The Big Boo Cast, Episode 237

Well, Caroline has graduated from high school, which is shocking considering that it seems like yesterday when she was telling Alex about “bad twaffic” in “San Antone-yo” on an early episode of the podcast. Anyway, Melanie brings us up to speed on the graduation festivities, and we also talk about last week at the SEC baseball tournament as well as some of Melanie’s initial reactions to the Friends reunion (we’ll do a Patreon episode about that very thing later this month).

On top of all that, we discuss an exciting new patio umbrella option (because that’s a thing at this stage of life) and my Five Favorites.

Enjoy, everybody!

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Show Notes:

Grace upon Grace (Sophie’s new devotional book for young women that comes out September 28th)

The Friends reunion

Whitley marries Byron on A Different World

The Kominsky Method


Half-Baked Harvest Whipped Ricotta Toast with Marinated Tomatoes

the fancy LED-light patio umbrella (IT IS HUGE and really substantial)

Snickerdoodle mug cake

“Survival” on Live from the Woods Vol. 2 (the guy yells for the first time around 3:58, then again around 5:12 – and I encourage you to keep listening so you can hear Madison and Calvin sing)

a simple, thin, tunic-style swimsuit cover-up from Amazon

Stand To by Shawn Brower

Architectural Digest Open Door on YouTube


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  1. Do y’all know about Thermacell for mosquitoes? It’s the ONLY way we can survive a humid South Carolina summer (and fall and spring and sometimes winter). We have a ravine in our back yard that holds water–and Thermacell still works on our entire (large) deck! We have the new re-chargeable version.

  2. I made the whipped ricotta with marinated tomatoes last night! Gracious me it was delicious!

  3. Have you seen American Made???? Wow.
    You asked the question about motivation in these drug cultures…although some is about power and money, don’t you think sometimes it just becomes habit and you can’t see another way?