Hey Y’all, I’m Paula Deen

Reasons Why I Adore Paula Deen To The Extent That My Child Sees Her On The TV Screen and Says, “Mama’s Show!”:

1. Every recipe contains the following phrase: “Okay, y’all – first you take a stick of butter…”
2. She appreciates mayonnaise. Many don’t. But Paula gets the necessity of this far-too-underrated condiment.
3. She is proud of her wedding ring…she wears it when she’s kneading dough, she wears it when she’s pulling chicken off a bone…I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a woman just WORK IT OUT where a wedding ring was concerned, but Paula does.
4. She obviously saw herself on the first few episodes and thought, “You know, I look a little tired.” Look at her now. I don’t know who her doctor is, but Paula looks REFRESHED.
5. She recognizes the comfort and utility of wearing a men’s oxford shirt while cooking. It’s an apron with buttons as far as I’m concerned.
6. She loves her boys.
7. She makes food that real people will eat. And she eats it, too. (NOTE: there is another chef on Food Network who weighs approximately 92 lbs. My husband walked through the den one day when I was watching the other chef’s show, and he did a double take at her waifish size and said, “She knows it’s delicious because she’s smelled it so often.” And that is why we’re married).
8. She cooks with stuff that I have in the pantry. I don’t look at her recipes and think 1) what is that? and 2) where do I find it?
9. She reminds me of my mama and her friend Edna – you give them flour, eggs, sugar and butter, and they will produce Delicious Goodness for a crowd of 20 with it.
10. Her accent makes me happy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love her, too.
    Did you see the show once where she said that someone asked her, “Paula, don’t you know how unhealthy all that butter is? Why don’t you try to cook healthier food?” To which she replied, “Honey, I’m yo’cook, not yo’ nurse!”

  2. D. and I always love to watch her cook “healthy” food. Because then she only uses 1 stick of butter instead of 2. And then she talks about how you can eat all you want because it’s so healthy.

  3. Oh! I know exactly which show you are talking about!! My husband says the same thing about her, which is why I love him so much too. It’s that blonde pencil thin woman who never eats – Sandra something. Never puts a morsel of what she cooks near her mouth. We watch it out of sheer amazement at the fact that someone who never eats herself has a cooking show! Sorry to comment on such an old post but I just discovered you and think you are wonderful!