Would You Like Fries With That?

Alex and Maggie are now Best Friends Forever after the former took it upon himself to feed the latter this morning. Everytime Maggie would finish the teaspoon’s worth of food Alex put in the bowl, A. would scream, “Hold on JUST a minute, Maggie! I’ll be right back!” And he’d go get her another teaspoon’s worth of food, and Maggie looked at Alex with such love and adoration that I thought her little doggie heart might explode.

Apparently all the “pull your tail like a leash” and “ride you like a horse” incidents have been forgiven and forgotten. They’re thick as thieves, these two. Thick as thieves.

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  1. Simply adorable. Now aren’t you glad you didn’t give her away when she knocked you down the steps and broke your leg?

  2. Maggie only allegedly – ALLEGEDLY – knocked me down the stairs. And I forgave her immediately, so a trial in a court of law wasn’t necessary.

    I could never give Maggie away, in large part because she’d never leave us. I’ve said many times that she’s like that kid in “Sixteen Candles” whose parents try to drop him off at the dance, but he holds on to them and says, “NO! NO! I want to stay with you guys!”

    That’s our Maggie. :-)