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The Big Boo Cast, Episode 78


Well, this super-sized podcast was a mighty memorable moment for Melanie and me. Because much to our delight, legendary football coach Jackie Sherrill and his super-talented daughter, Bonnie Bishop, join us at the beginning of this episode. Specifically, they share some of the challenges they faced in terms of forming a relationship after Coach Sherrill married Bonnie’s mom. Now they’re extremely close, and they’re doing speaking events about motivation and relationships – and how when it comes to life, it’s more than Xs and Os. Mel and I had the best time talking with them about football and parenting and football and also football. And seriously – it was such a treat to be able to soak up their stories and their wisdom. You’re going to love spending some time with them and laughing with them.

After our conversation with Coach Sherrill and Bonnie, Melanie and I jump into our regular brand of nonsense: her dog Piper’s recent bout with intestinal distress, our current Netflix favorites, my reaction to Dunkirk, and Melanie’s new favorite skin care product.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

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Here’s where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

Jackie Sherrill

Bonnie Bishop

– Coach Sherrill on Twitter

– Bonnie on Twitter and Instagram

Bonnie’s website

Bonnie’s latest album

– Bonnie’s “Ain’t Who I Was” (there’s a little language :-) – but my goodness this is a phenomenal song)

(And a quick BigBoo PSA: if you’re drawn to the music Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, etc., then Bonnie Bishop’s music will be right up your alley.)

Last Chance U – Season 2

Jane the Virgin

Pentel Sign Pen (Sophie’s forever favorite)

Organic Rose Hip Oil – (By the way, this article popped up in my Twitter feed this morning, and it sheds even more light on why Melanie has embraced this product.)


Hummingbird Farms Lavender Body Oil No. 6 (this stuff is a WONDER)

All in All, Sophie’s new devotional journal for young women

Grateful for y’all!

Perhaps These Will Distract You From The Heat

I’ll tell you what. This summer has flown by faster than any other. Maybe it’s because we kicked it off with a trip to Kenya and have crammed in all sorts of stuff since we’ve been home (including the flu, which was no fun, but it flat dominated a full week of summertime). Regardless, I can’t believe we’re a more than halfway through July. SOMEBODY MAKE IT SLOW DOWN.

I mentioned this on the last podcast, but week before last Alex stayed with my daddy (and Martha! he stayed with Martha a couple of nights, too!) while David and I went to New York City on a 20th anniversary trip. It was DELIGHTFUL. We saw some shows and walked a whole bunch and even though we took a couple of subways headed in the wrong direction, we ultimately managed to get everywhere we needed or wanted to be. We had the best time.

In the (almost) two weeks since we got home from NYC, I’ve thought a little bit about my favorites from the trip (9/11 Memorial Museum, Dear Evan Hansen, walking the High Line, hummus from Dizengoff) – which sort of morphed into thinking about some other new favorites that I’ve discovered this summer.

This seems like an excellent time to list those things in no particular order of importance.

Please do enjoy.

Brooks Revel

I didn’t really plan it, but I’ve been walking a lot more this year. I love me some Brooks running shoes (even though I don’t actually, you know, RUN), and after wearing Brooks Ghosts for the last three-ish years, I decided to try the new Brooks Revel when I bought some new shoes about a month ago. I LOVE THEM. They’re lighter than the Ghost, they have a wide toe box (which is such a plus for me), and they’re supportive without being stiff. This was the main shoe I wore when we were in New York, and it was a dream for walking on streets and sidewalks…but I have to say that I like it just as much for walking on the treadmill / doing various gym-related things. The colors are super fun, too, and while I know it’s a superficial thing, SHOE COLORS MATTER TO ME.

Hummingbird Farms Lavender Body Oil

I know that Melanie and I have mentioned how much we love the Hummingbird Farms lavender lotion about 932 times. It’s so good. This summer, though, I’ve been using the lavender body oil because – GET READY – it comes in a spray bottle and this is infinitely, INFINITELY better than having to pour it into your hands. Last year I had this crazy rash on my legs that would not go away – went to the dermatologist three or four different times, had tests done, etc. – and while everything is fine now, I have to be really careful about what I put on my skin – so I am SUPER picky about my lotions and oils and salves. This body oil is fantastic, and I haven’t had a single flare-up since I started using it.

Purely Elizabeth granola


And I am picky about my granola, people.

I first bought Purely Elizabeth at Fresh Market, but I’m going to order one of the Amazon three-packs. The grain-free banana nut is FANTASTIC, as is the blueberry. There aren’t any oats in this granola, and while I thought that might be weird, NO. It is not. It is delicious.


Yes. I know. Some of you have been recommending Broadchurch forever. And for who knows what reason, I finally started watching it last week. Within 4.7 seconds I was hooked, and I watched the first two seasons in what can only be described as an embarrassingly short amount of time. It was a lot to process, y’all, and I had the weirdest Broadchurch-y dreams for a couple of nights. Yesterday I started watching season 3, and I don’t know how I’m going to move forward knowing that I have to wait a whole week in between episodes. This show – especially season 1 – is crazy compelling, and it’s about so much more than the case the detectives are trying to solve. The acting is so good that you forget you’re watching people play characters; the story completely wraps you up and pulls you in. If you liked Sherlock, I think you’ll enjoy Broadchurch, too.

Feetures! Elite Max Cushion running socks

I have been a Thorlo socks loyalist for several years, but my friend Marion really likes Feetures, so I decided to try them. I’m a fan. They’re thin but have great cushion (disclaimer: I think socks are just as important as shoes when it comes to walking or running or participating in the athletic pursuit of your choosing), and the backs don’t slide down when you walk. I love Thorlos because they’re so cushion-y, but it’s been nice to have a more lightweight sock option. Yay for the Feetures.

CeCe Winans’ Let Them Fall in Love

OKAY. Let’s cut to the chase: you need this album. It is JOYFUL, it is inspiring, and it is TRUE. It’s also a total throwback (just TRY to listen to “Hey Devil!” without busting a move right there in your car or your office or wherever). There’s a song called “Lowly” that will make you want to talk back to it, and be warned that when you listen to “Marvelous,” you may have to stop right where you are and just TAKE IT IN FOR A MINUTE. This is a truly great gospel album – brilliantly written, brilliantly produced, and CeCe Winans’ vocals knock it right on out of the park.

Hope y’all are having the best week!

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 77


In this episode we talk about our summertime travel, the life-changing hummus I recently enjoyed, our current struggles with our hair, and our lack of business vision or insight or skill. Melanie also states her very strong feelings about being on a boat in the middle of a large body of water (suffice it to say that a cruise is nowhere in her future) and relays a tale about a very aggressive seagull.

We also talk about potential road trip destinations for next year, recap the summer movies we’ve seen (here’s a hint: I have only seen two), run through a few other entertainment highlights from the last month or so, and break down our feelings about the Instastory.

So there’s some variety, I guess.

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Here’s where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

Sophie’s Kenya trip with Compassion (link to recap podcast with Jamie Ivey)

Dear Evan Hansen

Dizengoff in Chelsea Market

L’Oreal root cover

Magnolia Market

purses at Magnolia Market

Opal ice maker

Chadillac’s Backyard Water Park

Lake Tejas

The Marlboro Man Sandwich from Pioneer Woman

– Melanie’s new book: Church of the Small Things

– Sophie’s new book: All in All (a journaling devotional for young women)

Jenny from the Block

For Forever (from the Dear Evan Hansen cast recording