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Kicking Off Year Number Three By Boring You To Tears!

So? Did you see what I did for the last four or five days? Did you see?

I totally took a blogging break. I did.

Well, I mean, I posted the thing about what we ate for Thanksgiving. And I posted a little bit after the State / Ole Miss game. But those posts took all of five minutes and primarily served to unload my brain just enough so that it wouldn’t explode from all the information I wasn’t blogging about.

And the two year post? I wrote it on the way to Mississippi last Wednesday. And set it to auto-post. Because I’m a planner, y’all.

Now I’m not saying that I took a computer break, mind you, because I don’t think I’ve ever read more sports-related news than I did this past weekend. Sister and I fixed ourselves some coffee Saturday morning, claimed a spot on our respective couches at our parents’ house, and pretty much spent the next five hours reading every possible tidbit about the State / Ole Miss game, about Ole Miss firing their football coach and about MSU’s upcoming bowl bid.

Meanwhile Alex was running around setting small fires or something. I’m not really sure. I just kept pouring him Coke and encouraging him to go outside.

(OH, I’m kidding. Daddy cheerfully supervised the four year-old, and really, it seemed pretty fitting since Daddy is the one responsible for my obsession with All Things MSU anyway. He’s the one who bought season tickets all those years. And who took me to all those football games. And who helped me drag two extra TV’s into our living room every single New Year’s Day so that we could WATCH ALL THE BOWL GAMES AT ONCE.)

(I get it honest, people.)

So I had a lovely blogging break. And now I’m back! To bore you! With all manner of mindnumbing holiday details!

I can’t even imagine the excitement you must be feeling.

Initially I thought I would post pictures of our Thanksgiving feast, but I’ve decided against that because oooh, EEWWWW, food, EEWWWW. I seriously think I just want to eat soup and cereal until Christmastime. Maybe some dry toast every once in awhile to liven things up. But I do not want a casserole for a very long time. Or at least until Thursday.

All righty.

We spent Thanksgiving at Mama and Daddy’s, and the plan was that the day after Thanksgiving D and Sister’s hubby would drive back to our house for a college football / Xbox 360 marathon while Sister and I went to the State / Ole Miss game and then returned to our parents’ house for the rest of the weekend. We all felt this was a beautiful plan, one that enabled Sister and me to attend State’s biggest football game of the year while simultaneously enabling our husbands to stage lengthy military campaigns against your various and sundry rogue alien armies. There’s no question that the plan was a win-win.

So that is why I am conveniently leaving out the part about how I almost foiled the plan completely by accidentally taking our house keys with me to the game in Starkville, and how D called me from Mama and Daddy’s and said, hey, you have the house keys, how are B. and I supposed to get in our house when we get back to Alabama, and how I then gently suggested that they make an hour-out-of-the-way detour to pick up the keys from us in Starkville, and how first thing tomorrow I will be presenting my friend Leigh with a spare set of house keys so that hopefully a game-day detour through Starkville will never again be required in order for my husband to gain entry into our home.

Good times.

But you’ll be delighted to know that in the end we worked out the details of the house key transfer, all siblings and in-laws arrived safely at their respective locations, and here is your obligatory Look! We’re taking our own picture! pre-game shot of Sister, me, and another woman whose name I do not know because, well, she is a complete and total stranger.

By the way, we must never, ever speak of what’s going on with my hair in this photo. Because I left my conditioner at my house and Mama doesn’t use conditioner so that morning in the shower I thought, OH, WHO NEEDS CONDITIONER, I’ll just skip it today, but when I saw the end hair result I learned a valuable lesson because GUESS WHAT? DO YOU KNOW WHO NEEDS CONDITIONER? I DO.

But let me tell you: if I could write some sort of epic poem to that scarf you see around my neck, I absolutely would. At one point during the third quarter of the game I wrapped the scarf around my head in the tradition of a medieval tourniquet in a desperate attempt to stave off the cold, and there’s really no doubt in my mind that without my fancy $6.32 Walmart scarf I probably would have suffered from horrible frostbite or at the very least some severe windburn.

Frostbite and severe windburn are incredibly common in Mississippi, you know.

The football game was utterly uneventful for the Bulldogs until the fourth quarter, but once that fourth quarter rolled around? WHOA, NELLIE. We scored seventeen points to come from behind and defeat our arch-rival Ole Miss, and this is the part where I’m not going to say what I really want to say because I have family members and close friends who are loyal Rebel fans, and they have been very gracious and even congratulatory about the outcome of Friday’s game, so perhaps the following pictures will say all the things that I cannot.

This is the scoreboard. The scoreboard that shows how we won and they lost.

I’m just sayin’.

And this is our coach carrying a gigantic MSU flag. Which of course he had every reason in the world to do because we won and they lost.

I’m just sayin’.

And this is the Rebel equipment truck, aka The Rebel Express, leaving town amid a chorus of clanging cowbells, cowbells that we were ringing because, well, we won and they lost.



I’m just sayin’.

Two Years.

Two years ago today I started this little blawg-o-mine. I decided to call it BooMama because clearly basing the name of a blog on a regional grammatical quirk offers any potential readers the assurance that “QUALITY WRITING HAPPENS HERE.”

And then I picked out a kiwi green Blogger template because kiwi green seemed like a terribly sophisticated color.

After all, this blog is the epitome of sophistication.

Not to mention klass.

And then I wrote my first post about D tiling our bathroom, and I used the ellipsis A LOT.

(Yes…yes I did…I used it a lot…because apparently I enjoyed the ellipsis…even when pauses…were really unnecessary.)

Also: I had about eight page views that first day, and they were all from my computer.

I believe that’s what one might call “humble beginnings.”

And now? Now there are all of you. And what in the world would I do without the internets?

So let me just say: Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading and commenting and emailing. Thank you for laughing. Thank you for encouraging. Thank you for being the sweetest friends that I’ve never actually, you know, seen.

Because without y’all, this blog is just a never-ending monologue.

Thanks for turning it into a conversation.

Y’all make this so much stinkin’ fun.

And I am more grateful than you will ever know.

It’s Probably No Surprise That Sister And I Went To The State / Ole Miss Game Today

And oh, it was glorious.

It was also cold. And windy. And very cold. And very windy.

But that is neither here nor there.




photos from Rick Guy and Brian Albert Broom of The Clarion-Ledger

We had so much fun, and I’ll write all about it after I recover from all the not sleeping I’ve been doing.

I’m also worried sick about the cute little Tri Delt from Ole Miss I saw before the game who was wearing a mini dress, super-high suede heels and Gucci sunglasses. I mean, she looked absolutely adorable, but I’m fairly confident she’s probably being treated in Oktibbeha County General Hospital for pneumonia right about now, what with her FORGETTING TO WEAR ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY WARM.

And style is really of very little use if it lands you in the hospital, my friends.

Feel free to have that last sentence engraved on a plaque, by the way.

And feel free to have this next bit of info engraved on a plaque as well:

Mississippi State – 17
Ole Miss – 14

Go ‘Dogs.

Oh My Word I’m Full

Turkey, pork tenderloin, cornbread dressing, homemade gravy, sweet potato casserole, asparagus casserole, squash casserole (ARE YOU NOTICING A THEME?), green beans, green salad, rolls, pecan pie, chocolate chess pie, apple pie (ARE YOU NOTICING A THEME?), ambrosia and birthday cake.

But other than that we didn’t have a thing to eat.

No kidding: we had so much food that we realized tonight that we never even got the honey baked ham out of the refrigerator.

Thanksgiving ’07: The Year We Forgot The Ham.

How was yours?

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At Least He Didn’t Say That You Batter And Fry It. Though Certainly That Would Be Delicious.

Alex’s teacher asked every child in his four year-old kindergarten class to explain how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.

Here was the little man’s response:

“I would pick up my turkey at Publix. Once I got home I would take it out of the bag and cover it in sauce, pepper and cheese. They already cook it at Publix so I wouldn’t have to cook it at home. You just take it out of the bag and eat it.”

Thank you.

Thank you so much.