Erin’s Fancy Hamilton Spreadsheet

The blog hasn’t been working today, so a little while ago I posted something on Facebook that I was originally planning to put in a blog post. But now, of course, the blog is working (thank you, kind web hosts at Fused), so I thought I’d put the Facebook post here for those of you who might miss it otherwise.

This is some impressively needless explaining, isn’t it?

So here’s the Facebook post, and I’d just like to say that if you are a Hamilton fan, well, YOU ARE SO WELCOME.

I don’t know if the link will show up if you’re an email subscriber, so you may have to click through to the post.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit and think about other processes that I can overcomplicate.

What can I say? IT’S A GIFT.

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  1. Marilyn C. says:

    Fantastic!! Thank you! I can spend all sorts of time obsessing over this!

  2. Kim Nations says:

    Love this.. My cousins went to see Hamilton on Broadway a few weeks ago in NYC. A friend of her son is working on this play. Said it was awesome..

  3. Thank you! This is the gold mine!

  4. You tickle me! Love you and keeping you in my prayers!

  5. I just love your continued enthusiasm for Hamilton and am sorry your missed your trip. I know that the lose of is Far more significant- that said its still something. Thank you for sharing your love of family and life!

  6. Well, I fell hard down that rabbit hole! It was a true delight to *almost* be in the room where it happened.

    I guess I should go to WORK!

  7. Chrissy says:

    I am having palpitations! How lucky we are to be alive right now, right!?!
    Can I also just say I pumped my fist in the air when you shared your distrust of tiny house people. We call it ‘rich people who want to play poor.’ Plenty of very poor people (especially here in Appalachia) have been living ‘tiny’ for a LONG time and I’m sure would trade in that lifestyle for a larger place with a nice stove. I hear you on that.