About Me

Hi, internet. How are you? My name is BooMama. Well, I mean, not really. But since this is the Internet, we will pretend. It’ll be fun.

I’m a wife, mama, daughter, sister and friend. I adore my family, and I love to laugh. I also love the DVR, Mississippi State sports, unsweetened iced tea (it’s my go-to ever since I recovered from a long-standing Diet Coke habit), pedicures, and entire seasons of television shows on DVD. And Jesus. I guess I probably should’ve listed Him first. Because He is, after all, Jesus. And I love Him most of all.

At Mississippi State I majored in English, which basically means that I wanted to be able to read and write for four years and then have someone hand me a degree. It worked! Eventually I finished my master’s, thinking that was FOR SURE the fast track to a career where I could continue to read and write and overanalyze with great enthusiasm – preferably at a publishing house with an endless supply of red PaperMate felt-tipped pens.

Much to my surprise, though, I fell in love with teaching. Granted, those first few years weren’t nearly as glamorous as the publishing career I had pictured in my head. However, it tickles me that I still managed to land in a profession where it was perfectly permissible for me to overuse the red pens of my choosing. IT IS GOOD TO HAVE PRIORITIES.

I was a habitual journal keeper from 15 to 25, but after I got married, I stopped writing almost completely. That all changed in November of 2005, when I started this blog because I wanted to do a better job of documenting our little family’s life. Since I have never participated in any form of scrapbooking activity due to the unfortunate and chronic twitching that would be the result of having to use some form of specialty scissors, I thought the blogging thing might hold some promise.

Much to my surprise, I’ve stuck with it. This is huge, really, because prior to blogging I had pretty much only stuck with two other hobbies: 1) sleeping and 2) eating. You may think those two things are necessities, but I find that they can also be quite recreational.

I’ve been married to David for twenty years, and our son is fourteen. My fellas make me laugh every day and don’t seem to mind it too much when I let laundry pile up on the guest room bed. Basically this means that they are keepers.

My first book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, came out in June 2013. My second book, Home is Where My People Are, released in January 2015. And book #3, Giddy Up, Eunice released in June 2016. They’re all 18 months apart, my personal (nerdy) version of stair step babies. In August of 2017 book #4 arrived; it’s a journaling devotional (for young women) called All in All. Considering that I spent most of my 30s vowing and declaring that I would never write a book, I believe these four books are what the experts would call SWEET, SWEET IRONY.

In the “just FYI” department, I occasionally use affiliate links in my blog posts, so know that if you click on a link and then make a purchase, there’s a chance that you’re also helping to support the tech-y side of the blog and podcast. The blog and the podcast can’t thank you enough for that.

In conclusion, I do not care for unicorns, scaly textures, self-righteousness, chicken a’la orange or clowns.

Thank you and have a lovely day.


(That’s my real name.)

(But I’ll answer to “BooMama,” too.)

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