The Big Boo Cast, Episode 331

This week I have feelings about navigation systems, Melanie has feelings about Daisy Jones and the Six, and we both have feelings about college baseball. We also break down Melanie’s time in Dallas along with my time in Augusta, and it’s Melanie’s turn for Five Favorites.

Full disclosure: I was at what you might refer to as a LOW EBB when Melanie and I recorded this episode. After the tragedies of the last few days, I felt like I mostly wanted to just get back in the bed. Melanie very sweetly suggested that we wait to record on Tuesday, but ultimately we decided to push through.

Life can be heavy and hard. We continue to trust in the One who holds. We pray for the hurting and the hopeless.

Hug your people, everybody.

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Show Notes:

Convoy of Hope relief work for Mississippi tornadoes

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Helen in Birmingham

Daisy Jones & the Six

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  1. So many things on this podcast resonated! I also have some strong thoughts about navigation systems – and my #1 Strong Thought is that I can not stand it when my husband talks back to the navigation system – I can feel the anger rising in me…..for Pete’s sake, you are the one who turned it on, if you are going to argue with it, TURN IT OFF. Not that it bothers me or anything……..