The Big Boo Cast, Episode 196

After spending the last two weeks with delightful, wise, funny guests (thanks, Mike Leach and Phil Rosenthal), we’re back to our usual shenanigans on this episode. It’s just Melanie and me, and we talk about the comfort of a good caftan, the … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 195

If you've been listening to the podcast pretty regularly the last couple of months, then you have heard Melanie and me mention the Netflix series Somebody Feel Phil over and over again. Melanie started watching (after Karen Howell recommended it, if … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 194

I feel like I can speak for most Mississippi State fans and say that when it comes to Mike Leach being named our head football coach earlier this year, we're all still pinching ourselves. And listen - Melanie has been just as excited as I have been. … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 193

The credit for this whole episode goes to Melanie, who suggested that we have a conversation about the books that have shaped us over the course of our lives. So what we have here in Ye Olde 193 is a discussion of Books We Have Loved - from childhood … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 192

To absolutely no one's surprise, we talk a whole lot about Hamilton in this episode. And also Somebody Feed Phil. And then maybe a little more about Hamilton. But really, all of that pales in comparison to Melanie's ranch adventures on the 4th of … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 191

So Melanie and I are taking a little break this week, but we're sharing an episode that will be new to most of you. Last month on Patreon we did a Closer Look episode on health and body image, and we got more feedback - comments, DMs, emails - than … [Continue reading]