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Well, I saw the first azaleas of the year this morning, so I think that’s a sure sign that SPRING IS HERE. The weather has been gorgeous this week, so that’s a delightful thing, but pollen and I have some longstanding ish-ahs – as evidenced by the fact that my eyes have watered all. day. long. By about 8:30-ish this morning I’d rubbed off all my eye make-up, so I believe the phrase you’re looking for is easy sophistication.

All righty. I have several things to report. I do hope they’ll be of interest.

1) The New Pants

This afternoon I received my new pair of Old Navy wide-legged linen pants with the new drawstring waistband. I have to say that they’re super-comfortable, but I wish I’d ordered a size smaller. Don’t get me wrong – they fit fine – but I think the old-style waistband made the pants fit differently through the hips. The pair I got today is looser in the hips than last year’s pants were, but I’m still keeping them because my word at the comfort. It’s also nice to be able to adjust the waistband; that wasn’t an option with the old yoga-pant style.

2) I also bought a pair of these.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.34.48 PM

They’re not my normal style of pants at all, but I wanted to try them because they’re wide-legged and because I thought they might be cute with some a fun pair of sandals. I have to say that I liked them a whole lot when I tried them on. They’re high-rise, which is nice if one of your personal goals in life is to avoid a muffin-top, and they’re actually way more flattering than I anticipated. They’ll be great pants to wear to work this spring, and the navy is bright enough that it doesn’t look utilitarian. I’m not a fan of a capri pant as a general rule, but I think cropped, ankle-length pants can be sort of sassy with the right top, shoes, and accessories. So I’m excited about these. And I’m thinking about ordering the white because it’s so hard to find good pants for work.

3) Our friend Travis has a new live worship album that comes out this Friday, and I cannot wait. I’ve had his latest song – “The Blood of Jesus Speaks for Me” – on repeat for the last two weeks. It is beyond beautiful, and it preaches a sermon that I need to hear every single day.

4) Melanie and I are working on some behind-the-scenes things to hopefully make the podcast more enjoyable / frequent / professional-ish, and hopefully you’ll be seeing some of those changes later this spring. We’d planned to change the theme music by now, but the new theme song doesn’t have a natural end and I can’t figure out how to fade it out and so NOT YET on that. Anyway, if you listen to the podcast and enjoy it, we sure would appreciate it / be very grateful / be sure to increase our per-podcast mentions of Amy Grant if y’all would consider leaving a review on iTunes. I know that’s a strange request, but your reviews make a big difference in terms of helping with various podcast-y algorithms that others tell me are important even if I don’t necessarily understand why. So if you leave (or have left) a review, thank you. You may just think that you’ve written some sentences, but you have also contributed to some sort of algorithm. And that is very fancy of you, my friends.

5) Never gets old.


Happy Thursday!

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  1. Oh.my.word. We just watched that CMA video again last night after over a month of leaving it be. The reason being I cannot get it out of my head when I do hear it. And here it is again this morning. Now I’ll be singing it forevah.

    P.S. I’m glad the new drawstring didn’t damage your love of the pants.

  2. If you order those pants from ON today, they are only $23! You get 30% off automatically. Or at least I did. Ha. THANKS!

  3. I have watched that video so many times I’m sure You-Tube is going to send me a cease and desist. Absolutely PHENOMENAL…thanks for sharing again!

  4. Melanie says:

    I had trouble leaving a review on iTunes. Every “nickname” I used was “taken”? Not sure what to do….

  5. Erin B. says:

    Since you mentioned the opening song to the podcast, I have to share this story.

    I teach in a very small town in Kentucky. A few weeks ago I visited another school district about 45 minutes away. I’m sitting in a hallway with four other ladies, listening to one discuss how she uses project based learning in her classroom. Then all of a sudden I hear music coming from a classroom down the hallway. I’m looking around thinking wait! I know that music! Then it hit me that’s Big and Boo Mama’s podcast! I have no idea if it was the actual podcast or why someone would be listening to it in their fourth grade classroom. I wanted to run down the hallway to find my fellow podcast listener, but not wanting to look like a lunatic I stayed seated pretending to listen about the earthquake proof structures her students built. I just wanted to share that your podcast seems to be well followed by Kentucky school teachers.

  6. I love everything about this post!! Can’t wait to “Giddy Up Eunice” 😊 Have a happy blessed weekend!!

  7. You’re so fun! I purchased two pair of wide leg linen pants from Fullbeauty.com. This is a combination of multiple lines such as Jessica London, Woman Within, Roamans etc. They are my favorite pants. I also ordered the cutest summer casual dress. Can’t wait to wear it. Love your blog!

  8. Erin S. says:

    It would make me so, so happy if they would Giddy Up, Eunice and put the CMA version of those two songs on iTunes. Surely the powers that be know how much $ they would rake in. Love, love, love.

    Also, try rubbing a little lavender oil under your eyes to help with the watering. DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES! But I find a little underneath helps immensely with my eyeball allergies.

  9. Happy spring to you! Love the flowers blooming too! I’ve used peppermint essential oil for my allergies and have not had to take OTC meds for over two years.

  10. because i’m way less tech savy than you two mamas, can you help a girl out? I want to leave a review and share my love for all things BigBoo but couldn’t figure out where to click on the itunes sight for that. I went to the link that you put on your blog and I got to the site but clicked on every available tab but couldn’t leave a review :(. And I’ve got LOTS of good things to say. Your podcast is my travel companion!!!!

  11. I saw a “Stapleton – Timberlake ’16” T-shirt and thought of you, Boo Mama. Thanks for reposting that song!