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Idol Re-Cap: 10 Female Finalists

I thought I was going to be TV superwoman tonight and cover AI and The Amazing Race before I went to bed, but that is THREE and ONE HALF HOURS of television, so the Race will have to wait until tomorrow.

By the way, I’m blogging as I watch AI – I love me a laptop.

Katharine McPhee – Gorgeous, rich voice…but I think she needs to do something more up-tempo. This week was too much like last week’s “Since I Fell For You.” What I do like so much about her is that she’s subtle…not trying to win a screaming contest. Most puzzling? Her wardrobe – pedal pushers and a maternity-ish top.
Kinnik Sky – Odd choice of a Gretchen Wilson song – plus, she still sounds like a Miss Florida contestant. I think the most telling detail is that she’d been singing for about 30 seconds when I asked David, “What’s her name again?” She just looked like someone who was out for a night at the karaoke bar. Excellent call by Simon that it was “a theme park performance.”
Lisa Tucker – Gosh she’s poised for a 16 year old. I guess my problem is that I can’t stand the kind of song she sang (I am not, in general, a fan of R&B unless Ike and Tina are involved). In terms of performance, she seemed decidedly average.
Melissa McGhee – Much to my surprise, though she’s not great, she’s the best of the first four tonight. I think the sassy Reba tune suited her. (I’m listening to Randy right now, who seems to agree with me). All that being said, she seems more like a lounge singer than a star. (By the way, David and I are sick of Paula interrupting Simon all the time. It’s rude.)
Heather Cox – Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” Her performance would be perfect for the end-of-year show choir showcase at your local high school. I’m a little puzzled as to why she’s even in this competition. She’s not a very, um, strong singer. Next to go, I predict. (Hey, they’ve split up Paula and Simon – literally changed Paula’s seat.)
Brenna Gether – I hate hate hate the song “Last Dance.” HATE IT. Couple that with the fact that the person singing it tonight is terribly unlikeable (but yet seems to think she’s funny), and I’m bored before she even starts to sing. She does sound better than last week, but she’s just so incredibly unpleasant that I’m ready for her to leave.
Paris Bennett – “Wind Beneath My Wings”?!?!? So very Beaches of her. Y’all, this song is not just tired – it’s exhausted, and someone needs to put it out of its misery. So I really don’t care how Paris sounds (which is just “aight,” for the record), because I DESPISE THIS SONG WITH EVERYTHING IN ME. WHY OH WHY would someone voluntarily sing it? (As it turns out, because her great-grandmother likes it – which speaks volumes. Volumes.)
Ayla Brown – Okay, she’s a little too earnest for me. She’s singing some Celine Dion song, but I don’t care, because once again – SHOW CHOIR. The song is called “I Want You To Need Me” – and David just said it best: “Well, we don’t, Ayla.”
Kellie (Dawn) Pickler – “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About” – perfect song for her. Sort of country, lots of attitude. First person all night who has made my foot tap a little bit. I said it last week – she’s just so easy to like that it makes you root for her. She’s about THIS big – adorable. Her hair is really cute, too. I like her. I’ve decided that she’s a Southern Elle Woods. “Pick Pickler,” y’all. “Pick Pickler!”
Mandisa – “Cry” by Faith Hill – and girl, she gave it some ATT-I-TUDE. I love that it doesn’t sound like Faith’s version – it sounds sassier and earthier. Best of the night – no doubt about it. I LOVE HER.

All in all – a disappointing night. I felt like I was watching a talent show on a cruise ship – nobody came across as a legitimate performer, except maybe Mandisa. Hope the guys fare better tomorrow night.

Should go: Heather Cox and Brenna Gether
Will go: Heather Cox and Kinnik Sky
Wednesday night: Guys’ top 10 – go, Taylor!


Without a doubt – lamest title ever. I do hope you’ll read this anyway.

Tonight marks the season premiere for one of our household’s very favorite shows in the history of all television: The Amazing Race.


It’s just a matter of priorities, really. And two TiVo‘s.

I’m particularly excited about this season because it marks a return to the regular, two-person-per-team format. Back in the fall, CBS experimented with a family format, and it was a disaster. I gave up, in fact, after the second episode – it was just too hard to try to keep all the people straight and to listen to all four family members talk at once. Plus, since there were small children involved, they restricted the race to North America, and basically, well, it stunk. If I’m going to watch people race around the globe, I don’t want to hear little Kaitlyn whine about how her feet hurt and she wants a juice box. I want COMPETITION. Not to mention that when you take away jet lag and subsequent attempts to navigate foreign countries’ rail systems and airports, you take away half the fun.

I have contended for some time that my sister would be the Best. Race. Contestant. Ever. She is a savvy traveler, never intimidated by her surroundings, and always up for an adventure. I have several friends who have tried out for TAR and not made the cut, but I do think that if my mother-in-law and I tried out together, we would immediately be selected because of her tendency to say everything in threes.

Just picture Martha in India: “Now, sugar, where DID you get that burkha? Oh, honey, it is ADORABLE. Cute. Cute. Cute. Did you SEE that? Oh, S., did you SEE that? Did you SEE that? I have GOT to get Mother one. That color will be so PRETTY with her eyes. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. ”

And then I’d say, “Martha, you do NOT need a burkha. Sissie is NINETY-FIVE. SHE does not need a burkha.”

And she’d say, “Oh, I have to have one. We can’t get these in Meridian. You know, we don’t have anywhere to shop there. I mean, we have a Dillard’s and a McRae’s, but I think they just send the leftovers from all the other stores there because one time, Rubena and I were looking for suits, and I wanted a sort of periwinkle one and it had a darling collar because the button came up right under my collarbone, and Rubena found her size, because they have lots of her size, since she’s bigger than I am, but of course they didn’t have my size and you know I have to get the sleeves taken up on EVERYTHING…”

And then the camera would cut to me, with my eyes rolling back into my brain, banging my head against the side of some poor Indian man’s kiosk, while Martha continued to tell the man, who doesn’t speak her language, about the deficiencies of the Susan Bristol section at the McRae’s department store in Meridian, Mississippi.

Because he would of course be terribly interested.

It would make for some mighty good television, I’m telling you.

Anyway, I know we have Idol tonight – and I’ll be watching that, too – but if you are technologically able, find a way to see both.

It’ll be double the bloggy fun for all of us.

God Bless Him – OH, God Bless Him

Well, color me surprised.

Dr. McHottie (better, Daph?) picked Sarah, the sweet girl from Nashville. The nice girl finished first.

I have to say, I sensed a little chemistry between them tonight. They didn’t start off hot and heavy, but I think their friendship honestly grew into something deeper, and well, I could sort of relate to that. :-) I also very much appreciated that his mind was made up long before he handed out the final rose – it gave me some faith in his character.

Y’all, she’s SWEET. She’s genuine. She’s Southern.

And I actually got a little teary-eyed when he was talking about Sarah right before she got out of the limo. I think he respects her, which is very refreshing in this age of hoochie-mamas. His smile was HUUUUUGE when he saw her.

I’m so proud that he picked up on the signs of t-r-o-u-b-l-e with Moana. And can we talk about the breakdown in the back of the limousine? The word “unstable” comes to mind. I loved his brother-in-law’s perspective: “it’s not a matter of who has fallen hard for you – it’s a matter of who you want to be with.”

Moana’s parting remarks? “You’ll always have a piece of me that I can’t ever get back.” Did you hear the music in the background? It was like something from a psychological thriller, where the spurned woman is sitting outside her ex’s house, waiting to ram her car into his when he gets near the driveway. It had the faint sound of knives being sharpened in the background. I’m telling y’all – Travis Stork better get an unlisted number ASAP and leave NO forwarding address when he leaves Nashville. Because Moana? She will hunt him down.

But last thing. Ring on a necklace? CHEESY. I believe that Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan broke up over this very issue. Either say, “I want to date,” or “I want to get married,” but not “With this ring, I thee commit to getting to know you better.”

Sister, would you get your sources to ride by his house tomorrow and see if Sarah’s there? I need LOTS of details.

Moana, She Is Troubled

Okay – I’m only about 45 minutes in to The Bachelor – and I wonder: why does Moana seem to feel like love is a weakness? Why does she think it’s “intense” for someone to ask her what she sees in a man who she has this “unbelievable connection” with? I don’t understand. I mean, Travis’ sister said, “What is so special about my brother?” And Moana said, “It’s not in my character to answer something like that.”



BooMama: All Science, All The Time

Today I had the unexpected opportunity to hear Dr. John Lennox speak. Excuse my limited vocabulary, but he is, well, realllly smart. A professor of mathematics at Oxford (in England, not Mississippi). A world-respected scientist. A textbook writer. And above all these things, a believer.

The theme was the universe and God’s role in it. Now you tell me – what are the odds of me, Science Doofus of the Free World, a person who would never knowingly go into any lecture that involved scientific concepts, hearing two talks on science and God within five days? And being interested?

Anyway, I looked up Dr. Lennox after I heard him speak, and I happened to run across something from All Saints Church in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where the priest actually used some of Dr. Lennox’s remarks as a springboard for his sermon. I dig it, so I’ll share it (just an excerpt):

When you ask the question of how will God come, you are told of the central expectation of Christianity, that Jesus Christ Himself will come, He who loved us, He who freed us from our sins. He is coming. Jesus Christ Himself will come.

And you say, ‘You’re a mathematician.’ That’s right. Or, ‘You’re a scientist from Oxford.’ That’s right. ‘Do you seriously mean to tell me that in the 21st Century that Jesus Christ will one day come?’ I do, ladies and gentlemen. I do.

After all, it stands to logic that if Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is risen from the dead, how is it that we think we have heard the last of him? The one who invented the atom, the human brain, who painted every color there is…how is it that we have heard the last of him? [emphasis mine because I love that]

There is another world and it’s real. This world is not the only world there is, and the issue that confronts us today is not which world do we live in. That’s obvious. We live in this one. The issue is which world do I live for?

…Imagine I were to come to your home for lunch and you put there a beautiful steak and I eat it and you try to talk to me and I don’t say a word. It would be difficult after awhile. I’m enjoying it, you’re talking and I’m eating. You go into the kitchen and you bring apple strudel (which I love by the way,) and then you put it on the plate and I eat it. You put on my favorite CD and I still don’t talk to you. Finally, at the end, angry, you say, ‘Don’t you see I’m here?’ and I turn to you and say, ‘The music is wonderful. The food is beautiful, but as for you, I’m not interested in you. In fact, it doesn’t matter to me whether you exist or not.’

There are millions of people in our world today who are exactly there. When it comes to God, He stands. He stands at the door and he knocks. The handle is on the inside, on my side. I can invite him in to eat with me and he with me, and enter the relationship of life that has sustained my life, my marriage, for the past 40 years. Or, I can live for the by-products of life and end up disastrously missing the goal. These are the biggest things in life.

As Elise says…”if that don’t light your fire, your wood’s wet.”

The man who has arranged Dr. Lennox’s speaking tour said that when they were in the car this morning, Dr. Lennox mentioned off-handedly that C.S. Lewis was one of his professors in college. The guy nearly slammed on his brakes. Dr. Lennox looked at him and said, “Oh. Do you think that might be of some interest to the audience?”

And the guy said, “Um. Yeah. I think I’d mention that if I were you.”

Can y’all imagine?

(In the irony department, despite all my theological talk of the last few days, come 8:00 tonight BooMama will return – at least temporarily – to its All-Bachelor, All The Time format. I don’t want to beat the theological horse to death, after all.)

I Told You So

Remember the part of my post about Emma Kate when I said that she usually encourages me with examples from the Old Testament and I can hardly pronounce the names?

As proof, I give you a portion of today’s email from her:

“I believe that during college, and also now, you and I were like Aaron and Hur when they were helping Moses hold up his arms so the Amalekites would be defeated. Joshua was fighting hard, but the battle would only be won if Aaron and Hur helped Moses when he became fatigued. Our faith walks are full of wonderful ups and downs. It is during the latter that it is so important to lift one another up and bridge the gap.”

Now did I tell y’all the truth or what?

Broke the mold after He made her, He did.

Thanks, EK.