God Bless Him – OH, God Bless Him

Well, color me surprised.

Dr. McHottie (better, Daph?) picked Sarah, the sweet girl from Nashville. The nice girl finished first.

I have to say, I sensed a little chemistry between them tonight. They didn’t start off hot and heavy, but I think their friendship honestly grew into something deeper, and well, I could sort of relate to that. :-) I also very much appreciated that his mind was made up long before he handed out the final rose – it gave me some faith in his character.

Y’all, she’s SWEET. She’s genuine. She’s Southern.

And I actually got a little teary-eyed when he was talking about Sarah right before she got out of the limo. I think he respects her, which is very refreshing in this age of hoochie-mamas. His smile was HUUUUUGE when he saw her.

I’m so proud that he picked up on the signs of t-r-o-u-b-l-e with Moana. And can we talk about the breakdown in the back of the limousine? The word “unstable” comes to mind. I loved his brother-in-law’s perspective: “it’s not a matter of who has fallen hard for you – it’s a matter of who you want to be with.”

Moana’s parting remarks? “You’ll always have a piece of me that I can’t ever get back.” Did you hear the music in the background? It was like something from a psychological thriller, where the spurned woman is sitting outside her ex’s house, waiting to ram her car into his when he gets near the driveway. It had the faint sound of knives being sharpened in the background. I’m telling y’all – Travis Stork better get an unlisted number ASAP and leave NO forwarding address when he leaves Nashville. Because Moana? She will hunt him down.

But last thing. Ring on a necklace? CHEESY. I believe that Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan broke up over this very issue. Either say, “I want to date,” or “I want to get married,” but not “With this ring, I thee commit to getting to know you better.”

Sister, would you get your sources to ride by his house tomorrow and see if Sarah’s there? I need LOTS of details.

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  1. I probably shouldn’t comment because I haven’t been following the program, but I was coerced by phone to tune in and caught the last 15 minutes. Just in time to witness Moana (what an appropriate name) WAILING in the back of a limousine.
    All I wanted to say to her was PLEASE get different nail polish and if you are going to break down like this on national television PLEASE don’t go strapless!

    And Boomama, you hit the nail on the head again…..the ring on the necklace was “High Cheesy”

    Oh how I miss Carrie Bradshaw!

  2. Lea Margaret says:

    Oh Sister, PLEASE tell us all of the details! Wonder if they will add this to the Home of the Star’s bus tour?