The Big Boo Cast, Episode 357

In addition to all of our TSwift / Travis Kelce excitement, this week Melanie has good news from College Station, and while I don’t have great news about my Bulldogs, it’s certainly better than last week. We also share updates on where we are in the book writing process, and I talk about how I’ve been having some feelings. This is not my norm.

We also have info on some live show merch (link below!), and it’s Melanie’s turn for Five Favorites.

Hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce break the internet

an interesting KelSwift theory

Auburn at A&M

State at South Carolina

Ohio State at Notre Dame

our favorite alligator story

Zach Bryan’s Boys of Faith EP

Samara Joy’s Linger Awhile

Drops of God

Five Favorites: 

Aerie Spring Street skater pants

Merit Bronze Balm in seine

Erica Taylor on Instagram

Thrive Market whole grain granola in double dark chocolate chip

women’s turtleneck oversized sweater


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