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Hi, internet. How are you? My name is BooMama. Well, I mean, not really. But since this is the Internet, we will pretend. It’ll be fun.

I’m a wife, mama, daughter, sister and friend. I adore my family, and I love to laugh. I also love the DVR, Mississippi State sports, unsweetened iced tea (it’s my go-to ever since I recovered from a long-standing Diet Coke habit), pedicures, and watching entire seasons of television shows in one sitting. And Jesus. I guess I probably should’ve listed Him first. Because He is, after all, Jesus. And I love Him most of all.

At Mississippi State I majored in English, which basically means that I wanted to be able to read and write for four years and then have someone hand me a degree. It worked! Eventually I finished my master’s, thinking that was FOR SURE the fast track to a career where I could continue to read and write and overanalyze with great enthusiasm – preferably at a publishing house with an endless supply of red PaperMate felt-tipped pens.

Much to my surprise, though, I fell in love with teaching. Granted, those first few years weren’t nearly as glamorous as the publishing career I had pictured in my head. However, it tickles me that I still managed to land in a profession where it was perfectly permissible for me to overuse the red pens of my choosing. IT IS GOOD TO HAVE PRIORITIES.

I was a habitual journal keeper from 15 to 25, but after I got married, I stopped writing almost completely. That all changed in November of 2005, when I started this blog because I wanted to do a better job of documenting our little family’s life. Since I have never participated in any form of scrapbooking activity due to the unfortunate and chronic twitching that would be the result of having to use some form of specialty scissors, I thought the blogging thing might hold some promise.

Much to my surprise, I’ve stuck with it. This is huge, really, because prior to blogging I had pretty much only stuck with two other hobbies: 1) sleeping and 2) eating. You may think those two things are necessities, but I find that they can also be quite recreational.

I’ve been married to David for twenty-two years, and our son is sixteen . My fellas make me laugh every day and don’t seem to mind it too much when I let laundry pile up on the guest room bed. Basically this means that they are keepers.

My first book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, came out in June 2013. My second book, Home is Where My People Are, released in January 2015. And book #3, Giddy Up, Eunice released in June 2016. They’re all 18 months apart, my personal (nerdy) version of stair step babies. In August of 2017 book #4 arrived; it’s a journaling devotional (for young women) called All in All. Considering that I spent most of my 30s vowing and declaring that I would never write a book, I believe these four books are what the experts would call SWEET, SWEET IRONY.

In the “just FYI” department, I occasionally use affiliate links in my blog posts, so know that if you click on a link and then make a purchase, there’s a chance that you’re also helping to support the tech-y side of the blog and podcast. The blog and the podcast can’t thank you enough for that.

In conclusion, I do not care for unicorns, scaly textures, self-righteousness, chicken a’la orange or clowns.

Thank you and have a lovely day.


(That’s my real name.)

(But I’ll answer to “BooMama,” too.)

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