The Big Boo Cast, Episode 162

Here's part two of our Christmas Gift Guide, and this round of gift suggestions is for women and men. Coming up with ideas for women was pretty easy, but when it came to presents for guys, I really tried to think like Perry and consider the … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 161

Well, it hardly seems possible, but lo, it is time for our annual Big Boo Holiday Gift Guide. It is understandable if you feel the need to applaud and perhaps even whistle. I'm totally kidding. But man oh man it really is so fun to think about the … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 160

You might expect that all we're going to talk about on this episode is the LSU / Alabama game, but we might actually surprise you. I mean, of course we *do* talk about LSU / Alabama because HAVE YOU EVEN MET US, but we also discuss our air travel pet … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 159

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we don't have any raccoon tales for you this week, but we do have an exciting update about Melanie's kitchen island. CAN YOU EVEN STAND THE EXCITEMENT? We also talk about some recent high school football fun … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 158

So true story: we spend the first ten minutes of this episode talking about the raccoon that was in Melanie's chimney. I feel like I may never get to write a sentence like that again. Anyway, we talk about the raccoon, and we talk about Melanie … [Continue reading]

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 157

In this episode we talk way more about high school football than college (no joke: this past Friday night was the most exciting high school football game of my adult life), and I'm so happy that we were able to actually have a podcast conversation … [Continue reading]