Big Boo Five Questions with Elizabeth Passarella

This week on Five Questions – a six-week bonus series of The Big Boo Cast – we’re talking with Elizabeth Passarella, a contributing editor at Southern Living magazine and the author of Good Apple: Tales of a Southern Evangelical in New York. We started this conversation a few weeks ago on Episode 224, so we are delighted to bring you part 2 today. Elizabeth grew up in Memphis, has lived in New York for the last twenty years, and talks to us on this episode about the best Memphis barbecue, the Southern food she misses, and whether or not releasing a new book was what she expected.

We’ll be back later this week with our regular episode – Episode 229 – and then next Monday we’ll have another episode of Five Questions with our beloved literary agent, Lisa Jackson. 

Hope y’all enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Amy Grant & Ellie Holcombe’s song, “A Woman”

“El Shaddai”

Lead Me On

Sandi Patty

Amy Grant’s The Collection

“Old Man’s Rubble”

“All I Ever Have to Be”

Honey Baked Ham

Sister Schubert’s rolls

Good Apple: Tales of a Southern Evangelical in New York

Fran Keenan’s Instagram (this is how I found out about Elizabeth’s book)

Elizabeth’s website

Elizabeth on Instagram


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  1. I really loved your discussion about Amy Grant–I’m right there with you! I’ve seen her in concert many times, but one of those times (about 17 years ago), my best friend was very pregnant and not in a concert mood, and I knew my husband would not get it. I decided not to go. I was at work, and my husband called and said, “I just bought Amy Grant tickets, and I’m going with you.” As soon as she walked on stage, I went from clapping and cheering to bawling . . . I was so thrilled that he instinctively knew how much I needed to be there. And through my tears of seeing the woman who has written the soundtrack of my entire life (I mean–I was born in 1974!), I hear my husband mutter, “Wow. She is really hot.”