Do Y’all Think She Heard This Word From Les?

An excerpt from an email I got from Merritt last night:

“Well, I’ll be watching Survivor tonight at 7. Now that’s MY kinda show. The kids and S. love it, too. I’ve also been watching Survivor All-Stars reruns marathon on the OLN. Oh, I’ve been enjoying that every night for several hours. That was the whole Amber/Rob love affair fantango [emphasis mine]. They did end up getting married. Of course they’ll divorce as soon as the money runs out. I wish I could be on that show, but you know I”m not much into camping or doing without plumbing and food.”

And that is why I love her.

Reprinted without permission – I guess she’ll just have to sue me. Oh well. The laugh was worth it.

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  1. Merritt-

    I too am a big fan of the Survivor. Unfortunately, our Tivo decided not to record it last night. Stupid us had to go to a God-centered concert instead of staying at home and making sure all of our shows were being recorded. (Slight sarcasm folks…)

    Might you be so kind as to tell me what happened? Did they vote out that horrible nicotine-withdrawal-psycho Shane?

  2. Oh, the shock to log on to BLOG WORLD and find my email printed for all to see! You said I could sue, and sue I might!
    To answer your question, no, they did not vote off Shane b/c it was not his tribe that had to go to tribal council. Ruth Marie, the cute, fit-as-a-fiddle older Southern woman was voted off. It was between Sally and her, and they both knew it and did all they could to campaign for their necks, but she was very much a Southern lady and handled it gracefully. But I hate to see her go. I’m with you though – I would LOVE to see Shane go. He’s gonna machetti somebody soon if they don’t kick him off.

  3. “BLOG WORLD” on the wide world interweb.
    Hee hee – but notice, Merritt, that I did edit it a bit so as not to give away any pertinent personal information. And by that I mean that I reduced your husband’s name to a mere initial, so maybe that’ll take some of the sting out of the fact that I exploited your personal email. Seriously, though, you can’t expect to use a word like “FANTANGO” and NOT make it on the blog site.

  4. Merritt

    I’m behind you 100% on the camping thing. I can handle BAD linens on a BAD mattress. I can even handle a not so clean shower. I just don’t get it!

    I haven’t watched Survivor for many seasons now. I just remember everyone was always so “sandy” and it just made me want to take a bath!

    Sorry Boomama exploited you. But she’s right “fantango” is a fantastic word. Just had to be shared!