Selah “You Deliver Me” Giveaway


When I tell you that there is no singing group on earth whose music has meant more to this little family of mine than Selah, I am not exaggerating. About five and a half years ago my husband bought several of their CDs when we were going through a challenging time in our lives, and there were many days – MANY DAYS – when I would listen to their “Press On” CD over and over and over and over. It ministered to both of us like crazy. In fact, we played that CD so much that “Deep, Way Down Deep” was the first song Alex ever sang – at the ripe old age of one.

Selah’s latest CD, You Deliver Me, hits stores today, and it is absolutely incredible. It’s a great mix of old hymns and original songs, and it is jam-packed with powerful vocals. Alan Hall, Todd Smith and Amy Perry can flat-out SANG (just FYI: Todd Smith’s version of “I Surrender All” is the best I’ve ever heard. I go to a Baptist church, people, so I have heard a few “I Surrender All”s in my time). And don’t even get me started on “Standing On The Promises” and “Glory To His Name” – just suffice it to say that the six year-old and I have had us some LIVELY worship listening to those two songs in the car. So fun.

And do you know what else I love about Selah’s music? It really does appeal to all ages. I could give a copy of this CD to my parents and they’d think it was absolutely beautiful, and I could give a copy to our babysitter and she’d think it was awesome, too. No matter what style of worship you prefer, no matter where you are in your relationship with God, this music will touch your heart. I just think that’s remarkable.

So, if you’d like to win one of ten copies of You Deliver Me, here’s what you do:

1. Leave a comment on this post (just one entry per reader, por favor) and tell me what your favorite song is right now. Doesn’t matter what genre of music it is. I’m just curious. And also somewhat nosy.

2. Treat yourself and go listen to samples of the songs on the CD on iTunes or on Amazon.

I’ll leave this giveaway open until Friday, August 29th, at which point I’ll draw for ten winners using

Happy Selah, y’all!

p.s. Big Mama is also doing a “You Deliver Me” giveaway today – so if you’d like another chance to win, click on over to her blog.

p.p.s. As many of y’all know, Todd Smith is married to Angie Smith. Angie writes a blog called “Bring The Rain,” and on the off chance you have never read it, you need to GO READ IT. Go right now. She is a phenomenal writer, oh yes ma’am she is.

This giveaway is now closed.

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