The Big Boo Cast, Episode 212

On this episode we did a little spin on our weekly Five Favorites to spend some time focusing on gratitude. Yes, 2020 has been a train wreck, but it’s also given us all sorts of opportunities to be thankful for essential workers and college football and Phil Rosenthal, among other things.

And just in case we haven’t said it enough: we are extraordinarily thankful for all of you who make up our little podcast community. There’s no way to adequately express how much you have enriched our lives over the duration of the podcast – but maybe this year more than ever. Y’all are the best, and we love you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Enjoy episode 212!

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Show Notes:

Hazel’s beloved dog bed (she has the 36-inch)

– “The act of thanks-giving is holy protest against cynicism, covetousness, fatalism, entitlement, self-pity, joylessness, discontentment, self-sufficiency, greed, arrogance, and apathy.” – @dukekwondc

Ouida Wednesday (look on Sophie’s Instagram in the highlights)

Somebody Feed Phil

Ted Lasso


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