Big Boo Five Questions with Erin Moon

If you’re wondering why in the world you’re seeing a new podcast episode on a Monday, here’s why. Melanie and I are doing a bonus series called Five Questions with some of our favorite writers – and some of our favorite people who are connected to our writing life. These are shorter, 25-30-ish minute episodes that we hope will brighten your day and encourage you, too.

This week we’re talking with our dear, brilliant friend Erin Moon. She is, as always, a delight – full of wisdom about writing and Texas and all manner of things.

And as for the regular episodes, they’re not going anywhere. We’ll be back later this week with episode 227, and then we’ll be back again next Monday, and then we won’t be back next Thursday because of Spring Break, but then we’ll be back in the Monday / Thursday rhythm the week of the 29th. See how that all works out?

Hope y’all enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Erin Moon


State’s walk-off win in the Sunday game

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Henri Nouwen

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