Marshalls Gift Card Giveaway

A month or so ago I got an email from the folks at Marshalls, and they were all like, “Hey, can we send you a $25 gift card?”

And I was all, “Sure! I LOVE GIFT CARDS!”

And they were all, “Cool.”

Except they never said “cool.” They just very sweetly asked for my mailing address. And then they very quietly tiptoed away from my crazy.

Anyway, they said that I could do whatever I wanted to with the card, and since I don’t have a Marshalls nearby (and since, in my advancing age, I seem to be incapable of shopping anywhere that requires me to travel a distance greater than two miles), I thought maybe one of the nice readers on my interweb blogsite might enjoy said gift card.

I have very fond Marshalls shopping memories from my days in south Louisiana, by the way. When we were first married I spent MANY Saturday mornings combing through the Marshalls linens department for sheet sets and cocktail napkins (I cannot explain it, but I had quite the preoccupation with linen cocktail napkins – preferably embroidered – when I was a newlywed, and there is NO TELLING how many sets of them I bought from the Marshalls near my house in Baton Rouge).

ANYHOO. If you’d like to win the $25 Marshalls gift card, just leave me a comment. If you win you can take yourself shopping and buy yourself some treats. The Marshalls always has some fab deals on shoes, you know. And I think we know that mama can ALWAYS use a new pair of shoes.

I’ll leave this giveaway open until Friday night, and I’ll post the winners Saturday morning.

Happy shopping, friends!

This giveaway is now closed.

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