The Big Boo Cast, Episode 86


So, full disclosure – we recorded this podcast episode over a week ago, but then I went out of town last weekend for speaking stuff and this past week was jam-packed and I just now got around to editing and recording the sponsor stuff and etc. Better late than never, I guess. And for your sake it’s probably better that we recorded before my Alabama / Mississippi State heartbreak. What a game that was.

As far as this episode goes, we have A LOT OF THOUGHTS about November heat, social media, the anger that results from wearing Spanx (Melanie has a fantastic term for that), and college football. There’s also some talk about a cat with a jar on its head.

Enjoy, y’all!

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Will Ferrell’s bellybutton

– Tasty video for Halloween treats (this video made Sophie irrationally angry)

our friend Jamie who used to make cake pops

“Oh, Happy Day” video that Sophie has watched an excessive amount of times

the Next Door app

OPI You’re Blushing Again

Bobbi Brown Plum Brandy lipstick (Sophie’s new favorite)

Hummingbird Farms Big Boo Box (you won’t see the $49 price until you enter the coupon code mentioned during the podcast)

Hummingbird Farms Big Boo Too Box (you won’t see the $49 price until you enter the coupon code mentioned during the podcast)

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  1. Elaine Moore says:

    Totally totally totally delightful. And when you said “shave off my eyebrows”, I was on the floor. It is sooooo fun getting to listen to you two

  2. Oh my goodness, you have to stop! I listen to your podcasts while at work, and I always, always end up laughing myself silly, which causes people to look at me as though a lunatic is among them.
    Am in complete agreement about spanger, and also those darned Tasty videos, every one of which seems to require 17 pounds of 3 different kinds of cheese. Argh! I’m in recovery now, as I unfollowed them a month ago.

  3. Sherrie Lynn says:

    I am only have way through with this episode and it one of the funniest! Y’all are absolutely hilarious!

  4. You two are MY kind of people. I loved this podcast more than almost any other. (The Beth Moore one is still the all-time best!) All the YES to the spangry and I just ordered 2 of the Big Boo boxes from Hummingbird Farms – because yes, I’m chock full of the Kool-aid.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your people. It’s a breezy 26 degrees in Minnesota. Sometime you should think about joining our Northwestern Christian Writers Conference – all kinds of awesome happening up here! Thanks for sharing your fun conversations with us!

  5. Oh my goodness I love both you and Melanie!! I got to meet y’all tonight at Houston’s First and hearing you speak was such a pleasure. If you ever need a third host or single girl perspective just know I’m available!!!! Thanks for the laughs and the encouragement tonight. Keep crushing it!


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