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The Big Boo Cast, Episode 84


We are all over the place in this podcast episode – from an exercise class that I recently tried to pajama leggings to hypothetical situations that would make us sprint to kombucha to football to mascara to essential oils to our feelings about scarves. BUCKLE UP, PEOPLE.

Also, I sound more quiet than usual on this episode, and after troubleshooting to the point of utter frustration, I have come to the conclusion that my USB microphone wasn’t plugged in and I was recording using my computer’s internal microphone. Please forgive this latest technical difficulty. Unfortunately, I think we all know that it won’t be the last. It’s sort of how we roll.

Finally, we continue discussing our disagreement about booties but try to find some middle ground. We would appreciate your prayers.

Enjoy, y’all!

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Immune Activator Supplement

GAP sleep leggings

Croft & Barrow Whispery Clouds Long Sleeve Pajama Top (in plus sizes, too)

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On A Day When Nate Has Kept Us At Home

Last night I helped chaperone the Homecoming Dance, and in between talking to kids and checking on the weather and trying to convince my hair to behave in humidity so intense I was convinced I could wring water out of the air with my bare hands, I told a friend that I really needed a day off from work so that I could do super exciting things like wash clothes and fold clothes and maybe even put away said clothes. BEHOLD MY FANCY GOALS.

Well, this morning we woke up to the news that morning services at our church had been canceled (what was once Hurricane Nate is now making his presence known here in Birmingham), so I seized the unexpected time and started washing clothes – lo, with all manner of enthusiasm. I have a feeling that I’ll be folding clothes for a good chunk of the afternoon, but that is just fine with me because I will no longer feel like the laundry basket in my closet is threatening to swallow me whole. It seems like there’s a point in every “fall” (and I use that term loosely because while yes, it is October, there is nary a crisp gust of autumnal wind to be found here in Alabama), there’s a point where I look at all the stuff on the calendar and think, WELL, THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. So I’m grateful to be able to hit the reset button today. Because this is basically how I feel about a whole day where I have nowhere to be and no good reason to change out of my pajamas.


And speaking of pajamas.


(See what I did there?)

On the most recent podcast episode, Melanie mentioned how much she loved the GAP ribbed sleep leggings. I was so intrigued that I ordered a pair for myself WHILE WE WERE STILL RECORDING THE EPISODE (thank you very much). Well, now that I have worn said sleep leggings, I can vouch for Melanie’s claim that they are in fact made from angels’ wings. They are the softest, most comfortable ANYTHING I have ever worn, and I don’t ever want to be without them ever again in my whole earthly life and preferably not even in heaven.

SO. A little while ago I decided I would order another pair (I have the blue and white striped, so I thought I’d get the gray and white striped), and I made the most exciting discovery.

The ribbed sleep leggings are on sale for $29.99, and you can use the code FORYOU for 40% off and free shipping.

This means that I just got a new pair of blessed, beloved softness for less than $20.

It also means this.

Here are a few other fun things that I’m loving right now.

Ree’s recipe for black beans

Oh, y’all. These are so delicious. For the record, though, I do two things a little differently: I saute’ the onion, garlic, and peppers (no green peppers for me – I think they’re bitter-ish, so I use red and yellow) first, then put them in a bowl and set them aside. I add them into the black beans about an hour into the cooking process. And then, about 20 minutes before the beans have finished cooking, I stir in about a tablespoon of red wine vinegar. These beans are so good with roasted sweet potatoes, diced avocado, and some lime – one of my favorite meals.

Maeve Matilda Buttondown

I am typically a Nordstrom Rack shopper – I like myself a bargain – but every once in awhile something turns my head and I splurge a little. This shirt was one of those splurges. Plus, I had a $45 return to make at Anthro, so I did that weird (and flawed) shopping math where I thought, Well, technically I am only paying $30-ish dollars for this shirt because I am about to get a credit. It’s not at all logical (or, you know, accurate), but I’ve been on the lookout for a pretty, comfy shirt to wear for speaking stuff this fall and winter, and this shirt fits the bill. I think all of the designs are so cute, and in general Maeve is one of my favorite brands.

Anthropologie Monogram Pendant Necklace

I think this necklace is adorable – modern, feminine, fun – and such a great gift, too.

Dirty John by Christopher Goffard

MY GOODNESS this is some extraordinary true-crime storytelling. It’s a long read, but it’s also available as a podcast (compelling listening if you have a long drive in your near future). I wish I’d written this line: “Where other people saw red flags, she saw a parade.” Riveting. Heartbreaking. And just FYI: definitely not for kids.

Melanie’s new Church of the Small Things Bible study


Yes, there’s a book, and it’s wonderful, but there is also a Bible study, and I think it is perfect for a small group of women – especially a group that wants to get to know each other better and put down some roots for deeper community. And it probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: I am so proud of Melanie. It is the biggest blast to watch her walk her road.

Baked Bacon Cheese Dip from She Wears Many Hats

Seriously. Click on over and have a look at the pictures that accompany this recipe.

I rest my case.

Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 83


It’s been an exciting few days here at The Big Boo Cast because Melanie’s fantastic new book, Church of the Small Things, released this past Tuesday. Yay, Melanie! Yay, everyone who gets to read it!

So you might not believe it, but in this particular episode we actually stick with a theme and talk about some of our very favorite small things. I went sort of sentimental and nostalgic with my list, and Melanie went sort of practical with hers, and the result is that somewhere in the overlap of our lists, we talked about some topics that we adore (specifically: comfy clothes, our latest obsessions, the best parts of friendship, and exciting new snack options). 

(I trust you’ll appreciate the irony of me talking at the beginning of the podcast about how I’m thinking about going dairy free – and then at the end of the podcast being BESIDE MYSELF when I talk about homemade jelly served over a block of cream cheese.)

(Baby steps.)

We had the best time recording our very special Church of the Small Things episode – hope you enjoy it!

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Church of the Small Things (signed copies!)

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GT’s Cayennade Kombucha

Kristen Bell’s Hurricane Harvey Instagram posts

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Somersaults Sunflower Seed Bites, salt and pepper

“A Stanford researcher’s 15-minute study hack lifts B+ students into the As”

Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

“Little Things Mean A Lot”

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