The Big Boo Cast, Episode 191

So Melanie and I are taking a little break this week, but we’re sharing an episode that will be new to most of you. Last month on Patreon we did a Closer Look episode on health and body image, and we got more feedback – comments, DMs, emails – than we have on any other episode. People’s reactions were encouraging and candid and inspiring. Given that, we thought we would share the epsiode here, too. Here’s what we told our Patreon folks when we originally posted it:

For this Closer Look episode Melanie and I decided to talk about health and weight and body image and etc. It’s something that I write about in a chapter of the new book, and several of you have asked if we might be willing to talk about this very thing. Melanie and I have both found ourselves in not-great places with our physical health over the last several years, so I think no one is more surprised than we are by how much we have grown to love being active.

So. You’re going to hear a some of our stories from our teenage years through college and adulthood and now into middle age. Two really different body types, two really different histories with food and exercise – but both of us hitting our 40s and realizing that something needed to give.

(Also both of us getting really angry at our husbands before we made a commitment to ourselves and our health. AS YOU WILL HEAR. :-) )

All that to say: no doubt Melanie and I are both works in progress. But we both have gotten to a place where we feel strong and we actually like to move. I struggle with my weight more than Melanie does – this is no secret – but I am so grateful to be in a place where my level of activity helps to quiet the negative voices in my head. And I’m also grateful for friends like Melanie where I can talk about this kind of stuff openly and without judgment. That has been such good medicine.

Hope y’all enjoy!

p.s. Quick disclaimer: if you have dealt with an exercise or eating disorder, this episode may be not be the most enjoyable for you, especially if you struggle with negative feelings about your physical body. We certainly don’t want to trigger that or say anything that might make you feel anxious, so I just wanted to make you aware that we talk a lot about exercise and size and body image in this episode in case it’s healthier for you not to listen. And also, if we could, we would give you a big hug right now – because you are awesome. :-) 

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Show Notes:

Stand All the Way Up  

– This is a sad state of affairs for show notes – but we mostly talk about our personal stories instead of products. The good news is that maybe this episode won’t cost you a lot of money for new skin care products. :-) 

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  1. SherriLen says:

    Well! That was the gold standard for body image for midlife!! Also, your comments about being strong for your grandchildren reminded me of my early 30s when I was having back trouble, and my doctor said well honey you just need to quit picking up your three-year-old. Why on earth didn’t she say let’s get you into some weight training so you can be strong enough to pick up your three-year-old?!? Now, at the age of 56, I walk, do cardio, and lift weights. I still have a bad back, plus I have a neck injury from a work accident, but I am stronger than I’ve ever been. Plus I weigh more than I ever have except for when I was pregnant. But I don’t care, because I can see my muscles and I know what I can do. Thank you for sharing your polar opposite stories,, And being vulnerable.

  2. I’m a 74-year old fan of you gals. I’m so glad that you’ve addressed health and fitness. I’ve always been “focused” on weight and fitness. One of my biggest influences was my younger sister who grew up with weight issues and became obese as an adult. She has developed diabetes, had a heart attack and stroke, and is disabled. I’ve always exercised and, when working full time, it was limited to walking, but I did walk 3 miles a day. Since retiring,I have added lap swimming several times a week to walking. Diet is so important, though, for warding off heart issues, diabetes, and, hopefully, dementia. I thought when I got “old,” I would eat with abandon, but no. It’s not worth the consequences. I would love for you two to post healthy recipes that encourage readers to take care of their bodies and health. It’s a worthwhile investment.

  3. Libby Farris says:

    Great episode. Thank you both for sharing. With my 2 girls, I try to focus on being healthy. I’ve recently discovered that regular exercise helps me sleep, so that is my motivator.

  4. Thank you for sharing – great episode! Follow up question from a few episodes back…how does Melanie like the Glo Light Therapy device???