The Big Boo Cast, Episode 112

All righty, y’all – this is our Very Special Southern Charm Finale Re-cap. We talk about so many things: Craig, Kathryn & Shep, white tie attire, Patricia’s pet caftans, Chelsea & Austen, and last but not least – the train wreck that is Ashley and Thomas.


And then, after we wrap up our Southern Charm discussion, we talk about several other shows we’re watching and enjoying / pondering. Yay for TV!

Enjoy, y’all!

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Southern Charm

Patricia’s pet caftans

The Bachelorette

The Proposal

The Entire Real Housewives Franchise (the guiltiest of guilty TV pleasures)

The Staircase (this is a true crime documentary – not for kids – difficult to watch in parts)

Life Sentence

Get Me Roger Stone (there’s bad language – but an interesting, if disheartening, look at political campaign strategy)

I Am Not Your Guru (there’s bad language – but fascinating from the perspective of people in search of emotional / spiritual freedom through self-help)

The Handmaid’s Tale (read up on this one before you watch…because of the subject matter it is not for everyone and definitely not for kids or young teenagers)

Closing Song 1 and Closing Song 2

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  1. Y’all also need to cover the RHONY in detail. I have some major thoughts and opinions

  2. Oh my! I was SOOO tickled to hear you mention Sit and Be Fit!! MaryAnn Wilson (the darling Sit and Be Fit lady) is the mom of my high school boyfriend. I remember when she started Sit and Be Fit and it’s really quite a sweet, inspiring story. She was the single mom of four kids (her husband was in the Marines and died of a heart attack after 3 tours in Vietnam) and a Registered Nurse. She loved working with seniors and determined losing mobility was one of their biggest health risks both physically and mentally. She had to pitch her show to the local PBS station here in Spokane, WA and that’s where it started! She is truly just as kind and sweet and gentle as she seems on TV. And her very nice son, my old friend and former high school sweetheart, is now a Presbyterian minister. Anyway, loved the shout out and that Sit and Be Fit has had such a long reach all the way from little ol’ Spokane. :)