Amy Grant “She Colors My Day” Giveaway


You may remember that a couple of weeks ago we all pretty much agreed that Amy Grant is most definitely our closest, dearest friend who we’ve never actually met. In short, she’s the internets’ BFF. And she also has a brand-spankin’ new EP called “She Colors My Day” that came out on iTunes yesterday.

(I always feel like I’m supposed to pretend like I’m cool and hip and say something like “it dropped on Five-Five-Oh-Nine, y’all” – but since I’m neither cool nor hip, I will ignore that particular inclination.)

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago a very nice person who works at Amy Grant’s record label emailed me to see if I’d be interested in doing a giveaway to celebrate the new EP, and since I had just been to the ASCAP Awards and stared at Amy Grant from afar LO, MERE HOURS BEFOREHAND, I could not possibly resist. Plus, the more we emailed and plotted and planned, the more I realized that this may be one of my most favoritest giveaways ever in history of the blawg amen.

Oh, just you wait and see, my friends.

The first prize up for grabs – and this would be enough in and of itself, oh yes it would – is a copy of the new EP to ten very lucky winners.

But there’s also a grand prize, and just thinking about the grand prize makes me want to dance a jig, though preferably my jig would be choreographed to the soothing sounds of Amy Grant’s music. I feel that’s only appropriate.

Okay. Here’s what the Grand Prize Winner will receive:



1. Philosophy’s Makeup Optional Skin Care Kit

If you added up the cost of each product in the kit, this would be $129 worth-o-skin care. It retails for $78.

Hello, pampering. I do enjoy you.

2. Seventeen Different Amy Grant CDs

Yes. You read correctly. SEVENTEEN of them. Do you have any idea HOW MUCH SINGING YOU COULD DO WITH SEVENTEEN AMY GRANT CDs?

I will answer: A LOT.

3. A Real-Live Phone Call From Amy Grant

I’m not talking about a recording calling your phone, people. I’m talking about your phone ringing and you saying “Hello?” and the person on the other end saying, “Hey, [insert name of stunned winner here], this is Amy Grant. Are you cooking some peas for supper? I was thinking about cooking some peas.” And then y’all can compare recipes and squeal and you can tell her how much you loved her concert back in 1988 when you wore your oversized pink and black striped shirt that you bought at The Limited.

Or something along those lines.

So, if you would like to win one of the 10 EPs OR what I’m now referring to as The Big Ole Honkin’ Grand Prize, here’s what you need to do.

1. Head over to iTunes and listen to samples of the four songs on the new “She Colors My Day” EP.

(By the way, while I can see how many people click out to iTunes, I can’t see WHO has clicked out to iTunes. So just understand that if you leave a comment on this giveaway, you are giving me your word that you’ve clicked out to iTunes and followed all the giveaway instructions. Because remember, internets: lying makes God sad. Oh yes it does.)

2. Come back here and leave a comment that tells me the name of your favorite Amy Grant song of all time.

3. If you want additional entries in the giveaway, there are three ways you can do that – which means you could possibly have four entries total. Here’s how to get the additional entries after you leave your first comment:

– put a link to the “She Colors My Day” iTunes page on your blog, then come back here and leave a new comment telling me what you’ve done.

– put a link to the “She Colors My Day” iTunes page on your Facebook page, then come back here and leave a new comment telling me what you’ve done.

– put a link to the “She Colors My Day” iTunes page on your Twitter (ARE YOU NOTICING A PATTERN?), then come back here and leave a new comment telling me what you’ve done.

And just to make it super easy, here’s the code for a link to the iTunes page (trust me – it looks complicated, but it works like a charm):

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure your link goes to the EP page on iTunes and NOT to this post. You shouldn’t even mention this post when you’re doing all your fancy linking. Just mention the EP.

Remember, you can have 4 entries on this particular giveaway, but YOU MUST LEAVE SEPARATE COMMENTS FOR EACH ENTRY.

This giveaway will remain open until Wednesday, May 13, at which point I’ll draw for the eleven winners using our trusty

Have an Amy-filled day, everybody!

This giveaway is now closed.

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