thanks, I needed that.

  33. 1. Pre-ordered your book!!!! Yay!!!
    2. I was at my salon last week, and I kid you not, I felt the same way about all manner of lines on my face. So you encouraged me. :)
    3. My folks keep their home equally as warm. I was tempted to wear a tank on Christmas, for fear of a heat stroke,
    You crack me up!!!!!

  34. ALL. THE. HOT. Our parents are the same, but where I struggle with it most is at work.
    My co-worker runs her space heater most of the day. So, I must run my fan ALL day. I can never wear any cute scarfs, sweaters, ponchos or jackets to work. No layering, whatsoever! I’ve asked if she could begin layering and dressing like its winter so I could at least breathe, but no that has not happened. She wears thin sweaters and fancy t-shirts. Having to replace my contacts earlier each month because they get too dried out. She mentioned my age and hot flashes last week, but sorry sugar, that has not happened just yet. You are just cold-blooded!

  35. I’m jazzed about your book coming out soon!!

    Side note: What kind of Bible do you use?

  36. I remember when my baby took a photo of me with my phone looking down at her, and I died a little on the inside. Also, what a shame that we don’t live in our old house. How tickled i would have been to have looked out my picture windows to see you praying over your daddy’s trash can.

  37. I was just looking at my own pics and thinking about getting some “work” done, and then I thought, “No. No. I won’t do that. Because how else will I know if people like me for ME or because I’m wrinkle free?” I gotta be real. Glad there’s others out there embracing it with me. Selfies Unite!


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