The Big Boo Cast, Episode 370

It was the merriest of Christmases for the Shankles and the Hudsons, so this week you’ll hear us break down all the holiday festivities as well as chronicle our TV viewing (an area where Melanie and I both have excelled lately). Plus, there’s an excerpt from our most recent Patreon episode with our most frequent podcast guest (by a country mile), our dear friend Travis Cottrell.

Melanie also talks about a movie she didn’t really enjoy, I talk about a movie I adored, we discuss air fryer strategies at length, and it’s my turn for Five Favorites.

Hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes:

The Crown on Netflix


Top Golf

The Color Purple

our full Patreon episode with Travis

Best in Show

Elise’s boiled peanuts recipe

Helen in Birmingham

air fryer liners

Aldi chicken breast filets (sort of reminds us of CFA) (12 minutes in air fryer on 400, flip, 7 more minutes on 400)

Aldi brioche buns (we get the ones without sesame seeds)

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip RHONY Legacy

Victoria Beckham on Instagram

Kitchen Aid all-purpose shears

Free People colorful quilted vest

heated hand massager

Brother inkjet printer

prints of David Gate’s poems

David Gate on Instagram

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  1. We have paper scissors and fabric/ribbon scissors. I put my ribbon scissors in a different place so they won’t be used for paper. I hid them so well that now I can’t find them. They are Fiskars with a pretty handle and I am so sad.

  2. The scissor conversation FLOORED me. When my daughter went off to college and told me at the end of the 1st semester that there was something she couldn’t cut because she didn’t have scissors in her dorm I was shocked. I wasn’t even sure how she survived!! I think I use scissors almost every day
    Then she told me her roommate’s family only had one pair of scissors in their house. I thought that was so very strange. Now I am wondering if the fact that we have no less than 15 pairs of scissors in our house makes us the strange ones?? Does the fact that we have that many pairs
    guarantee that I can always find a pair? Definitely not. ????