The Big Boo Cast, Episode 309

Over the years Melanie and I have had a lot of conversations about college football, but I don’t think she has ever been as fired up about her Aggies as she is this week. That is to say: our friend is a smidge angry. We process some of that anger before we move into Side Eyes and I See Yous, and then we do a little catch-up on the non-football things that have happened this past week. You may pick up on the fact that non-football life has been a much more consistent source of joy.

We also do a quick summary of what we’ve been reading / watching / listening to, we marvel so many things related to Taylor Swift, and it’s Melanie’s turn for Five Favorites.

Hope y’all enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Jimbo Fisher’s sweatshirt from South Carolina game

Will Rogers escorts woman up the stadium ramp

Ole Miss’ red jerseys

TCU’s offensive coordinator

Mike Gundy dancing

Cade Klubnik

Jayden Daniels

The Battery

In the Wild Light by Jeff Zentner (our Patreon November book club selection)

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Somebody Feed Phil season 6 (A DELIGHT)

From Scratch on Netflix

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris on Amazon Prime

Elvis on HBOMax

Rosaline on Hulu

Taylor Swift’s Midnights album

Taylor Swift TikTok

Rembrandt Deeply White toothpaste

Laura Gellar Kohl eyeliner pencil

OSEA Advanced Protection moisturizer (use code BIGBOO for 10% off your first purchase)

Lip Sip silicone straw

GAP flannel big shirt


Munk Pack (use code BIGBOO for 20% off your purchase)

Rothy’s (use this link for $20 off your first purchase)

Pair Eyewear (use this link for 15% off your first purchase)

Osea (use code BIGBOO for 10% off your first order)

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  1. Yolanda McLean says:

    I cannot tell you how glad I am to hear the OSEA recommendation this morning. My moisture situation has not been cutting it and I was hopeful as I listened for Five Favorites. I gotta say, since Melanie mentioned the lips and straw things a couple of weeks back I have been very troubled. I also ordered the lip straw – I don’t know if I’ll use it in public, but really I use my Stanley primarily at home. When I drink my protein shake/coffee I use a straw and I’m ruined thinking that I might as well just buy some Marlboro’s.

  2. That lip straw is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, and yes, I ordered it. Cannot wait to be thoroughly roasted by both my husband and my 16 year old once it arrives, lol.

    I love y’alls football commentary so much, and while I appreciate the organic/non solicited “I See You’s”, let me just leave a mustard seed of Tulane football right here. We are Memphis fans with a kid at Tulane. We were at TU for parents weekend this past weekend where Tulane handily beat our beloved Tigers. The Tulane team is full of AMAZING guys (A LOT of them are local New Orleans kids) and I am so proud of them for their success this year. Coach Fritz has some really great chemistry brewing in their locker room, and the guys have fully bought in to what he’s in there preaching. Just saying, if your team’s season is currently in the toilet (hello, Memphis), Tulane is going to be a fun one to get behind for the rest of the year.

  3. THANK YOU for introducing me to Somebody Feed Phil! I started watching a couple of years ago, and it is one of my favorite shows. So, what a surprise for me last year when I was in Tennessee to not only get to see you and Melanie in Columbia, (which was a HIGHLIGHT of my trip!) but to happen to be at Arnold’s in Nashville the day Netflix was filming there!!!! And if that weren’t exciting enough, when I watched the episode last week, I WAS ON IT!!!! You and Melanie have blessed my life in ways unimaginable.

  4. Laura Knight says:

    Hey! As always, I loved the podcast this week. I checked the show notes, but couldn’t find the name of the football show you watched on Sunday morning – the one that recaps all the Saturday games. I need this in my life! Would you share the name of it again? Thanks in advance.