For The General Enjoyment Of The Group

A few items of interest (well, hopefully) on what has turned out to be a most enjoyable Tuesday:

– A few weeks ago I was a guest on the Boss Girl Creative podcast and had the best time talking with Taylor Bradford, who’s the host. Well, that podcast is now live, and you can listen right here.

– Some folks have emailed to let me know that they didn’t get the newsletter even though they signed up. In all of those cases but one, I think, the newsletter has been in the spam or junk folder. So if you’ve had a problem, check those folders first (the title of this last one was “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Ice Cream” if you want to search for it specifically), and then if you still can’t find it, let me know.

– I got a crash course in Periscope today (all thanks to Lysa, who is very savvy with the technology). My takeaway was that Periscope is kind of like a live mini-podcast, and even though I hate to watch myself talk, it was really neat to answer questions and “visit” in a different way. SO, tonight I downloaded the app, and we’ll see how it goes. I figure it might be fun since I’ll be with Melanie over the next couple of days. I could also forget that I ever downloaded it, but, you know, we’ll see. I think my username is @boomama. I think.

– The other day my friend Mary linked to a video on Facebook, and I thought, Well, THAT IS GENIUS. Then I realized that Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart were two of the musicians, and that delighted me to no end since I enjoyed them so much on American Idol a few seasons ago. Anyway, I’m apparently the last person in America to know about Postmodern Jukebox, but I thought y’all might enjoy this.

– And then, in a completely different direction, there’s this video of Condoleezza Rice and Jenny Oaks Baker playing “Amazing Grace.” I just got around to watching / listening tonight, and it made me cry. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s available on iTunes, and I can’t wait to have it on repeat in the car.

– Tomorrow I’m leaving to go to Nashville for a couple of days. Melanie and I are going to be doing some pre-dotMOM stuff, and I can’t wait because 1) I get to see Mel and 2) Christy Nockels is going to be with us. I CANNOT EVEN. I don’t want to be overly dramatic but in light of the Christy Nockels factor, this Thursday could very well be THE MOST SPECTACULAR DAY OF MY WHOLE LIFE. So, if you happen to think about it, please keep my hair in your prayers.

(I’m terribly concerned that my hair is going to decide to show out.)

(But my nerves and I really need for it to behave.)

(Be near, Lord Jesus.)

(Be near.)

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  1. Amazing Grace…what an exquisite arrangement so beautifully performed! Thanks for sharing that, Sophie.

  2. I think this week sounds AWESOME! I love the Condeleezza Rice Amazing Grace also!

  3. Missy Bush says:

    Really enjoyed the post as always. Listened to the podcast while I was drinking my coffee. You have such a kind spirit and that comes through in your writing and any podcast you are on. It is a wonderful way to start the day.

  4. nlynch says:

    Bless you and your hair’s heart!
    Have a GREAT time!

  5. Sallie Baker says:

    I feel like I have signed up for the newsletter everytime you mention it, but then never get it.
    Can’t find it in my spam or junk….oh well, did it again, and we’ll see if it works this time!
    Have fun in Nashville. Can’t wait to hear about Christy! :-)

  6. I saw your periscope with Lysa – you two are just wonderful. Can’t wait for you and Big Mama to give it a try- I know it will be a total hoot! Thanks for making it a good start to Hump Day with videos and podcast.
    p.s. praying your hair will do great in Nashville

  7. Brenda says:

    Well, I’ve avoided the Periscope until now but if you and Melanie are going to be on it, dang it, I guess I have to jump.

    I can’t wait to see what God’s going to do with your hair.

  8. I’d say let’s meet up, but I know you’ll be swamped and because CHRITSY NOCKELS =) Enjoy your time here!!

  9. I have never heard Ms. Rice play and really enjoyed that rendition. It’s amazing the layers that public people may have and you do not know about, that was just beautiful. I don’t know the girl but violin and flute are my two favorite instruments, each speaks to you in such beautiful ways. She you can tell that she puts her whole heart into her instrument.
    Hugs from Minnesota,

  10. Pick out a great seat for me and my friends Michelle for September! Will be praying for your hair.

  11. WOW. Loving PMJ! And now…I am watching/listening to all on YouTube now… I should be packing. But I cant pull away!!

  12. Susan B. says:

    BTW…loved seeing you and Lysa on Periscope talking about writing. Hope your trip is just THE BEST EVER!

  13. I’ll pray for your hair, but good gravy! it is HUMID here! Get ready!

  14. PMJ rocks and I’m praying for hairdo mercies and great hair grace over you!!

  15. Tammy Jones says:

    Don’t worry about your size said no skinny girl ever! But did enjoy that video though. It gets in your head!

  16. pettsallowed says:

    Well if your hair had problems,im sure everyone elses did was stinking hot and humid testerday! That wouldve been gun to run in to you guys!Cant wait for Sept!

  17. I know I signed up for the newsletter the first time you mentioned it, but I haven’t received one yet. Signed up again.


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