To Africa With Compassion

In February of 2008, fifteen other bloggers and I went to Uganda with Compassion International. The trip changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to explain. And more importantly, the trip changed the lives of over 500 kids who were sponsored by people who followed our journey on the web.

These are the posts I wrote before, during, and after the trip.

And if you have any questions about Compassion, feel free to email me. I’ll do my best to put you in touch with some great people who have all the answers.

Before the trip:

The Only Drawback Is That I Can’t Seem To Get That Toto Song Out Of My Head

I Now Return To My Usual Brand Of Nothing

Internets, I Would Like To Introduce You To Some Fabulous People I’ve Never Actually, You Know, Met

Fabulous People I’ve Never Actually Met, Part Two

I Do Hope You’ll Pardon Me While I Have A Nervous Breakdown

Look! Something Crafty!


36 Hours


The trip:


Hey Oprah!

What Up, Brussels?

Belgium To Kenya To Uganda

The Faces

I Lift My Eyes Up To The Hills

A Grateful People

My World, Oh How It Does Rock. And Yes, Perhaps Even Roll.

In Which It All Makes Sense

The Village

In Entebbe

Halfway There

After the trip:

In Which I Am Humbled Again And Again

My Afternoon Outside In The Nature

Our Great Big Wilderness Adventure

Because I Miss Them

This Thing They Call Re-Entry

We Are Considering Sideline Careers As Nature Guides

What Makes Compassion Different?

What Shannon Said



As Michael W. Smith Plays Softly In The Background

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