Back-To-School Uniforms Giveaway

The thing about back-to-school is that it sneaks up on you. Just when you get into the groove of summer and swimming and sleeping late, you realize that it’s the end of July and time’s-a-wastin’ and the next thing you know you have to WHIP OUT THE CHECKBOOK, MAMA, because the young’uns need clothes and notebooks and all manner of specialty pencils.

(I don’t have any idea whether “specialty pencils” actually exist.)

(But if they don’t, they totally should.)

A month or so ago it dawned on me that some dear family friends of ours own a business called Uniforms & Accessories, and even though I can’t possibly explain why it’s taken me over four years to come up with the idea of a back-to-school uniform giveaway, I finally put all the potential pieces together when I saw our friends last month. So I asked. And they said yes. And, well, here we are.


I love these uniform pieces because they’re durable, they wash like a dream and the prices are incredible. My little man’s school actually doesn’t require uniforms, but last year before school started I stocked up on khaki shorts and polo shirts from the basic uniform shop because it enabled me to set him up with a good rotation of school clothes for a really affordable price. The khakis have adjustable waistbands, which I love, and the polo shirts come in all sorts of great colors. I have washed all of the pieces countless times, and they’re still in great shape. The khaki shorts still look new, in fact. Can’t beat that.

So, if you’d like to win $100 worth of back-to-school clothes/uniforms from Uniforms & Accessories – in any combination of sizes and colors that you choose – here’s what you do.

1. Click over to look at the basic uniforms on the Uniforms & Accessories site.

2. Browse to your heart’s content.

3. Come back here and tell me what you’ll pick out if you win the $100 worth of clothes.

4. Make sure you leave a valid email address with your comment.

5. The end.

And if your kids aren’t in school yet or they homeschool and have the luxury of being free from a dress code, OF COURSE you can still enter. The khaki shorts and polos are great for little boys to wear to church, and there are shirts, skirts and fleeces that little girls could wear anywhere.

This giveaway will remain open until Tuesday, August 3rd, at which point I’ll draw for a winner using The winner will have 48 hours after notification to claim his or her prize. If the winner doesn’t claim the prize, I’ll draw for another winner. Your selected items will be shipped free of charge (courtesy of Uniforms & Accessories).

All righty. I believe that’s it.

Happy back-to-school shopping, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed.

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